Halloween Zombie Make Up

I was sent this Fiendish Face Of Fear Kit from Asda which contains make up to make a range of Halloween looks.
The package is also a book to give you some inspiration from vampires to witches.
I've never done make up for Halloween before as when I was little me and my sister would dress
up as witches every year wearing mask. 

Also as I got older I've not really been into Halloween. 
But I think it will be more fun again when our little one is here with dressing up etc. 

This year I decided to try a simple zombie make up look using the kit. 

First of all I used the white cream make up all over my face and
then used the black make up crayon all over my eye lids and then under my eyes
before smudging it with my fingers I then used the black lipstick on my lips

Hope you all had a fab Halloween 
What did you and/or your children dress up as? 

Halloween Dinner Party Competition Entry

Atlantic Shopping is a leading home furnishing company operating from a warehouse facility in Birmingham city center. 

They cater for the latest trends in household goods at great competitive prices. 
To enable to achieve their goal they have recently re-developed an online store, now you can get all the latest items which are available in store from the comfort of your own home! 

Atlantic Shopping are holding a competition for Halloween with a prize jackpot of £500 to spend on
dining sets, dining chairs and dining tables. 

All you have to do is describe your perfect Halloween Dinner Party.
You can be as creative as you like but there are two requirements: 
1. What guests would you invite for example Zombie Elvis Presley or Vampire Marilyn Monroe. 

2. What dishes would you serve? for example sugar mice for starter a pumpkin pie for main 
and then jelly worms for dessert. 

Entries will need to be in by Midnight on 31st October so get your thinking caps
on and let your creative juices flow.

Here is my entry into the competition: 

The guests I would love to invite to the dinner party would be: 
- Dracula Paul McCartney
- Vampire Marilyn Monroe
- Frankenstein Sooty 
-  Witch-y Amy Winehouse
- Ghostly Madonna

By Tiramisustudio

                     from freedigitalphotos.net 

For the food and drink I would start off with a lovely pumpkin soup which I would make gruesome 
by adding prawns too it to make it look like maggots.

The main would be spooky pasta with cheese sauce which I would use food coloring to make
green and then add cheese to make it look like cobwebs and black olives to look like beetles.

                  Serge Bertasius Photography

from freedigitalphotos.net 

For Dessert there would be some yummy looking pumpkin cookies and some
blood curdling cupcakes. I would make the cupcakes so that some oozed jam to look like
blood and some that would ooze green fondant to look like slime. 


from freedigitalphotos.net 
As for drinks I would have a wide range of cocktails in goblets like the ones below 
I would make them hauntingly delightful by adding jelly worms and floating eyeball sweets. 

                   by arztsamui 
             from freedigitalphotos.net 

If I was to win the competition I would choose the Tempo Dining Set so that we had enough space to have
everyone over for Christmas. 
I love the sleek black design with chrome frame finish and black glass top.

33 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been rather busy I had my 32 week appointment with midwife and consultant.
Midwife appointment went well everything is fine and I was told I have very good Iron levels
for a pregnant women. 
The consultant appointment however wasn't the best as it seems they need some medical 
info from 2008 which they don't have and need for when i go into labor. 
So Friday was a day of trying to sort it out and I have managed to get some info 
but not all. 
Monday I sorted a few things out in baby's room and doing more today
and yesterday I was working in the afternoon. 

How far along? 33  weeks  today
Total weight gain: 32lb but hospital and midwife don't seem concerned plus I know I can get the weight off since have done so before.  
Symptoms: Still achy, getting breathless when I go out, lack of sleep (see below). 
Maternity clothes? Brought a dark colored nighty for when am in labor and my mum got me a dark light weight dressing gown and some comfy pjs for after. 
Sleep: Getting up even more for loo trips now, still unable to get comfy. 
Miss anything? sleeping through the night. 
Movement: still loads of kicks and wiggles
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Looking forward to:
 - The cot arriving this week sometime
- Sorting out baby's room
- Getting all the furniture sorted (Ikea trip needed asap)
- First antenatal class next week

32 +5

Silver Aspen Leaf Necklace Giveaway

Today I have a lovely giveaway from Grace and Valour. 
The prize is of the Silver Aspen Leaf necklace from her blowing in the wind collection. 

