What I Really Needed To Buy For My Newborn

Having a baby is so expensive. It can be really easy to get into a lot of debt just buying the essentials. What I didn’t realise was that so much of it can be spread out. Not all of it is needed straight away. And Grandparents are wonderful! They will often insist on buying some of the bigger items for you. If you’re about to have your first, put the credit card down. Here’s what you really need for your first month. Get the rest later:

Moses Basket
A Moses Basket is the only place your little one needs to sleep for the first six weeks. You want to be able to move your sleeping baby around the house easily without waking him up. That way he can always be with you. He’ll need to sleep in your room, so you don’t have to rush into another room when he wants a night feed. And it means you can hear when he stirs. That way, you’re more likely to let yourself have a good sleep too.

Newborn Nappies
Whether you choose cloth or disposable, you’re going to need a lot of nappies. They aren’t cheap. It might be best to wait until the birth before your partner nips to the store and buys them. That way you’ll be sure to get the right size! Babies can lose weight straight after birth, so buying nappies that seem small probably won’t be. Only use moist cotton wool to clean a newborn. Creams and wipes come later.

Baby Grows
Grandparents, friends and family, will undoubtedly buy dozens of gorgeous outfits. What you need are the little onesies with press stud fastenings. This makes nappy changes easier. You’ll need two or three a day at first because newborns are messy little things. If you’re buying them in advance, buy white, so they’re not gender specific.

Car Seat
To get home from the hospital after birth you will need that car seat installed. Some pushchairs are part of a complete travel system. This means you get the car seat and other handy bits and pieces. Grandparents usually like to buy the pushchair, but if you get a say in it, see if the car seat can be included.


Nursing Pillow
Breastfeeding is stressful enough at first without you getting aches and strains trying to hold your newborn in position. Use a nursing pillow to prop your baby up to the right height and spare your poor arms. You’ve done enough carrying for the last nine months!

Once you have these bits, you can manage for a little while. As you get to know your baby, and you become accustomed to Motherhood, you will find there are plenty of other products that can help make your life easier. Things change every week. But spreading the cost carefully can help make raising your child a little more affordable.

Even nursery furniture can wait until about six weeks after the birth. Of course, the nesting instinct may have you shopping for everything you’ll ever need well before it happens. Making a list can help you prioritize and budget for what you may need.    

Stomach Bug, Christmas and general chit chat

Hiya, I hope you all have had a very Merry Christmas this year. 
I have taken a little break over the Christmas period admittedly 
a bit longer than I had first planned. 

On the evening of the 23rd I came down with an awful stomach bug which kept me up all night. I had my Mum and Sister over on Christmas Eve briefly to drop off gifts. 
But Christmas Eve for me was mainly spent in bed resting up whilst Stuart looked after Blake and finished off the Christmas food shop. 

Luckily Christmas Day I was feeling a bit better but unfortunately even now my appetite isn't fully back and my energy levels are pretty low too. 

Christmas this year was just the three of us together opening presents, relaxing and playing.
It went ever so quick and boxing day was just the same we spent a few hours over at my mother in laws opening more gifts and having a buffet lunch. 

So it's been a pretty relaxed Christmas. Stuart is back at work today until new years eve then off until the 4th. 

Now that Christmas is over I am looking forward to getting our home organised. 
Which means sorting out where Blake's toys will go and other bits and bobs. 
It also means I need to write up my new years goals.I am
also needing to sort out what classes to go to in the new year as
the children centre have lost some funding we need to find some new things
to do which I'll have to budget for. 

I'd love to know what you got up to this Christmas
comment below. 

How I thought I would parent Vs How I actually parent

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I have always had an idea in my head what I would be like as a parent when the time
came, before I was even pregnant with Blake. 

The things I would do such as breastfeeding etc.
 but of course how I thought 
I would parent vs how I actually parent is completely different.

So here is a fun post on how I thought I would parent vs
how i actually parent. 

Please can I just say that I know a lot of people are going to have mixed
views on my parenting techniques but any negative comments will be deleted. 

How I thought I would parent: 

- I would breastfeed my child til approx one year of age
- I would use a sling and carry my child around regularly
- I would use cloth nappies 
- I would have strict routines
- I would plan fun activities to do every day 
- I wouldn't co-sleep 
 - I would puree food when it came to weaning

How I actually parent: 

- I ended up mix feeding to begin with then after four weeks went 
on to formula feeding due to having issues with breastfeeding. 

- Blake hated being in a sling 

- I use cloth nappies but not all time I do use disposables
but try and use cloth most of the time. 

- We don't have strict routines I am more laid 
back than I thought I would be as a mum.
He was routines such as bed time and lunch time
but most of the time if he ends up napping longer 
and lunch is a little later than its fine. 

