Healthy Breakfast with Hi-Pro Peanut Butter

Porridge has always been my favorite Breakfast and I eat it most days (even in the summer). I was asked by the people behind the brand Hi-Pro if I would be interested in giving my diet a blast of protein with New Hi-Pro peanut butter.  I've never taken to eating peanut butter before but as I had seen recently quite a few people are including it as part of a healthy diet I decided to give it ago. So far I've only been having it mixed in with my Breakfast each day as I know nuts are only healthy in moderation. I've noticed that on their website Hi-Pro have a good range of recipes to try out using their peanut butter and I'm thinking of giving the no bake peanut butter cookies a try. 

Hi-Pro contains  33% protein per serving (25% more than most peanut butters), Their tasty range of crunchy and smooth peanut butters has been specifically created for those who train or have a keen interest in health. I've only tried the smooth one so far and really like it. 

Unlike other brands,they don’t use soy or whey to increase the protein level. All the protein is sourced from peanuts, which means you’re only putting pure forms of essential nutrition in your body and it doesn’t affect the flavour of the product. Notably, the peanut butter is vegetarian and vegan friendly and has no added salt.

Do you eat peanut butter as part of a healthy diet? If so I'd love to know some of the recipes you like to use. 

Fathers Day Gifts with Snapfish

Snapfish recently contacted me to ask if I wanted to review some items for Fathers Day (19th June) as I love personalised Items I had to say yes. 

Next was the hard decision of what to choose as they have such a varied selection of items.
I chose to get some prints that we could frame, some personalsied cards and x6 photo coasters. 

Now one of the issues I have constantly with Snapfish is all my photos coming up as low resolution so I felt restricted on what items to choose as I didn't want them to come out blurry. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue at all? I use photos from my camera which is why it confuses me as could understand with photos taken from a mobile phone.

So the prints we chose were a selection of me with Blake, Stuart with Blake and Blake with his Grandad and the three of us as a family. We went for the 7x5 matt prints which are 19p each. Even though the website was saying that the photos were low quality I still feel that they came out well. We currently have one of the 3 of us in a frame on the mantle piece. 
We are also going to get some frames for the others and have 3 hanging up around the home and the one of Blake with his Grandad is going to be a gift for my Father in law. 

Next up are some personalised Fathers Day cards for both Stuart and my Father in law. 
They are of excellent quality and the photos have come out well. Cards on Snapfish start at 75p which is a great price for personalised, high quality cards. I know that both Stuart and my Father in law are going to love them. 

Last of all is the set of 6 personalised coasters for £12.99 They are 4x4 in size and are also excellent quality like the other items. One thing that surpirsed me was that the photo I used was taken on my mobile and came out fine but images coming from my camera came up as low quality when trying to order. I do love this photo of Blake though playing at the park and love the blue skys in the background. One thing I would have liked with the coasters would be that it would be nice to have an option of not just one photo for all 6 coasters but being able to select up to 6 photos to include on them.

Have you purchased anything from Snapfish recently? 

Work/Life Balance

If you read my blog regularly you will know I am a stay at home mum and that I also like to count this blog as my job. At current I don't make an awful lot of money from this little place on the net its still something I love to do and I put a lot of effort into. 

As I work from home with my blog I have to make sure that I have a good work/life balance as it's important I get work done but I'm also looking after Blake making sure we go out and do activities and  then there is the chores that need doing. 

I have come across a fun quiz recently called will office life be the death of you? 
Which you can find here. It's a quiz that is just for a bit of fun and not take seriously. 
It says that I am stressed and need to have rest which in some cases is true. 

Here are some of my tips on how to keep a work/life balance : 

Have a schedule: 
It's so important to have a schedule. That way I am more motivated to get things done and get less distracted. I have a planner which I only started using this year and I love it, its made me so much more organised and I know what posts need to be written, photos to be taken, when posts are going up etc. I also make sure I know what groups I'm going to with Blake so that I can schedule what I need to do around the home as well. 

Use the baby/toddler's nap time wisely:
I try and get housework done while Blake is awake as he is pretty good at entertaining himself. This way when it's his nap time I'm able to fire up my laptop and have about an hour or so to get some blog work done. When Blake is in bed I get a bit of blogging done if I have lots to do if not I use the time to relax do my own thing or spend time with the hubby. 

Set a timer:
When doing housework I tend to put an alarm on my phone so that I only spend about 15-20 minutes of cleaning each room a day.