Here are a few words from Rachel regarding the collection: 

Autumn is upon us in a final blaze of fabulous colour.  We couldn't let the occasion pass without reference to our beautiful leaf jewellery collection.  Our REAL leaf jewellery collection is now available in 5 beautiful Autumnal finishes. We may be biased, but if there's a more perfect Autumn accessory, we are yet to discover it...!

Our leaves are available in two sizes - small and large,  and include Lacy Oak, Cottonwood, Birch, Aspen and Sugar Canadian Maple.  They look stunning either worn as a dramatic choker or at a fashionable longer length.  Earrings and Brooches have now joined the collection...

Our stylish collection features hand picked real leaves, preserved with different finishes.  Each leaf is a handcrafted piece of wearable art, unique and totally individual.
If you haven't seen the leaves, they're stunningly delicate with immense detail, but surprisingly robust.  With finishes as varied as gold, silver, brass, copper, irridescent, vintage silver and rose gold they can be worn with almost any outfit, both as a dramatic choker, or at a fashionable long necklace length and both singularly or doubled up for maximum impact.
The leaves arrive safely ensconced in their own unique branded eco packaging.
Blowing in the Wind : From the forest floor to the catwalk..!

OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack

I am a huge fan of  OXO products they have a huge range of items suitable for
the home which make day to day tasks much easier. 

They also do a range of Baby and toddler products which will come in handy 
when little pickle arrives and also for when baby is older too. 

I am planning on breastfeeding but I also want to express which will mean that 
the OXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack will come in handy. 

When opening the box I was impressed with size as its not too big or bulky, 
so fits perfectly in our small kitchen. The bottles I have brought for our little one
are Tommee Tippee and they fit perfectly. 

The rack accommodates at least 8 bottles and their parts.
The rack is deep so it holds drained water without spilling everywhere and the edges are rounded meaning that it is easy to pour away. The rack also has raised ribs on the bottom of the tray so that items are
kept away from the bottom hence not sitting in a pool of water.

The additional space is ideal for small parts and their is a removable cup
 that can be attached to multiple areas of the tray and is ideal for utensils and straws. 

I am a huge fan of the Bottle Rack and at £15.32 feel its a good investment to keep baby and toddler items away from your regular washing up. 

The rack is also suitable to be used on the top rack in the dishwasher which is a bonus. 

What do you think of the Bottle Drying Rack? 

Pizza Express NEW Pizza's

If you love pizza and are a fan of Pizza Express then you will love their all 
New flavors that they have recently released in supermarkets.

The New flavors are : 
- Italian Ham and Mushroom 
- Goats Cheese and Spinach
-  Chicken Peppadew and Spice 
 - Spicy Beef, Peperoni and hot peppers
- Vegetable and Pesto 

The Italian Ham and Mushroom pizza was lovely
with prosciutto ham , creamy mozzarella, black olives and roasted mushrooms. 
I am not a huge fan of olives so took them off my slice of pizza and let hubby have them. 
I loved the combination of the ham, mozzarella and roasted mushrooms. 

The Goat's Cheese and Spinach pizza was one of my favorites. 
This pizza had savory goat's cheese with sweet red onion chutney and spinach
I am a huge fan of these flavors so having them on a pizza was a fab treat
and the spinach is great for my Iron levels. 

Another great flavor is the Chicken, Peppadew and Spice. 
The majority of the time when I order a pizza i choose one with chicken 
as a topping. 
This Pizza has chargrilled chicken, sweet peppadew peppers (another topping I love), 
creamy mozzarella and cajun spice. 
This pizza wasn't that hot and was enjoyable. 

