Mr Nutcase Iphone 5 Case

I don't have a smart phone but my sister has an Iphone 5. 
Mr Nutcase  sell a range of cases for Apple, Blackberry and
Samsung devices. I wasn't too surprised that they don't do 
one for the Samsung phone I have as it's not one of the popular 

I chose to get an Iphone 5 case for my sister and chose a picture
of my family's dog (Alfie)  who she loves to bits. 

As you can see the image I chose has come out perfectly. 
I love this photo of Alfie he looks extremely cute and I hope she loves it. 
The cases retail at £14.95 which is great as you can personalise whatever case you
want with many images not just one photo.

Gift Ideas for Men

Every women knows that men are overall extremely hard to buy for. 
There is always an occasion when you have to buy for a bloke and you
don't have a clue what to get. 
So I have complied a list of things my hubby likes to give you a few ideas
for the man in your life when an occasion arises. 

First up is a gift for the man who likes to take care of himself. 
for £28.00 from Will and Glory you can get the
 Quintessentially English - Buff Men's Gift Box. 
which contains soap, shower gel and moisturiser. 

Men love watches this is the  one that I brought Stuart as a birthday gift a few years ago. 
The great thing about watches is that you can find one for every budget.
So if you don't have much to spend  or can afford to splurge than a watch is the ideal gift.

For our first anniversary I brought Stuart a Papercut wedged between two
pieces of glass. Stuart loved the thought and the personalised idea
you can find many companies that do them in a range of designs 
that you feel would be suitable. 

A Tetris lamp, Stuart loves this lamp as you can change the way 
shapes slot into each other but also as its very 80's and he is a big fan of that. 

But one of the main things that Stuart loves his games consoles he has huge collection of consoles and 
games. So if your man is a lover of consoles and games you need to check out Gioteck they  offer the 
most innovative gaming peripherals to help improve gaming experience. 
They are a leading retailer for PS3, Xbox and PC accessories.
Providing you with durable and  reliable accessories packed with the latest technology allowing you to truly immerse yourself in games, across all platforms.

Whilst at the moment their aren't many options for the new generation of consoles yet 
they offer PS3 controllers and hopefully releasing PS4 headsets and  controllers in the future. 

A PS3 controller would be an ideal gift because there are many to choose from with 
different functions and the man in your life can enjoy the games he loves. 

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Alibi Health Drinks

You probably know by now in the last year or so I have been loosing weight
and trying to feel more healthy and tone up too. 
I have been more careful about what I put in my body as I have noticed how awful I feel
if I have haven't been as good as I can be. 
You know the feeling bloated and just in generally yucky. 
I even had a moment  last year when I went out to an all you can eat Chinese buffet 
with family and ended up eating way too much. Which then made me ill the next day. 

I don't normally take vitamin supplements but recently I have been feeling tired an awful lot . 
I think that maybe due to after Christmas I was in a food comer haze and didn't stick to
my diet as well as I could have done,which meant I lost less than I did last year by this point. 
But I am back on the weightloss bandwagon and lost 3lb last week. 
 I also think that because I have felt really depressed within the last few weeks that  hasn't
been entirely helpful. 

I was sent some lovely pre-detox drinks last week to which I was happy to try out
as right now I really need to feel the energy and motivation to sick at the slimming world plan.

 So Alibi is a sparking and fruity health drink that is packed with 20 essential vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts. Alibi replenishes, hydrates and supports your bodies natural defences. 
which comes in two wonderful flavours citrus and pomegranate and I believe
they are coming out with a new flavour if it isn't out already blueberry.

I was surprised by the taste of these drinks as I was expecting them to be rather sweet,
however they are pleasant tasting fruity fizzy drinks. 
I have been sipping on two cans a day over the last week and have noticed 
that I feel more energised and don't need as much caffeine. 
I think I am going to have a break from them for now and keep some aside now that 
I am feeling better with my diet and fitness at the moment.
 I am sure these are going to come in handy when I have days of feeling not myself 
and need a little pick me up to get me through the day.

