Happy New Year 2013

2012 Round Up

2012 has been one of the best years of my life so far 
and here are some of the high lights of what we got up to. 


- I had my final wedding dress fitting which hardly needed altering.

-  The mother in law and I had a go at lacing me in my dress
to find we had issues so had to ring the shop up for help on how 
it was done up.

- Had my eyebrows waxed for the first time ( I use only get them threaded) 

- Had my highlights done same day as my wedding hair and make up trial. 

- We finalised all our wedding plans

Last Minute preparations  


- We had our wedding rehearsal 2 days before we wed 
- I had my pretty manicure false's done 
- We had a lovely pre wedding meal 
Pre wedding meal at Red Hot

- We got married 

- We enjoyed 2 nights at a lovely local hotel 

- We had our first Valentines as Husband and Wife

- My mum and sister got this little bundle of fluff 


A rather quiet month 

- I started this blog with not much plan or thought of what 
direction I wanted to go with it

- I got to spend the day with my lovely Nephew Finn at the Park 


Another quiet month 

- We met  Stuart's cousin and her husbands little baby girl Ella


- We went to wardown park for a picnic and then to the museum 


- I won my first big competition a £150 to spend with Will and Glory 

- I won a kindle 

- I turned 22 and celebrated with a meal out at Jimmy's world 
and cocktails


- We gained another little Nephew called Micah


- We moved back to Leighton Buzzard

- Stuart turned 27 

- We celebrated 4 years since our first Date


I got more into blogging and started gaining a good amount of views


- My sister in law came over for a week to celebrate her 23rd Birthday 
with family

- We saw some lovely fireworks 


- I went to the Centre:MK with my nan 
and saw all the Christmas decs 

- we went to the town's Christmas light switch on 
and fireworks

- We put up our Christmas decorations 

- Celebrated our first Christmas as husband as husband and wife.

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

At the same time I got the Snow Fairy Magic wand Bubble Bar
(see review here
I also got the Twilight Bath Bomb I have wanted this bath bomb for a long time now.

I always if possible try and cut my bath bombs in half so that 
I can get more uses out of them and this was no different. 
As you can see in the photo below once I had cut it in half
the inside is a lovely what I tend to call powder blue colour.
I love it when the inside of a bath bomb is a different colour then the 

I used this bath bomb on Christmas Day morning
even though the bath bomb is aimed for use in the evening. 
The aim of the bath bomb is for when you are struggling 
to sleep so has lavender oil to help you wind down. 

I did find that I felt more relaxed after using this 
which was fab as Christmas is meant to be a day of
fun and relaxation. 

This bath bomb smells wonderful and I really noticed the 
lavender scent. I could also smell some other scents
but was unsure what they were until I looked up more 
on this bath bomb and found that as well as
lavender the twilight bath bomb also have notes
of caramel and malt. 

The photo below doesn't really give this bath bomb any justice 
of how fab the colours are, but I can tell you 
that it does look near enough like the images on 
Lush's website. 

I did take some more photo's to show this however the 
images turned out blury :( 

The Twilight bath bomb retails at £3.20
have you ever tried the Twilight bath bomb? 

Christmas Presents :)

Hi everyone, I have seen a couple of these posts floating around 
so have decided to join in. 
I don't have a huge family and we don't have a huge budget either. 
However I am extremely thankful for all of my gifts.

My Mum got me some much needed Pjs these are
so lovely and comfy.

Some lovely and comfy boot slippers from my mum 
Stuart got me Zumba Core for the Wii I now have all three
of the zumba wii games. 

Some make up brushes and some bath fizzers 
also from Stuart

I love Jennifer Aniston so was glad to get this dvd
also from Stuart

Foot stuff: fluffy socks, foot soak, foot crystals and foot cream
from Stuart

A range of Lush Bath bombs from my nan
I will most likely review these. 