Have fun:
To get a good work/life balance one of my big tips is to when your not working/doing chores 
to have fun. I make sure that we go out as a family or take Blake to classes or even do fun stuff at home and switch off from blogging. 

Have me time: 

This is important as it stops me from having a burn out. I like to spend time on my own when Blake is in bed to just relax. during my me time I tend to watch something on netlfix, read a book or have a bath. 

Knitting is also another great activity to help you relax during your me time. If you're into knitting, check out a needlecraft platform called Yarnie. On this site, you can subscribe to their weekly newsletter, where you can get free needlecraft patterns, including free knitting patterns for sweaters, crochet patterns and so much more.

Be Healthy: 
Eating well and exercising is a must to make you feel lest stressed and better about yourself. 

* The quiz about is created by Calibre Office Furniture 

Top Tips for Flying With Children

One of the most popular questions I get asked about being a Mum is whether having a child has prevented me from travelling, especially on a plane. Too many people, it seems, listen to the horror stories and assume that travelling with a child is a nightmare experience. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that flying with a child is a challenge, but in no way is it impossible or a nightmare. After speaking with other parents, I have compiled a list of ‘Top Tips’ to help parents fly with their child.

Don't Rush!
This is one the biggest mistakes made by new parents. While travelling solo or only with another adult, it’s easy to rush around the house at the last minute packing or run through the airport to the gate. However, with a child this just isn’t possible. When travelling with a baby or a toddler, the best advice I can give is to plan ahead. Make sure you have packed the night before, plan for traffic along the way, arrange your cab to arrive early. Simple planning such as this can save a lot of drama which can bring down your holiday before you have even taken off.

Be Comfortable
While there was once a time when people dressed up to fly, those days are long gone. Instead of dressing your toddler in a fashionable outfit they don’t like wearing, look at the Groupon discount codes page for Mothercare and get some comfortable and warm clothing. Loose fitting items like track pants and hoodies are not only comfortable but will keep your little ones warm on the cold plane.

Prepare Your Entertainment
A lesson that I learned quickly was to pack my own entertainment, both for my little one and me. In-flight entertainment is great...when it works. Download some cartoons or movies to your phone that your tot enjoys to keep their mind busy and prevent them becoming agitated. If you have a tablet, an interactive game can be the difference between a screaming toddler, and a quiet one. A special note for this idea - if you are going to download a game or a movie, be sure that it will work without a data connection.

Too many parents put off travelling with their family because they feel it is too difficult. And while it isn’t the easy thing, it’s just a challenge which you can easily overcome. Along with these tips, speak with other parents and be sure always to use your common sense and you will be enjoying a family holiday in no time!

Fathers Day with WhiteWall

As fathers day is fast approaching online photolab, WhiteWall have a fab selection of photo print products. You can transform one of your favorite photos into a stunning showpiece. 
Their are products with an array of looks, sizes and frames to choose from.

WhiteWall offers a high quality printing and framing service using customers’ own photos. Simply choose an image, specify your custom size and material, including HD Metal Prints and Acrylic Blocks, and you pick from a range of framing options such as Floater Frames or Solid Wood ArtBoxes. Prices start at under just under £10 so ideal for a range of budgets. 

The website is simple to use I ordered an 13x18cm acrylic block. All I had to do once selected the item I wanted was to upload my chosen photo (a cute one of Blake on the swings) and then you can move the photo into position and then your done just add to cart and go to checkout. It's that easy. Delivery was speedy too I ordered on the 15th May and the product was dispatched on 17th May, arriving on the 19th of May. 

As for the product as you can see above it is of high quality. The acrylic glass is extra thick at 25mm and is sturdy and made like this for luminosity and impact. The acrylic block is stable so can be stood anywhere without extra supports or stands. The print itself is of premium quality and I'm overall impressed in how the image has turned out since this photo was taken using my HTC phone. 

I am very thrilled with the acrylic block and see myself purchasing from  WhiteWall again in the near future. 

Guide to cleaning and organising your kitchen

This time of year is when I like to have a spring clean and one area of my home which I am in need to sorting out is my kitchen. Its my least favorite room in our flat, mainly as its so small its hard to move around but also as we don't have enough storage space. 