Have you ever considered these kind of drinks?

I Promise

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your other half its doesn't need to be tricky. 
If you want something personal that doesn't cost the earth then you need to have a look
at these wonderful I Promise cards. 

How it works
1. Choose colour and number of promises 
there is a choice of red or blue with 3, 5 or 10 promises
printed on thick cream card.

2. Make the promises
write your promises and choose your icons
if you need a hand then there are lots of ideas
or you can use one of their pre-made collections.

3. send it off
they make it ,send it and it arrives a few days later. 

As you can see above I chose to go with the blue card
rather than the red . I chose blue since blue is my hubbys favourite colour
but also as I wasn't too keen on the idea of red. 
I also chose to do 3 promises to my hubby. 

As you you can see below the card is very neatly laid out and is easy to read. 
All of the promises are made on cream, thick and high quality card making it a
special gift that will last years to come. 

Onto the I Promise's a chose for Stuart. 
I promise a romantic night in 
I promise a belated honeymoon
I promise an everlasting love. 

These are promises that I will be keeping to Stuart 
we deserve a romantic night in just the two of us and
we both deserve a belated honeymoon since we been married 2 years
and not been on one yet. 
As for the everlasting love one I know that I will always love Stuart 
no matter what the future holds. 

I hope you all have a wonderful valentines and get spoilt whether that means being spoilt by
a loved one or even spoiling yourself.

Primark Haul

Last Monday we went to Luton and I popped into Primark so that I could spend the vouchers
that I got from various people for Christmas. 

I am so chuffed with the amount of clothes I've managed to get 
and I still have quite a lot more left to spend next time I go there. 

First up I got this top which was £3 on the tag but when I got to till  had gone down to £2. 

The two tops below look great when I wear jeggings. 
The pale pink one was £8, I love the pale pink and the collar on this one.
The hummingbird top was £5 I really love the detail of it. 

The dark pink top was another saving £5 on the price tag but £3 at the till
love it when this happens. 
The crotchet top is lovely and cost me £4  love the colour
and they also sold this top in a few other colours.

The redish top is the same as the blue one I am wearing in the first photo
but was at full price (£3) 
The lace panel jumper was £6 and I will be wearing it with 
a top underneath probably a white strappy top. 

Last of all I had to get this lace skater skirt for £8 
I love this and chose it in case I get invited somewhere as I don't have
much in my wardrobe for dressing up in since the weight loss
I am building up wardrobe all over again.  

Have you been to Primark recently if so i'd love to see your haul.

Valentines with Aldi Part 2

When it comes to Valentines day if like me and Stuart you are staying home,
with a meal for two or if your single and having a night on your own or with friends,
or even going out with your loved one. 

Why not start off the evening with a bang with a bottle or two of 
bubbly from Aldi 

First off we have the Philippe Michel Cremant Du Jura, £6.99.
This french wine with hints of apple and lemon citrus is a perfect Chardonnay which is fantastically crisp 
and elegant with persistent bubbles. 

Moving on we have the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Spumante DOCG, £7.29.
A delicately floral and fruity concoction with a light and creamy flavour a fab Italian

Both of these wonderful wines are now part of Aldi's permanent range. 

How to... Perfect Pancakes with OXO

I love pancakes, however I don't make them often enough. 
After all pancakes can be eaten any time during the year not just pancake day. 

When OXO sent over their flip and fold omelette and pancake turner 
I chose it as an opportunity to make up some lovely
pancakes slimming world style. 

 The recipe is easy and can be found here they are really delicious and much more
healthier alternative to usual pancakes and you can still add any topping you fancy.  

As you can see  below I chose to have strawberries with my pancakes. 
But there are so many different toppings for you to choose from sweet or savoury. 

As for the flip and fold turner its the ideal shape and size to make the perfect omelette or pancakes.
The turner is easy to use and is flexible enough to allow you to easily glide under the pancakes/omelette.
The handle is comfortable with a non slip grip meaning you can flip/fold easily. 