Some Shabby Chic country rose heart hangings and
a lovely Sass and Belle Jewellery Tree from Stuart's Brother
(we do a round robin each year)

I also got some money from my Grandma and my Uncle
a boots gift card from my sister, an M&S gift card from my father in law
and an Amazon gift card from my mother in law. 

I hope you all had a fab Christmas 

Lush Snow Fairy Magic wand Bubble Bar

Last Christmas I was given a gift set which contained the Snow Fairy Showergel.
I fell in love with candy floss scent and colour and knew that I would have to buy it again. I was however unaware that the did a bubble bar version until now that is. 

I love the whole idea that its a star shaped and on a stick so its easy to swish it around your bath tub. The snow fairy magic wand bubble bar once swished around whilst I was running my bath left me with plenty of bubbles as you can see in the photo below 
and also is a lovely girly pink colour. 

The smell of this bubble bar is wonderful and I will definitely be purchasing this again.  

This bubble bar retails at £4.95 and last for approx 5-8 baths so is worth price. 

Have you every tried the snow fairy shower gel or bubble bar? 
If so what do you think?

Review: Happy Aldi Christmas

We all love foodie treats this time of year and thanks to Aldi you are able to have high quality products at a low cost. Some of my favourite treats this time of year are gingerbread biscuits, chocolate and cake. 

Well I have the opportunity to show you some bitsbfrom Aldi's Christmas range. 

First off Lebkuchen Assortment of biscuits.The Lebkuchen Assortment of biscuits are a selection of German Biscuits that come in 4 yummy varieties in a pack. I forget to take a photo of this yummy selection (sorry) I found this biscuits to be extremely yummy although I will say they are more like cakes than biscuits but I'm not complaining. The biscuits are very soft and chewy and are covered in chocolate toowhich is a bonus in my books. Me and Stuart munched through this selection rather quickly.The pack retails at £3.29

Secondly Choceur Chocolate Reindeer.Ideal for children or the big kids at heart 
they come in either Milk or Dark Chocolate (we got the milk)As you can see from the photo below the chocolate reindeer is wrapped in lovely foil paper and has a cute tag around his neck.The chocolate is very smooth and melts in your mouth. 
I was sent two and am passing one on to my nephew as a little treat since his birthday is also on Christmas Day

Then there is the Black Forrest Cherry Stolen which is very fruityand soft and a great treat. £3.99

And last of all is the fabulous Gingerbread housethat is sweetly decorated and made wonderful centre piece. The gingerbread house was full of flavour and was loved by all. RRP: £5.99

Christmas Give-away Day 14

Today is the last day of the Christmas Give-away 
and I have Ruby Jewelfones to give-away 
to one lucky person. 

UK Only as usual 
and ends 17th  December 

So that's it for the competitions this year
I should be back in the New year for more competitions
but will be posting as usual. 

Christmas Giveaway Day Thirteen

Today  I have a gorgeous Celebration candle by Wax Lyrical
to giveaway to one lucky person.
I reviewed this lovely candle not long ago 
and love it so much so its hard for me being a
candle lover to give this away but I must.
So here we go just enter the rafflecopter
Ends: 16th December 2012 
UK Only 

Christmas Giveaway Day Twelve

Not too long ago I won some of the new swizzles matlow sweets
called squashes (see photo below).

Now swizzles matlow are giving you 
the chance to win the same prize.

 Thats four packs of squashies
- 1 x drumsticks
- 1 x double lollies
-1 x refreshers
- 1 x  love hearts

You know what to do 
complete the rafflecopter 
give away ends 15th December 2012
UK only 

Review: EcoForce and Dishmatic

Recently I have been sent some Ecoforce products and 
a Dishmatic to review. 

Ecoforce sell a range of practical and effective household cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly than alternatives which they call virgin plastic. 
Ecoforce products are made from approx 90% recycled waste and work just as well,
if not even better than products that are made from virgin plastic. Meaning that by buying these products you are helping to reduce landfill and conserves fossil fuels. 