Next up is a pizza that Stuart always tends to go for
Spicy Beef, Pepperoni and Hot Peppers.
This pizza has spicy beef, pepperoni, creamy mozzarella and hot peppers.
I really enjoyed this pizza but removed the hot peppers I thought they made
it a bit too spicy for me but am sure hubby didn't think so. 

Last of all we have the Vegetables and Pesto. 
Toppings are: 
Artichoke hearts, basil pesto, roasted mushrooms, Santos tomato's and 
creamy mozzarella. Another great pizza but still not really my cup of tea. 

What do you think of Pizza Express's New pizza flavors? 

32 weeks pregnant

This weekend I had my flu jab finally. 
I've not had any reaction apart from my arm being tender. 
We also had a quick look around the shops in MK on sunday and 
Monday i met our health visitor and got baby's red book. 

How far along? 32 weeks today
Total weight gain: about 30lb gain i recon
Symptoms: This week I've had ligament pain, pelvic pain and braxton hicks so been feeling
rather achey. I am also getting breathless and walking to town is getting tricky so have been taking the bus.
Sleep: Sleep is not very good still this time due to the usual toilet trips but also
baby keeping me up with wiggling and not being able to keep comfy in bed.
Movement: Loads of wiggles both during day and night does this baby sleep?
Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week
Happy or moody most of the time: both
Looking forward to: 
- spending some time with my mum

Cheap and cheerful ideas for an evening in

These are strange times economically speaking; lots of people seem to have lots of disposable income, many others seem the opposite, and there doesn’t seem to be too much middle ground.
But money never made anyone happy – unlike friends and family – a happy social life, cheery outlook and being kind to others.
Nevertheless, we need cash for some things, but if staying in really is the new going out – then there are lots of ways you can have lots of fun if you find yourself as one of the “have-nots” when it comes to that disposable income!
Obviously, everything is cheaper to begin with; some nice food and wine from the supermarket is just a few pounds and you can entertain a group of people quite simply with a few nibbles and dips, crackers, cheese, nuts, crisps – and, the wine, definitely the wine! Oh yes – and some chocolates never go amiss either.
Next, set up a few social games. These can be simple things for which you need no equipment, like charades – or perhaps a good old-fashioned board game, or bingo. This can all be a good old-fashioned laugh or, if you have a tablet, laptop or even just a phone, you may decide to play bingo online as there’s at least the chance of a life-changing jackpot to split between everyone at the party if it comes off. With some online bingo providers like BGO, 32 Red and others – there’s even a straightforward free £10 to get you started; no strings attached. Go to 32redbingo.com and you’ll see the offer on the page.
There are lots of other fun games on this site and others like it that can be played for free in demo mode as well – such as chat games, instant games and more – and there’s a chat room to talk to other players as well. The best part, though, is undoubtedly the thought of winning a real jackpot. This keeps the night in more interesting for a while at least!
If none of this appeals – then how about a home-spun karaoke night? These days, it’s quick and easy to find songs with their lyrics on YouTube. This works particularly well after the afore-mentioned loosening glass of wine or two. Just promise not to post the results on the same website after the event! The songs that work best for the laughs, by the way, are those heart-wrenching ballads or rock anthems. Think Michael Bolton, Meat Loaf and Gloria Gaynor singing “I Will Survive” and you’ll get the picture!
Or how about a theme night? These can be really good fun if everyone enters into the spirit if things. You choose a theme and centre all your arrangements around that theme – food, music, maybe a movie, wall art and, most importantly of all, the fancy dress costumes your friends have to turn up in. So, for example, this could be a Mobster night, with Italian-American gangster dress, spaghetti and meatballs and the Godfather CD playing! Other ideas are the usual Halloween and Christmas themes etc. Or how about a beach party themes in the depths of winter? Bathing suits, Wham’s “Club Tropicana”, a few interesting cocktails, a bag of sand on a sheet of plastic and some d├ęcor and you’re on the Med – but in December; great fun to be had by all!
Of none of these appeal – then dig out your old game of “Twister”; this is always a sure-fire winner.

