Bump to Baby Journal

For my birthday this year I mainly got vouchers and money from my family. 
I have been quiet sensible though with what I have spent and so far I have only brought myself
some maternity bras, a new pair of comfy shoes and this journal. 

I decided that I am going to be sensible and use the money and vouchers that I am given for
maternity/baby items or for new things needed in the home. 
Same goes for the money I have been saving up since I started my little ad hoc job in February. 

With my voucher from my mother in law and her partner I decided to spend part of it on the Bump to Baby Journal. Although not a necessity I really wanted to be able to do a journal for our baby and possibly do
a box once there born of little items of there's so that they have something to look back on when there older. 

I love that the book is such a neutral color the cream and teal go perfectly together. 
As we don't plan on finding out our baby's gender I think its a perfect color.

Inside the book its very colorful and has loads of space to write things.
The book comes in sections 
- Finding out 
-The first trimester
- The second trimester
- The third trimester
-The birth 
-The first month 
-A few firsts

The finding out section is about how you found, your hopes and fears that kind of thing. 

The trimester sections are about your pregnancy from week 9 to week 40+ 
with suitable questions including cravings, your first scan a bit about me during pregnancy, things
I would love to do before baby is born etc. 

The birth section has questions about your labor when it started, how long for that kind of thing.
It even has 2 pages for on this day questions such as world news, weather, best selling book, price of a few items. 

The first month has pages on what you and baby have been up too during their first few weeks and room for a list of special gifts that baby has been given. 

Last of all is the A few firsts section which has questions like baby's first bath, first outing, movements, bedtime, feeding, Christmas, birthday etc. 

There are so many different pregnancy journal's out there it was hard to choose which one to buy 
but I am really glad that I chose this one as it looks like such fun to fill in. 
I also chose it as it was recommended as a best seller on Amazon.

Did you do a pregnancy journal or do you plan to do one? 

15 weeks Pregnant

So this week has been ok yesterday we went to the diabetes clinic which didn't go as planned. 
The hospital on reading my pregnancy notes was a bit surprised that I was here for a two hour 
appointment to talk about foods to eat during pregnancy when you have diabetes since I don't actually have it! 
I was however told that I need to keep an eye on my blood sugar levels in case I get gestational diabetes.
I have been given a blood glucose monitoring system which I have to use four times a day at the moment,
then i am to contact the hospital with my results on Thursday and go from there. 

How far along? 15 weeks today
Total weight gain: As of last Thursday 3.5lb 
Symptoms:  Occasional tiredness and head rushes
Maternity clothes? I've managed to get myself a maternity bra but finding maternity clothes that
fit is proving to be quiet hard when most shops only have a small selection.
Sleep: Been much better this week
Miss anything? I want to eat cake but as I am having to test my glucose 4 times a day atm I can't
Movement: not feeling anything yet
Food cravings: I seem to be going through every flavor of crisps atm
Anything making you queasy or sick: Yesterday I was sick once in the morning I think it was due to the hot weather. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :) although have had a few tearful moments
Looking forward to
- Flat hunting we have a viewing booked for this evening so will be fab to get a place so baby can have there own room. 
- Midwife appointment next week as we get to hear babies heartbeat ( I think) 
- First hospital antenatal appointment 

14 Weeks Pregnant

So scan yesterday went really well baby was the wrong way round though to do the NT test still. 
But after going for a walk and jiggling my tummy a little they turned the right way for measurements and a clear photo. But have been told I am just going to have to have a quad test for the downs syndrome rather than the NT done on the scan. 

I think our little one was rather comfy though facing the wrong way as they really didn't want to move when being prodded and when I was asked to roll over etc but we got there in the end thanks to the 10 min walk. 

I love baby so much <3

How far along? 14 weeks today
Total weight gain: unsure but I feel like I have gained a lot this week due to eating too much junk 
Symptoms:  very little nausea, still having head rushes, still a little tiered but not as much as before (touch wood) 
Maternity clothes? Same as before none yet but clothes are getting tight
Sleep: Still waking up a few times but last night I slept like a log
Best moment this week: Seeing little on my scan yesterday
Miss anything? not really this week
Movement: Bit too soon for that yet but they are moving around quiet a bit from what we could see on scan
Food cravings: Salt and Vinegar crisp's still I have got to the point I am fed up of them but have to have them
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope I am keeping away from foods/drinks that make me queasy and am learning to make sure I graze throughout the day
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :D
Looking forward to: seeing the diabetes clinic next week and to know whether I do have a high chance 
of pregnancy diabetes. I am hoping that I am not high risk but will have to wait and see, will be glad to just know.