As you can see in photo below I was sent a Ecoforce Peg Basket which retails at £2.99
The basket is strong and durable made from 94% recycled plastic with a handle with a hook enabling you to hang it on the line while you're hanging out your washing. 
The price of the product also includes a pack of 24 Ecoforce recycled clothes pegs.The pegs on their own retail at £1.49. They are made using a unique design from a single piece of plastic,making the pegs stronger, safer and more energy efficient to produce.The pegs are extremely tough so can stand the strongest weather conditions
They are British so made from British waste. Ecoforce also sell a clothes line for £1.99 made form 89% of recylced plastic which I wasn't sent. 

I was also sent a range of cleaning products which are handy for most areas of the home. 
- Ecoforce Scourers 
- Ecoforce sponges  
- Ecoforce cloths
- Ecoforce Dusters 

Ecoforce scourers retail at £1.49 a pack.I was sent a three pack of the two different types.first up is the heavy duty pads that are easy to  grip and are ideal for cleaning toughand baked on mess quickly and easily. Then there are the non scratch pads that are also easy to grip,and are ideal for using on delicate non stick surfaces without scratching.

The sponges also retail at £1.49 in a pack of 2 
they are super absorbent made using 100% recycled foam are easy to grip. Each of the packs have one of each type of scourers as mentioned above. 

The cloths are a favourite so far of mine and retail at £1.49 for a pack of 2
they are super absorbent and quilted  that are made from high quality recycled materials. The multi purpose cloths can be used wet or dry and extra soft which are Z-stitched for strength. They are also machine washable. As for the duster they are made from a mixture of recycled cotton/viscose and synthetic fibres. 

I also love the food bag grips that I was sent which retail at £1.49
They are made from recycled plastic with a mixture of pre and post consumer waste. 
They are great and reducing food wastage by keeping food fresher for longer. 

Ecoforce do not compromise on the quality or the price of their products meaning that they offer a greener and more ethical choce when it comes to buying everday household products. Ecoforce products can be found in most supermarkets nationwide and oxfam, homebase and B&Q storeas well as online with Ocado. 

I was also sent a Dishmatic which I love.The Dishmatic is a good quality sponge scourer with a fillable handle.The handle is  designed so that it is long lasting so that only the sponge scourer needs replacing. Its very simple to use, you fill the handle with your normal washing up liquid and then just scrub away. The handle has a cleaver cleaning angle to give better access when cleaning awkward crockery and pans. 

Dishmatic also is eco friendly and helps to save money as it only dispenses as much 
liquid as you need. Dismatic also protects your hands as you will no longer be submerging your hands in hot soapy water . Dishmatic is sold in all major supermarkets RRP: £1.47 refills are £1.58 (pack of three) and the Dishmatic brush is £1.99

Overall I rate the Ecoforce products and the Dismatic highly.They are great products that I will be recommending to my family and friends. I know my mum is a huge fan of Dismatic anyway so I know that she would also love the products by Ecoforce too. 

Christmas Giveaway Day Eleven

Todays Prize is a box set of mini soaps 
from the Visionary Soap Company .
The box contains 8 different mini soaps 
in a lovely purple box. 
A perfect gift.

To enter for a chance to win this competition just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will end on the 14th of December 2012 and will be drawn by Rafflecopter soon after. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their details. 

Christmas Giveaway Day Ten

Today we also have two prizes from MAMUK
the main prize is an Anti Colic bottle set 
and a pack of there Christmas dummies.
The runner up will also win 
a pack of Christmas dummies. 

To enter for a chance to win this competition just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will end on the 13th of December 2012 and will be drawn by Rafflecopter soon after. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their details. 

Christmas Giveaway Day Nine

Today's competition is thanks to Moko Chocolates
They are giving away 2 boxes of their luxury chocolates
The giveaway is for their truffle selection however due to 
the Christmas period a different chocolate box maybe sent instead
if they are low in stock. 
To enter for a chance to win this competition just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will end on the 12th of December 2012 and will be drawn by Rafflecopter soon after. The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with their details.