Written by Catherine Miller, a part-time writer and mum of two. Since giving up her job in catering Catherine now loves to plan parties, whether it’s for her friends or her kids!

Liberty Print Stonebridge Hair Accessories

Back in December 2012 I got to try out Stonebridge Hair Accessories mini hair clamp 
which can read about here
I still have the hair clamp to this day which is still in excellent condition.

I was recently sent two items from their Liberty Print range which are suitable for fine hair
like mine. 

First up we have the Liberty Long Skinny Barrette £26 
which is one of Stonebridge's popular hair clips for fine hair. 

The Barrette has a beautiful glossy shine  while the top quality French clasp in sprung steel means your hair will be held comfortably and securely all day.

Then you have the Liberty Super comfy Skinny headband, £25. 
I've never really been someone who does much with my hair I mainly
blow dry my hair and then straighten and that's me done. 
So its nice to add an accessory that means I can still have my hair down. 
The skinny headband is perfect as its such a lovely pattern but not too bright and
doesn't dig into my head so I forgot I was even wearing it at one point.

Looking at these photo's has made me realize that pregnancy has been good to my hair 
it looks and feels a little thicker than the norm which I am loving. 
I am however dreading the shedding of hair after pregnancy that I have heard happens. 

Autumn/Winter 2014 Blanket Scarf

Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to get a new scarf and what better than
the new blanket scarf trend for Autumn/Winter 2014. 

There are 5 different ways to wear this on trend scarf so its 
a great accessory to have in your wardrobe. 

The Inca Blanket Scarf used in the video below is £19 from Accessorize and is 
delightedly soft and warm with fab and rich shades of brown, red and pale blue patterned
in an Incan design. 

One of the ways to wear this on trend fabric scarf is over your shoulders 
and tied with a belt around your waist. 
This look can make a plain white outfit stand out from the crowd. 

Another look is to have the Blanket scarf used as a cape 
which is a fab way to keep warm and look on trend this autumn. 

Have a look at the video below to see the three other ways you can wear
the blanket scarf this autumn/winter.

I'd love to know your favorite way to wear it. 

Finding a Property in London

Buying your own home is tough right now due to prices going up and also 
 you need what feels like a huge amount of money for a deposit. 

Renting is also pricey at the moment with rental prices going up. 
So saving for a deposit is out of the question for us. 

Living in Bedfordshire means that we are pretty close to London 
which is hence why prices near us are really high as we are on the 
direct train route. 

If you have enough money for a deposit and  want to find a property for sale in London 
than its worth having a look at what Strutt and Parker have on offer. 
Its also a good idea to see what's out there from time to time and
how prices change I am always looking to see what prices are like
to give me an idea of how much we would need to save to actually
own our own home.

Jo Malone The Big Call

Jo Malone is known for her fragrance range from colognes, bath and body products to fragrances 
for the home. 

I have been a fan of Jo Malone fragrances for awhile and although they are out of my price
range I do try and find a few samples of her perfumes from time to time. 
I am also lucky enough to own one her candles in the fragrance pomegranate Noir.

The video below "The Big Call" is about how Jo Malone started out with her fragrance range.
Her first job at 16 was in a flower shop and she loved being able to go to the market's some mornings.

She is unfortunately horribly dyslexic but she is able to take a color or moment in time and 
turn it into fragrance. The flower shop was able to give her own creative library of fragrances so she formed her business by buying plastic tubs and worked in a tiny kitchen. 
She sold her business due to cancer which she beat after fighting for year and after
wanted to get back into making her own fragrances but she felt so disheartened and nearly 
gave up until a friend gave her a call one day. 

I'll let you see the video to find out what happened but its a lovely story.

Professional Negligence Would You Try and Claim?

Luckily for me I've never had to deal with dodgy solicitors, financial adviser's or property professionals. 
My parents had to deal with solicitors on my behalf during a car accident back in 2008 but all
went well and I was able to get compensation which I thought was a good enough amount. 

However some people aren't so lucky. 
You hear about property professionals that give an inadequate services that results
in work that is late, over budget and even dangerous. 
All you have to do is turn on the TV and see that this kind of thing happens 
with programs such as cowboy builders.