14 weeks not really showing yet

24th Birthday

Today is my 24th Birthday, although there are days where I still feel like I'm still 18. 
I am however am far from that 18 year old with so many things happening within the last 
6 years. 

As most of you probably do you look back and wonder how fast time has gone and say the same 
every year. It wasn't until I was 18 that I realised how fast time really does go. 

In the last 6 years I have: 
- Moved out of my parents and my into mine and Stuart's own place
- Got engaged
- Gone through some pretty tough times
- Lived in 4 different places and currently looking for our 5 place
- Got married
- Expecting our first child

That is a pretty lot of things for 6 years. 

Today I am not doing much apart from having a relaxed day. 
Hubby took me out for a meal last night as an early birthday treat and 
my mother in law took me out for coffee and bacon sandwiches this morning. 
This year I mainly got money and vouchers as presents which is great as that means I can treat myself a little.

Hubby did get me a few presents though bless him. 
The Hunger Games Catching Fire on DVD I've wanted for awhile as I have the first film on
DVD and love the books.

Hubby also got me an Orchid which I love and is currently sat on our window sill in the lounge. 
My mother in law also got me some flowers as well (not pictured) 

As for sweet treats I am really not meant to be eating and drinking sweet/sugary items due to 
a check up to see if I have pregnancy diabetes next week. However I have been a little naughty 
and probably will get a slapped wrist from the hospital, but I have had a jam doughnut today and
I got a lovely mini lemon cupcake sat in the fridge waiting for me for later this evening. 

This evening I have an appointment to see our little wiggle bum again and am hoping that 
the hospital will be able to get measurements this time and we get a clearer photo although I am not
keeping my hopes up. 

13 Weeks Pregnant

I've decided to start doing weekly pregnancy updates I am a few days late with this update as I was a little confused about how to go about doing them but have figured it all out.

How far along? 13 weeks, 3 days
Total weight gain: 2lb on 
Symptoms:  Nausea although less of it now, tiredness, head rushes, increased appetite, hormonal.  
Maternity clothes? None as of yet but my leggings are feeling a little on the tight side
Sleep: Sleep has been all over the place for weeks now I sometimes have a good night and then other
nights I wake up at 3am and then 6am. I also have to nap a lot more.
Best moment this week: Feeling less nausea 
Miss anything? Being able to eat and drink sweet/sugary items without feeling sick
Movement: Bit too soon for that yet
Food cravings: Salt and Vinegar crisp's 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mince, Pork, sweet foods and drinks 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but hormoans are in full gear and have been tearful a few times over the last 2 days or so.
Looking forward to: Tomorrow as out little one was a wiggle bum during our 12 week scan we have to go back to get proper measurements and it also happens to be my birthday too.

Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow

Back in April when I found out I am expecting I knew one maternity item I had to get! 
A maternity pillow was a must have in my eyes for keeping comfy in bed once I get an ever growing bump. 

I have been trying out the Theraline Orginal Maternity and Nursing Pillow for a few weeks now.
Theraline is a leading UK manufacturer of pregnancy/breastfeeding support pillows & accessories for you & your baby.

Although I am only 13 weeks pregnant I have been using the pillow for propping me up when I am reading 
in bed and its really comfortable. 
I have tried out a couple of other positions to test it out and its really comfy so am looking
forward to getting more use out of it once my bump forms and I start struggling to get comfy in bed.

The pillow is filled with tiny sand like micro-beads that adapt perfectly with your body, providing support and
relief. The pillow which retails at £44.95 has many multi-functional uses and is great for relaxing, reading and watching tv. 

Features of the Theraline maternity pillow:

- Innovative, flexible and stable filling

-Feels like sand, yet is as light as a feather

- Comfortable support in any position

- Multi-functional

- Size: 190 x 40cm

-Extra-thick, colour-fast covers that are 100% cotton jersey

 - All materials meet the criteria of the otex Standard 100 and are free of harmful substances

-Antiallergenic, warm, breathable and can be washed at 60°C

when you were pregnant did you use a maternity pillow? 

Summer Tag

Summer is here and we have had such lovely weather this week which has meant
I have spent my days in a strappy tops and maxi skirts. 

Georgina from Makeup Pixi3 has started the summer tag and I love doing this kind of thing
so here it goes The Summer Tag: 

1.  What's your favourite thing about Summer?
Not the heat I'm not a fan of getting hot and sweaty, but what I do love about summer
is spending more time outside doing fun things like picnics and bbqs although most of the time I'm in the shade. 