- I don't do near enough as many activities with Blake that I thought 
I would. I go out to baby and toddler groups once or twice a week and
go for walks but at home we really only play with his toys, read books and watch a bit
of TV.

- I don't co-sleep its one thing I don't agree
on due to the safety aspect. 

- We did baby led weaning as Blake didn't take to purees. 

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Parenting doesn't stop at Christmas: Baby led weaning

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When your a parent Christmas time is extra magical but also can be stressful too. 

We chose when it came to weaning to do Baby led weaning with Blake as he didn't take to 
purees and one day he just took food off Stuart's plate and ate it. 
I know that baby led weaning doesn't suit everyone but it suits us. 

This festive season I feel that baby led weaning is going to take the stress away from meal times for us because: 

- We wont have to take the time to puree everything. 

- He can enjoy what we are eating and know he will most likely
enjoy it as he tends to enjoy a roast dinner. 

- Which leads on enjoying more flavors and textures. 

- we will have a lot of buffets around this time of year so 
he will have wide selection of finger foods to enjoy.

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Blake's Christmas Eve Basket

One of the many traditions for the festive season that we have decided to do with Blake, 
Is a Christmas eve basket. 

I love this tradition as it makes Christmas eve extra special. 
As Blake gets older I'll be able to add more things into the basket 
and some bits that are included will come out every year. 

So first up in the basket is a "Santa please stop here" sign which 
we got when visiting Santa with Blake in MK. 
We also have some special reindeer food which was also made
when going to see Santa with Blake in MK. 
I found a special Santa magic key on ebay for £1.95 I think it was 
or something like that which I thought was a fab price.
I also picked up a treats for Santa and Rudolph tray
so that we can put out Milk and a mince pie and a carrot before bed. 

I  ordered a copy of Mickey's Once Upon A Time from Amazon for us to watch
on Christmas Eve. 

The works have a fab selection of books and for the Christmas Eve basket we had to have 
"The Night Before Christmas" to read to him right before bed. 

Then we have this cute little snowman toy which he got from 
the Children's center Christmas party which I just thought was sweet to include. 

I picked out some reindeer antlers for £1.50 in a party shop. 
I am sure you'll most likely be able to find something similar from 
most pound shops. 

Last of all is a nice cosy pair of Pjs. 
These ones with a polar bear are fleece so will keep him lovely
toasty and warm when he goes to bed on Christmas Eve. 

I'm also going to include a small bar of Chocolate bar. 
So there you have it, Blake's first Christmas Eve basket. 

There are many more other items you could include too such as: 
- a craft or baking activity
- some Christmas socks or a bib
- Sticker books 
- snowman soup (hot chocolate with marshmallows)

I'd love to know your thoughts. 
Do you do this Christmas tradition? If so I'd love to know what
you include in your child/ren's basket or box. 

Comment below. 

Blake One Year

Our little boy is now ONE! 

He is more like a little boy now than a baby and that saddens me. 
He's growing up way too fast and I do miss the newborn days
of him being teeny tiny. But he''ll always be my little boy
no matter what age he is. 

Blake is now able to stand whilst holding onto furniture and with support he can take a few steps which is crazy. 
I know soon he'll be zooming away everywhere. 

We need to put up a safety gate now as a definite as I caught him in the kitchen trying to open a
cupboard the other day. 

I've managed to get some great photos of him on his special day which was tricky as he doesn't like to keep still. My favorite has to be of him in his ball pit which me and Stuart got him.
He got so many wonderful presents from everyone not just from family members but from some of his friends too.  

He loves books and will sit on our laps and listen to us read  them and also 
attempt turning the pages. 
His favorite nursery rhyme is twinkle twinkle twinkle little star which he tries to  do the actions to. 

He now has eight teeth and I think he has got some more coming through near the back as
he is dribbling loads. 

Since his last update we have been doing some great festive /non festive things. 

- We have made Christmas baubles
- Worn reindeer antlers and sang Christmas songs at baby beeps 
- Read Christmas books 
- Listened to Christmas Music
- Been to soft play for your birthday 
- Had your first birthday party on the 13th
- Been to two Christmas parties with the Children's center and the NCT. 

So overall we have had a fab month.

I'll be back with Blake's next update in June when he will be 18 months. 
I'm sure I'll  have lots to tell you about. 

Photo's To Take At Christmas

Hi everyone, so today as it is one week til Christmas Eve I am sharing with you my ideas 
of photo's to take over the festive period. 

Now you may have seen my post on photo's to take of your child's
birthday, if not you can read it here

Now Christmas is my favorite time of year which is why I am going to try and
take as many photos as possible of things that we get up to etc. 

So like with the birthday list I chose to compile a list to share with you
what I plan to take photos of this festive season. 