What toppings do you love to have on your pancakes? 

Valentines Gift: Night out

I love Valentines I am a sucker for all things love which is 
why we chose February to be the month to get married. 
Of course I am a big believer of telling Stuart 
that I love him everyday not just on Valentines.

Now when it comes to buying valentines gifts we normally
do the usual chocolates and flowers or my case I get Stuart 

I think next year we may try and book tickets to go and see a show as I not been to the theatre 
for quite a few years. 

I love the idea of seeing a comedy or musical but if you are a fan of Opera 
this year you could buy tickets as a gift to your loved one to  go and see The Pearl Fishers Eno Production
as the show is on in London from May- July. 
There are also a range of other Opera shows that you could choose from to go and

On Behalf of ENO

Klorane Nettle Shampoo and some cleansers

The people at Escentual sent me some shampoo to review as
well as some cleansers and samples. 

Klorane Nettle Shampoo
This Shampoo is suitable for oily hair. 
I have fine hair which is prone to getting very oily quickly. 
Hypoallergenic and extremely mild, 
the Nettle Shampoo enhances volume and detangles for soft and bouncy hair that lasts. 
After sustained use, oil secretion is regularised, enabling you to wash your hair less frequently.

I have been very impressed with the shampoo after using it for a week now
I have noticed that my hair is no where near as greasy and uncomfortable as
it normally is. 
 I have also noticed that my hair also has a little more volume too which is 
noticeable when styling and more easy to brush too. 

I normally wash my hair everyday due to my hair feeling oily and making me uncomfortable.
I am now washing my hair every day still but I am sure that after a while I will get away with 
washing my hair every 2 days. 

Now onto the cleansers the first one is Avene cream cleanser
I normally use cream cleansers these days as they make my skin feel smooth and
soft after use without needing to use moisturiser before bed which is a bonus. 

The other cleanser is the popular Bioderma I did a little scream and a dance when
I opened my package and found this as I have wanted to try Bioderma for a while now. 
I love it and think I am going to be converted to using this type of cleaner in the future. 
My skin felt so fresh and clean as a daisy after use. 

Slimming World Super Speed Soup

On Thursday at my local Slimming World group
one of the ladies mentioned that she was going to make a batch of 
Super Speed Soup. 
I hadn't actually heard of it before so I asked for the recipe over on my 
groups Facebook page. 

The great thing is that it is so simple and easy to do.

The recipe is free on Extra Easy and Green days.
You will need a very large saucepan or two pans are needed as it makes a lot. 

 1 can of mixed bean salad
1 can of green lentils
2 cans of chopped tomato's
1 can of baked beans
handful of split lentils
2 large leeks
1 large onion 
4 medium carrots
2 parsnips 
green, red and yellow peppers
2 stock cubes
salt and pepper
mixed herbs
water (enough to cover) 

Chop and put all ingredients into a large pan 
cover and bring to boil and simmer until soft
can be left chunky or blended.

We chose to do ours in the slow cooker. 

Valentines with Aldi: Part One

Today Aldi have released their Valentines special buys
which are available as usual until stocks last. 

They have wide selection of cards and gifts available for both men and women. 
With DVD's, champagne, chocolates, watches, scarf's, Pjs , socks
boxers and even wallets, you will find the perfect item for the one
you love (even singles can buy themselves a little treat).

I was sent the lovely 2 pack of floral socks which are so me as I love
my floral's and I was also sent the snoopy wild at heart pj's. 

The pack of 2 socks retail at £3.99 and are not just pretty
but also very soft and comfortable I don't want to take the pink pair
I'm currently wearing off. 

The Pj's retail at £7.99 which is fab cost as they are so soft and comfy
and a perfect fit. 
They come in sizes 8 up to 18 and the size 12-14 fits me perfectly. 

I am also being sent some champagne which I will share with you once they have arrived.