2.  Do you have a favourite Summer drink?
I do love cocktails but now that I'm pregnant its worth looking at getting some mocktails in.
Other than that I do love having J20's I'm not fussy with the flavors but atm my favorite is apple and raspberry. 

3.  Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
Nope but i use to go Blackpool every year with my family when I was younger and would love
to be able to go some place every year when our little one is here depending if we can afford it of course.

4.  Favourite makeup look for Summer?
natural, I use foundation and mascara but when i want to wear eye shadow I go for pastel colors

5.  Dresses or skirts?
Both I love maxi skirts and dresses they are so comfy.

6.  Sandals or ballet pumps?
I do prefer ballet pumps as they are more comfy but flipflops are great for when its really hot

7.  Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for Summer?
Well the majority of the time I have my hair down no matter what the season but I do occasionally
go for a half up and half down style or in a ponytail.

8.  Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?
Smokey eyes I think smokey eyes suit me better than bold lips 

9.  Favourite perfume for Summer?
I don't really have one I own 3 perfumes and use them all through the year

10.  Last but not least, favourite music for Summer?L
I love music that makes me happy so the usual summer tunes

I'm tagging whoever else wants to be involved and would love to know your answers!

Fathers Day with Asda

So on Sunday 15th June, its Fathers Day and since I am expecting this year I have brought 
a Father to be card for my hubby.

Every year the day before Fathers Day I try and go over to my Mum's
so that we can put some flowers on my Dads grave and she will put some
on my Grandad's. 

Also with my birthday being quite close to Fathers Day (17th) it means I get to spend
time with my mum and sister and eat cake. 

Asda have sent me some samples from their Fathers day range to show you. 
Asda have a wide range of products this Fathers Day so you can find something 
whether your Dad is a sweet lover, is stuck on his Iphone or a fan of Star wars. 

Asda always have a great range of products at low prices. 
So here are the goodies I have been sent; 

- Star Wars light saber pens
- Star Wars Notepad
- Mr Men Iphone case
- Mr Men Keyring 

They are a great range which I will be passing on to the hubby as his Father to be gifts 
from the baby. 

Cantaloop Pregnancy and Nursing Top

So now that you know our little secret that I am expecting our first child in December, 
I can share with you an item I have been trying out for quiet a few weeks now.

The top came in good time really since my normal bras are really uncomfortable now and I am still yet
to go and get my first maternity bra which I am hoping to do some point over the next week or so. 

Cantaloop are the leading name in pregnancy and nursing lingerie, Cantaloop want to make sure
that you enjoy every stage of motherhood and feel great making multitasking a breeze. 

The pregnancy/nursing tank top offers great comfort, extra support and lifting and has room for your bump to grow. 

The tank top: 
- Adapts to the changes in your body proportions
- perfect during pregnancy and later as a nursing top 
- integrated inner bra 
- easy to open when breast feeding
- extra support when breast feeding 
- a top that is suitable for many occasions. 

I have found the tank top to be a god send the last couple of weeks as it is so comfortable to wear. 
I did wonder how much it would support since I am busty but I have had no issues with that at all. 
I would recommend Cantaloop's pregnancy and nursing tank top to any expectant mother. 
I hope that I will get a chance to try some of the other products in Cantaloops range as I am impressed
by far how comfortable I feel on a day to day basis. 

Macadamia Natural Oil products

I've recently been sent some Macadamia hair product samples which is fab 
as I do love the brand after trying them out back in 2012. 

Now that I am pregnant I am trying more than ever to take care of my hair. 
My hair which has always been fine now feels a bit more thicker recently which is
mainly down to the shampoo I am currently using (head and shoulders) 

But now I have got some Macadamia samples I'm looking forward to doing a little
pamper session and making my hair feel and smell fab. 
I would recommend using Macadamia hair oil in pregnancy to help make your locks
look and feel more soft and shiny. 

A Pink Or Blue Surprise

Back in April I found out a lovely surprise; Stuart and I are expecting our first child! 
I had been feeling a little poorly for a few days so I did a test one morning revealing our little

Today was our dating scan but baby decided that he/she wasn't going to play ball and was a little wiggle bum.
The sonographer was able to get some measurements but was unable to be that accurate, so we are going
back next week when baby should be a little bigger as well as they were quite deep in my tummy. 
So next Tuesday we are hoping to have a more clearer photo than the one we have at the moment. 
Our expected due to date at the moment is 19th December.

The sonographer was able to see that babies heartbeat was strong and from what she could see the baby seems to be perfectly healthy. 

I had been nervous about the scan as I was worried about baby, it was such a magical moment seeing them on the screen and I'll admit when I first saw them and knew they were ok I shed a couple of tears.