Mayfair Granite have come up with ways on how to clean and organise your kitchen this spring. You can read the fab guide over on betterhousekeeper.  This guide is making it more easier for me to keep on top of what I need to do which can be hard when you have a 17 month old who keeps causing chaos in other rooms. 

Here is how I have used the advice to clean and organise my own kitchen: 

Get your supplies together: 
I always make sure I know where all my cleaning supplies are and store them together. 
This helps for when you do you daily and weekly clean as well. I like the idea of using baskets so you don't need to keep looking through the cupboards to find what you need. I also make sure I do a pre clean by making sure all counter tops are clean and clutter removed so its more easier to start. 

Some of the supplies I like to have are: 
- A good multi-surface cleaner, soapy water or white vinager will do
-Dish cloths and sponges
-  Dustpan and brush
-  Mop/steam cleaner
- Floor cleaner
- A small bucket with a handle or bowl will do  
- Oven cleaner
- Step ladder
-Vacuum cleaner
- Bin bags
- Lemon (for cleaning the microwave) 

Organising and cleaning the pantry
We don't have a pantry and store our tins and packet food in the cupboards.
I do one cupboard/drawer at a time and remove all items, check dates etc and throw out anything that is out of date, stale, empty or that we don't/wont use.  I like to do this relatively often, as leaving out of date food in cupboards can easily attract pests into the home. Of course, if I was to see a sign of an infestation, I'd be looking into a company like that could come and help me with the issue. I then wipe down all the shelves and arrange items into categories such as spices, condiments etc. This way when they go back in they are together so you can find things more easily. I'm thinking of using a couple of baskets to keep everything together. 

Organising Fridge/freezer
Start off by defrosting your freezer and then remove items organizing each shelf/drawer at a time. Throw out any foods that are out of date/have been there for awhile. Remove the shelves/drawers and clean well with hot soapy water. Make sure that you wipe down the inside of your fridge/freezer getting into hard to clean areas. Once cleaned I do the same as with the cupboards and arrange items into categories to keep items such as vegetables together. 

Cleaning the oven 
Open all windows and make sure you stick the safety precautions on you oven cleaner. 
Remove and clean all shelves in the oven you may need to use a brillo pad and some elbow grease. Follow the instructions on how to use your oven cleaner,its normally that you spray it in the oven and over the glass oven door and leave for 30 mins. Once done scrub and wipe off excess cleaner. 

Clean other appliances
I wipe down most appliances every week but make sure I do a deep clean every now and then. White vinegar is good for kettles and I like to use a bowl of lemon juice and water to clean the microwave. 

Worktops and floor
This is done more than once a week but at the end of your big clean its time to make your worktops clean and shiny. I then like to sweep up any dust, food, debris off the floor and then go over it with our trusty dyson for good measure and then steam or mop the whole floor. 

I also like to make sure I wipe all the walls and splash backs as well these are places that can often get missed. 

Will you be doing a spring clean in your kitchen soon? or maybe you have already 
let me know in the comments below. 

The first car journey home with a newborn

I can remember leaving the hospital for the first time with Blake when he was 3 days old. 
He was so tiny and so precious and it was so cold outside since he was born in December. 
As we don't drive ourselves I had my mum and her partner come and pick us up just after 9pm to take us home. One of the things we made sure when it came to bringing Blake home was that we knew how the car seat was meant to go. On the journey home I was in quite a bit of pain due to have a c-section and was also very emotional and rather scared of what life as a Mum was going to be like. I at one point felt like I was going to have a full on panic attack. 

Before Blake's arrival one thing I didn't really consider was checking car tyres and getting old ones replaced. As we don't drive this maybe why I never thought about it but its handy to know to do so in the future. Point-s car tyre dealers have a complete range of tyres along with prices available online. It's so important to think about tyre safety when traveling with a young family but with busy family life it's quite often something that you may not think to do. 

If your like me and my husband and don't drive its still important to check with whoever is driving to make sure that their car tyres are in good condition for the road. After all you precious little cargo is so important and their safety paramount.

Fathers Day Gifts for Over £10

With Fathers Day being on the 19th of June I have compiled two gift guides of fab items you
could give to your Dad/Grandad. This is part two: Gifts over £10 and I have a fab selection for you. 

I'll start off with with the Gillette Fusion ProShield which you can buy in most stores. 
This razor retails at around £12.99. The Proshield Lubrication before and after the blades lays down a protective layer to shield from irritation. Plus, FlexBall Technology makes maximum contact over the face and gets virtually every hair. 