The most significant areas that  professional negligence claims occur are: 

- Financial advice 
- Property professionals
- Solicitors
- Wills and inheritance 

It's worth having a look at what RedDress Law can do you for you with regards to Professional negligence  
if you feel that you have a case since after all the professionals are meant to get it right. 

Pink Lining Mama Et Bebe Changing Bag

When looking into getting a changing bag I found that their are so many lovely brands around that come in loads of different designs. 
The brand that stood out for me was Pink Lining and their adorable range
of designs and ranges.

I was recently sent a Mama et Bebe Messenger changing bag in the wise owl design. 
I love this design as its very neutral on the outside and not too girly like many of the other designs from the different ranges are.

The Mama et Bebe french inspired slogan and old fashioned pram patch gives the 
Mama et Bebe bag an air of sophistication and elegance. 
The bag is designed in a messenger style with a zip rather than a flap opening
so that is compact and easily accessible to meet the demands of busy mothers.
The bag is one of Pink Linings signature range and a firm favorite.

Inside the bag you have the following : 
- 2 elasticated pockets for nappies
 - Key/soother fob attached to an elasticated ribbon
- Signature shocking pink water resistant lining 
- A slip pocket that is ideal for your phone or Ipod
-  2  thermo- insulated integrated bottle holders
- A detachable mirror 

The bag also comes with padded changing mat and wet zip bag 

On the outside of the bag you have: 
- 2 zips for easy opening and closing 
 - Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap 
- 2 external front pockets that fasten with poppers

The fact that it has two zips is great my usual non mummy handbag is a nightmare from time to time to open so this is a mummy friendly feature. 
I love that it comes with detachable straps so that I can use it over my shoulder
or have it on the handles of my travel system. 
The two external front pockets are ideal for other bits and bobs that I may need to take with me when out and about.

As you can see its a fab range with many great features which is 
why I can see that it is a popular choice with mum's and mum to be's.

Pink Lining bags retail at £79

What do you think of the wise owl design? are you a fan of Pink Lining? 

31 Weeks Pregnant

My mum came over with my sister at the weekend to spend a bit of time together.
We also had a fish and chippy dinner with Stuart's Dad and Sister which was lovely.
Sunday was a very relaxed day for us we went for a little walk but that was really about it. 
The rest of the week has just been the normal routine of housework etc. 

How far along? 31 weeks today
Total weight gain: I've decided to stop weighing myself every week though I am over the two stone mark now. 
Symptoms: This week I have been aching all over I have also had heartburn.
Sleep: Sleep is not very good atm. I have trouble getting comfy and my pregnancy pillow 
doesn't seem to help combine that with loo trips and vivid dreams which on one occasion was a nightmare I am not getting much sleep atm. 
Movement: After I had a bath sunday evening baby has been moving loads ever since.
Food cravings: Nothing in particular this week
Happy or moody most of the time: both
Looking forward to: 
- Getting this flu jab over with at the weekend
- Meeting my health visitor on Monday 
- My 32 week appointments 
- Stuart's week off work to get babies room all sorted.

Nib Nibs Mini Nibs

Nib Nibs love creating moreish quality snacks that are full of the best of everything.
They personally source their ingredients to make sure they are the finest quality and 
wherever possible most definitely British. 
All of Nib Nib snacks are produced in their bakery in North Yorkshire. 

The Mini Nibs I received came in 65g tubes and are available in four yummy flavors;
 Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper; West Country Cheddar; West Country Cheddar and Cheeky Onion and West Country Cheddar & Spicy Chilli. 

I was sent 3 tubes of the cheesy straws which are extremely yummy and are a fab afternoon 
snack for me and bump. We were also sent some sea salt and cracked black pepper peanuts
which I am yet to try. 

Nib Nibs make a suitable snack or treat for hampers and taste fab with dips.

Where do you nibble yours? 

I also have a selection of NibNibs to giveaway.