1. Handmade Christmas decoration 
2. Light switch on 
3. Christmas decorations
4. Christmas tree
5. Christmas cards
6. Christmas baking
7. Christmas tree lit up 
8. Cup of hot chocolate
9. Costa Christmas cup 
10. Reading Christmas books
11. Visting Santa
12. Reindeer
13. Christmas crafts
14. Christmas eve basket 
15. advent 
16. Presents under the tree
17. Santa's Milk and Mince Pie
18. flat lay of Christmas Pjs
19. wearing Christmas Pjs
20. Santa sack 
21. Holiday movie 
22. Christmas jumper
23. Opening presents
24. Christmas breakfast
25. flat lay of Christmas day outfit
26. calendar 25th December 
27. All dressed up 
28. Christmas dinner
29. Playing with toys. 
30. with family members
31. fast asleep after a busy day. 

I hope this post has giving you some ideas/inspiration of photos you can take 
around Christmas/festive time. 

If you have some more ideas feel free to let me know by commenting below.

Dear Blake

Dear Blake 
I am writing this on Tuesday the 15th  as you are fast asleep in your cot. 
Tonight you fell asleep an 11 month old and when you wake tomorrow morning you
will be ONE! 

This last year has gone so fast and its although you are going to be turning one it
feels like you have been with us forever!  I can't even remember what it was like 
before having you. 
We have been setting up the living room with your presents, decorations and balloons. 

This past year you have grown into such a sweet and caring little boy who is
also very cheeky. 
I can't wait to see your face in the morning when we go through into your room to 
see you. I know I'll get to see that cheeky little grin and hear you squeal with excitement as you do every morning. 

I am also looking forward to the fact that you will get to have a fun filled
special day with the people who are important to you. 
We will be spending the morning in doors with Daddy and your Nanny Lesley and Great Nanny Shirley will coming over to see you and bring over your gifts.
We are also going to do you a special buffet lunch for your birthday and then we
are planning to go to a soft play area which I hope you will enjoy. 
In the evening we are doing your favorite for dinner Daddy's homemade fish pie. 
We will even let you watch extra episodes of In the night garden for you since
its your special day and we know that's your favorite. 

We love you so much Blake

Happy 1st Birthday Blake. 

Lots of Love


Our Christmas Traditions

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There are so many exciting Christmas traditions to get involved in when you become a parent. 

Here are our Christmas traditions.
 Some we are waiting for Blake to be a little
older so he can understand and others are what we are planning to do or have done this year. 

- Christmas light switch on
- Visit Santa
- See some reindeer 
- Make Christmas cards/crafts
- Watch Christmas films
- Decorate the tree
- Listen to Christmas music
- Read Christmas books
- Christmas Eve basket you can see what's in Blake's here. 
- Sensory activity such as pretend snow
- elf door
-elf on a shelf
- Make or decorate and gingerbread house 
- Go to see a panto 
- leave out mince pie, milk and carrot for Santa on Christmas Eve
  - book advent 
- Scatter reindeer food 
- Put up Santa's magic key 
- Read the nativity story 
- Read the Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve 
- Special Christmas day breakfast
- Open a little present 
- Magic sleeping potion 
- Photo checklist
- Santa's footprints
- Christmas baking. 

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How Becoming a Mum has changed Christmas

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Blake was only nine days old last Christmas but even so I have noticed how Christmas
changes when you have a child.

So here is How being a Mum has changed Christmas:

I have always been very good with planning ahead but
now I am a Mum I plan even more in advance than I use to. 
I also plan a lot more things such as activities and things to do with Blake. 

The Christmas Tree
When you have a Christmas tree when you have a child 
you have child proof it! 
We had to chuck out our old Christmas baubles which are made
of glass and swapped for plastic ones.
If you do have a special Christmas decoration made from glass or ceramic than its best to place it near the top of the tree. 
Also from next year I have a feeling a stair gate around the tree will be needed. 

Getting up earlier
Gone are the days of being able to lay in bed on Christmas morning with a cup 
of coffee, a selection box whilst opening presents at 9am. 
When you have a child you wake up when they wake up. 
Last Christmas we were up at 7am feeding Blake after not having
much sleep at all. 

Drinking Less
I'm not a big drinker anyway so when I do drink it
effects me more. I use to drink more at Christmas than anytime
of year. I don't feel the need to drink much or if at all now. 
This year I'll be seen drinking Dr Pepper or a J2O. 

Enjoying things more
Having a child makes Christmas more exciting and enjoy the whole Christmas 
spirit a lot more than you do when you don't have a child. 
I look forward to watching Christmas films, listen to Christmas music, decorating the tree
and other festive activities a lot more. 
Lets face it as parents we look forward to taking our child to Santa 
and probably enjoy it a lot more than they do. 
There is also nothing better than doing special Christmas traditions such as 
a Christmas eve basket for your child/ren as well. 

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