Bomb cosmetics have two masculine sets of bath products which are a perfect gift to help treating their skin and mind. The Distinguished Gentleman gift pack for example contains the dapper soap slice, man grenade bath blaster as well as several more manly products for the bathroom. 
Socks tend to be the go to gift for Fathers Day so why not go for anti-smell socks? 
Renowned British sock and accessories brand, Bridgedale, has a sock that takes fresh feet to whole new level, using copper ions to create a life-long anti-microbial net around the foot.
Copper is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects in the body, as well as being an effective bactericide, reducing the fungi, bacteria and odours most commonly associated with feet. These socks are perfect for wearing on long walks and trekking over most terrains ideal in all kinds of weather. RRP: £15.99 a pair. 

If they are a lover of pork crackling than why not treat your dad to some mouth-wateringly delicious flavoured pork crackling? from the Snaffling Pig Co  with a range of flavours from the classic Salt & Vinegar to the fiery and feared Pig of Doom to choose from. We were sent the BBQ flavored ones which were a hit with my husband and I.  These high quality meaty treats are double cooked in order to produce a softer product that keeps its bite. A 300g gifting jar is £15.99 and you also can choose from other items of their gift selection. 

Want to get Dad a gift he can get to grips with? Ball® brand is the leader in home preserving with a great range of products suitable for beginners to experts. They sell beautiful glass preserving jars in a range of designs and sizes, they also have accessories like dissolvable labels for gifting homemade jams, as well as recipe books and gadgets. I was sent the starter kit which I am so looking forward to using.  The Starter kit contains everything you need to get started on making your own preserves.
- Preserving Rack –  That fits most kitchen stockpots
- 4 Ball® 240ml Jelly Jars with Lids & Bands – specifically designed for preserving to ensure a quality seal for the pantry
-Basic Preserving Utensils – simplifies the process for beginners
-Home Preserving Guide & Recipe Booklet – includes 3 Simple Steps to Preserving & 3 Delicious Recipes. It will guide you through the batch-making process in three easy steps, and its compact size means it’s suitable for even the smallest of kitchens. At RRP £19.99 it’s the perfect gift idea for dads who are keen on cooking! 

Klean Kanteen is a brand that offers people a safe, healthy alternative to plastic drinking bottles. Klean Kanteen was introduced to give people a better choice than plastic and lined aluminium bottles. These bottles are safe, healthy, lightweight, reusable and BPA free. 
These are a great gift for the health and environmental conscious Dads. The bottle is easy to clean, doesn't retain or impact flavors, is slim in design so that it fits most cup holders,Made with 18/8 Stainless Steel and comes with a lifetime warranty.available in 355ml, 592ml, 946ml and 1900ml) RRP: starting at £22.95 from Whitby and co

Zippo sell a wide range of lighters which are ideal for Dads. We were sent the Matte 8 ball windproof lighter.They  come packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box and we love the sleek design. It is representative of the black 8-ball of a billiards game.

Love2read have a range of carefully designed books that combine keywords with your photos to bring reading to life for your child. Kids love to read them! 
The Daddy I love you book is your chance to tell Dad what makes him special...
The website made it easy to choose what photos you would like on each page and 
you can write whatever you want underneath to caption each photo. There is a demo on the website to give you some ideas, which I used to help me out a bit.  I love that this is a very personal gift for Dad and child to share together. The service was brilliant from the simple way of designing the book to the speedy delivery. The photos I used have all come out in excellent quality and the pages of the book are also of great quality too. This will be a gift to treasure for years to come. £14.99. 

Last of all if you want to give Dad an experience day than you need to check out findmeagift who have a great selection of experiences and gifts in general that are suitable for Dad. One of the choices is afternoon tea for two which is only £34 and is a great gift for Dad to share with Mum so they can spend some much needed time together without the kids. 

I hope this gift guide has also helped you come up with some ideas of what to get your Dad 
this Fathers Day. I'd love to know your plans, comment below. 

Fathers Day: Gifts for £10 and Under

With Father's Day coming up (19th June) I have compiled a few gift guides to help you out with gift ideas for your Dad, Grandad or husband.  I have decided to do it over a few posts this gift guide is all about things you can get for £10 and under. This is ideal for younger children who want to buy something for Dad/Grandad but are on a limited budget. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was recently released on DVD and Blueray so if your Dad is a Star wars fan and doesn't yet have this DVD than this a great gift idea. Price ranges depending on where you purchase from but this is currently £10 on Amazon. 


