Blake 6 week update

The last two weeks have gone so fast and Blake is now 6 weeks old 
and we have our 6 week check on Thursday.

Blake is feeding well and having 8 bottles a day of 120ml cow and gate formula. 
He got weighed on today and now weighs 9lb 50z! 
Considering last time he was weighed at just over 2 weeks old he weighed 6lb 14 oz 
I am glad that he has put on a good amount of weight.

As for sleep he is more alert now late morning and early evening which has meant
that the nights are slowly getting better. 
He still takes awhile to settle in the moses basket at night but once he settles down normally around 1 am he will sleep for about 4 hours before waking up for another bottle. 

He is getting much stronger now and trying to hold his head up and also trying to roll
over one way. I don't think its going to be too long before he can do it. 

Blake is now fitting in  size 0-3 months clothing and still fitting in a few of the newborn size
He is still wearing size one nappies but I am hoping to start trying him in cloth nappies
soon as I think he will soon be big enough to fit in the ones that we have brought for him. 

I need to book him in for his first lot of immunizations for two/three weeks time.  

Picking the ideal home phone

 When it comes to my home I love picking out accessories and decor to make it feel more homely. 
One thing I've not had is a home phone but there are many to choose from in different styles, colors and 

I love the idea of having cordless home phones as I would be able to walk around my home whilst chatting with friends and family. Although the downside to this would be that I would have to make sure that the battery is charged regularly  and that I make sure I return it to the base unit after each call or at least at the end of the day. 
Photo by Stuat Eman

When it comes to finding the perfect home phone you have to factor in what is best for you and your family  especially if you or someone in your household has some kind of disability.

For example my mum is deaf so a phone that has an amplify or at least with an inductive coupler for use with a hearing aid would be ideal. You can even get phones that have a nuisance call blocker, bigger buttons and also answer phone so that you can play back messages. 

So there are many different options to choose from so you will be able to find the ideal home phone for you. 

Blake 4 weeks

Today  my little boy turned 4 weeks old. 
The last 4 weeks have gone amazingly fast and he is changing and doing new things already. 
For the first 3 weeks I had been mixed feeding Blake as I had been finding breast feeding extremely difficult.
As of yesterday I have been formula feeding him and he has been having 120ml of Cow and Gate Hungry baby formula every 2/3 hours.

He sleeps most of the day which means that he is up most of night which is rather tiring. 
He will wake up at about 11pm will have a feed and then be wide a wake from then until 2am-3am.
Every time we put him in the Moses basket at night he seems to wake up easily and then it takes
him ages to settle. 

He seems to like lights as he keeps looking at them a lot and we have a star projector above the moses basket
for night time for him to look at.
 He likes this for awhile but most of the time he just wants to be cuddled.

We have put him in the bouncy chair for approx 5 mins at a time and he is starting to love
it and knock the little giraffe and elephant hanging about. 
He also has started to try and roll over and seems to be getting stronger too as he 
moves around a lot more and I have been been headbutted on a few occasions.

When Blake was first born we had to get him a few tiny baby outfits as the newborn 
and 0-3 months sizes were massive on him. 
He is now fitting in newborn and up to a month sizes and I am going to see if he fits into 
0-3 months at some point this weekend as he seems to be starting to fill out the newborn sizes. 
He is in size 1 nappies which seem to fit fine and I am hoping he will soon be big enough to
start wearing the cloth nappies that I have for him.

Yoomi The Self Heating Bottle

Recently we had a chance to try out the Yoomi 80z self heating bottle. 
Blake is currently being mixed fed since I've had a few issues with breastfeeding so this 
bottle has come in handy for when I use formula. 

At the touch of a button Yoomi warms up baby's milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds!
The award winning bottle was designed to make feeding time more safer and easier for parents at home or
on the go. 

How does it work?
Yoomi's integrated bottle is cleverly activated by simply pressing a button which causes the solution inside to 
generate heat. When the bottle is tipped and your baby starts feeding, the feed flows around the channels on the outside of the warmer which is cleverly designed so that the feed is breast milk temperature. 

The benefits of yoomi

- Hygienic 
While conventional bottle warmers warm the entire bottle of feed the Yoomi warmer  only 
warms up the feed that your baby drinks. So rather than warming an entire bottle which will then cool down 
over time, the feed in the yoomi bottle will remain cool until it flows over the channels of the warmer inside teat which gently and evenly warms the feed.

- Quick 
Conventional bottle warmers take approx 6-12 mins to warm fridge temperature milk,
Yoomi takes 60 seconds, perfect when you have a hungry baby at 2 am. 

- Safe 
Unlike other warmers there is no second guessing if the temperature is correct as Yoomi 
warms to breast milk temperature every time. 

- Portable 
No plugs, no batteries or flasks of boiling water so its the perfect solution when traveling. 

- Less Colic 
with 6 air vents built in to reduce colic rather than the standard 1-3, Yoomi is the best vented bottle on the market. 

- Comforting 
Unlike any other teat on the market the Yoomi teat radiates a comforting and gentle warmth for baby.

We tested out Yoomi the other day when Blake was I need of a feed but was being quiet impatient. 
It is simple to use you just pop the pod in the microwave for 2 mins which recharges the warmer. 
I like how fast it warms up the milk and love that it is breast milk temperature. 
Blake seemed very happy when drinking from this bottle which I was glad of as 
he has been use to his usual bottles. 

I will be using Yoomi when I am out and about as it is so convenient. 

Now you  have a chance to win your own Yoomi Feeding System. 

Please note that in addition to my usual Terms and Conditions 
entering this competition means that data from the competition will be passed
on to Yoomi for example your email. 

Please only enter if you agree with the above.

2015 Goals

2015 is here and it's time for me to set my goals for the year ahead. 
The goals I am setting myself this year are again ones that I hope are achievable. 

1. Start planning my meals 
This will help so that we know what we will be having for dinner every day and will also help
to keep our food spending down or so I hope. 

2. Try out some meals from my new recipe books.

3. Budget, budget, budget
We tend to be good at sticking to a budget most of the time anyway 
but I want us to try and see if we can tweek our budget. 

4. Organize our flat
I want the place to look a little more organised am not expecting the place
to be tidy not with a child around but it would be good to know where things are. 

5. Sort out Blake's Nursery
I have so many ideas for Blake's Nursery so need to get
it all sorted for when the time comes for him to move in to his own room. 

6. Plan Blake's Christening
We want to have Blake christened we have an idea for a date in July. 

7. Loose the baby weight and some
I plan to get to my pre baby weight by October and hopefully
at target by December.

8.  Take more photo's 
Not just of Blake though

9. Plan my blog posts
I have some post ideas which I keep forgetting about so I need 
to start jotting my ideas down. 

10. Have more adventures
Holidays, days out, activities etc

I'd love to know what your new years goals/resolutions are.