 Wilkinson Sword have raised the game again with there new Hydro 5 razor with innovative gel pools designed for an improved glide to give the best protection from irritation.The latest innovation will be rolled out across the full Hydro range with features that can't be found on any other razor. Stuart has the original Hydro razor so was looking forward to seeing how this one compared. The razor delivers skin protection and a more comfortable shave by: 

 Hydrating Gel Pools:
Lasting up to twice as long as other lubrication strips on the market, the gel pools deliver 40 per cent less frictionthan any other razor brand. The gel ensures your skin to hydrated for up to one hour after each shave. which a conventional strip can’t do.

Flip Trimmer:
Rather than struggling to reach difficult areas of the face, with a simple flick of the thumb  the hydrating gel pools flip back to reveal five blades that deliver parallel precision and control.

Advanced Skin Guards and Reduced Blade Span:
The guard bars and reduced blade span have been redesigned to improve comfort, safety and prevent skin pinching.

The Handle:
With an upgraded colour palette, the ergonomic handle gives the razor a full range of motion fitting perfectly in the hand and providing guys with a more comfortable hold and control whilst shaving.

If you want to get a small and simple gift than why not consider standeazy. 
Standeazy is a credit card sized mobile stand which fits smartphones (including the larger ones) and mini tablets and e-readers. It fits perfectly in any card wallet and the concept is that it easily converts to a phone stand that allows different viewing angles. Standeazy retails at £2.99 for plain colors and £3.99 for special edition ones. 

Back to shaving products a great range of skin products for men is The Real shaving Company three step solution:

Step One: Prepare
Instead of using soap which can be harsh on the skin or water which doesn't shift dirt and sweat, you need the Real Shaving company face scrub. This helps to buff away dead skin cells.

Step Two: Shave
Formulated to help remove unwanted hair from your face effectively. The creams and gels are also great at preventing cuts/razor burns. 

Step Three:Maintain 
 Replenishing your skin’s natural moisture with one of the stage three products will help to care for skin to keep it looking fresh.

The great thing is that they smell great too. Prices are around £3.99.

Moving onto alcohol we have a selection of ales from Goose Island. 
There is the Goose Island IPA, Honkers ale and 321 urban wheat ale. 

The IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is a hop lovers dream with a fruity aroma, set off with a dry malt middle and long hop finish. Ideal to be had with curry, chicken or pork and also with blue and aged gouda cheese

The 321 urban wheat ale is inspired by Chicago and named after the city's dialing code. 
321 has a spicy aroma of cascade  hop followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor which is refreshing. Ideal with salad or fish or with fresh chevre and buffalo mozzarella cheeses. 

The Honkers Ale is inspired by visits to the english country side. combining a fruit aroma with a malt middle that creates a perfectly balanced beer. 

Goose Island RRP:£1.75 a bottle

If cider is more of your Dads thing than he may like Cranes new Cranberry cider. It has grown rapidly since its launch and they are now looking for investment to take it to the next level, they are already in talks with supermarkets and pub chains so it looks very promising.
It will be a great summer drink, with only 99 calories so it can be part of a responsibly healthy lifestyle.Cranes Original Cranberry comes in bottles and costs £24.00 for 12 x 275ml from

So what do you think of my gift ideas for under £10? 
What is your favorite idea? 

Baby Pip Eats & Supercharged Food For Kids Books

Baby Pip Eats recipe developer Amie Harper transforms weaning into a fun and vibrant learning experience.  Blake started weaning when he was 5 months old and is now 17 months but this book is going to come in handy with helping to encourage him to try new foods. With a dish for each letter of the alphabet these recipes are fun and nutritious. 
You can rustle up some fun meals for example: 
Moo cow burgers, kitty cauliflower patties and avocado bites, woof potato pancakes, snow flake toasts with snow (cauliflower soup). Its a great way to get nutritious foods into your little one. Each of the recipes have the nutritional benefits listed, what age the dish is suitable for and how many family members it also feeds. Its a must have book for parents wanting  an easier and more nutritious feeding time. I'm looking forward to trying out the broccoli au gratin recipe which is great for the whole family. 

Health guru Lee Holmes new book aims to establish positive eating habits for your kids with delicious child-friendly recipes for the home kitchen.

Supercharged food for kids will inspire you to create fresh, wholesome and nutritious meals for your children. This book is packed with recipes that even fussy eaters will love. 
The book also comes with advice on how to avoid added sugar and processed foods, eating allergies and intolerance's, tips for busy families, and the lowdown on how to sneak superfoods into everyday meals. The book features favorites such as pizza, chicken nuggets, pasta and desserts. They reinvented using fresh and healthy ingredients and the book also has ideas for yummy snacks and school lunches. 
Recipe examples include: 
Cauliflower mac and cheese, fluffy banana and coconut pancakes, mini spring rolls, mini salmon frittatas, fruit sailing boats, banana ice cream and chocolate cake. 

I really like the layouts of both books as they are so easy to find the recipes. 
The supercharged food for kids book has the meals, snacks, desserts all in there own sections along with a section of lunch box ideas which include sandwich and wrap ideas and even a Monday-Friday lunch box menu. The great thing is that all the recipes in both books are suitable for the whole family and they get you trying out something new and exciting at meal times. 

Baby Pip Eats and Supercharged food for kids will both be published 2nd June 2016. 
Baby Pip Eats RRP:£9.99 and Supercharged food for kids RRP:£12.99. 

Will you be checking out these books to see if you can find some yummy meals and treats? 

Giveaway Mr Kipling Classics Hamper

If you saw yesterdays post all about Mr Kiplings new range of cake slices and it made you rather peckish than your in luck. Today I am giving away a hamper with a selection of Mr Kiplings classic cakes. Now you can have your own #breakforcake time. 

- Enter via the rafflecopter below
- Leave a comment below answering the question in the rafflecopter 
- The more entries you complete the better the chance of winning

- This competition will close on 24th May 2016 at 12.00am GMT 
- The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email, twitter or facebook
- Open to UK residents ONLY
- You must be a UK resident and over 18

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Birthday Wishlist 2016

So it's a month away until my birthday and like most years I have compiled a little wishlist of things I would love to get. 

I do this wishlist mainly for Stuart to read to give him some ideas as he gets stuck and struggles to know what to get me. I don't expect to get everything on the list its just there to give a few ideas. 

There are quite a few DVDs out at the moment that I would love to get these are the three I would love to get the most. 

- Sufferagette 
- Dark Places
-Mockinghay part 2


I always have loads of my Amazon wishlist that I would love as I am a big reader. I have quite a few books on my shelf that I haven't read so don't really need anymore. However 
I'd love to have a copy of the Bones of You which I have heard is a really good read. 

I'm in need of some sunglasses for when we go away later this year and have spotted these in specsavers in 2 for £69 section and love the look of them. I tend to get money from both my Mum and Nan when it comes to birthdays so I'm thinking if the same happens this year I'll put the money towards these. 


To me vouchers are always a good gift so that I can have a browse in the shops and see what I'd like. Amazon and Peacocks are always nice to get but I'd also like ones for Debenhams but also for experiences such as a voucher to get some family photos done of the three of us or for a pamper or even for afternoon tea. 

What do you think of my birthday wishlist? 

Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Cake Slices

Sometimes as a SAHM (stay at home mum) I want to have my cake and eat it. 
Being a SAHM means I'm always busy if i'm not playing with Blake, going to groups or just getting out and about I'll be at home doing the housework and/or blogging. 

Come 6 o clock when Stuart gets in from work i'm more than ready to pass over the parenting duties on to him. Once Blake is in bed I like to be able to settle down for the evening with a sweet treat. I also get the odd sweet treat during the day time which is tricky when you have a child taking bites out of the cake you have been looking forward to having. 

Mr Kipling is currently encouraging the nation to #BreakForCake with the launch of its Exceedingly Good Slices .Designed for those of us who want a sweet snack to help break up the day, but don’t want the guilt that so often goes with it, these golden oaty cakes combine great taste with wholesome ingredients such as cranberry, orange and coconut.

The cake slices are individually wrapped so they are perfectly portioned the Slices are available in Cranberry & Orange and Dark Chocolate & Coconut - costing just £1.49 per pack of four.

Being a lover of Mr Kipling's cakes I was thrilled to try out their new cake slices and am very impressed the flavors are such a great combination. The cakes are also filling which is great as you only need one to feel full. They are such a great alternative morning or afternoon snack with no guilt due to their wholesome ingredients. 

Have you tried the new exceedingly good cake slices?