Leapfrog count along til #Review

I'm starting to try and get Blake more into his role play toys and trying to get him to enjoy using his imagination more. From a young age Blake has had his own toy phone and we got him his own toy kitchen for his 2nd birthday. He even has the Leapfrog number loving oven which he loves playing with. We recently got sent the Leapfrog count along till which I knew would be a hit with him.

The Leapfrog count along till comes with 8 colorful food pieces, 10 coins and a shopping card. When you press the buttons on the till it talks about the colors as well as numbers and counting. In total the till says over 50 phrases and educational songs to help aid with learning. 

When you have "scanned" the items press the total button and the till will tell you how many coins the total is. You can either put the coins through the little slot as a self service till or if you press the red button it opens up the till so it can be used when playing with others as a shopkeeper/customer scenario. At the side of the screen is a slot for swiping the card for card transactions or i guess can be used a reward me card.

The count along till like all of the Leapfrog toys Blake owns has two volume settings. The till also takes 3x AAA batteries which are also included. 

Blake loves the till with its cheery voice and loves scanning his shopping. I am hoping that the toy will also help to encourage him with his speech as well as color and number recognition and counting skills. 

The Leapfrog count along till retails at £19.99 and sold in most well known toy shops and Amazon. 

Mummy and Me : March

I have to confess that this month we really haven't got up to as much as I would have liked to. Our day to day has been rather boring with nothing really interesting going on. 

Something I haven't mentioned much here is that Blake is slightly behind in his development. He has speech delay and so was referred for a hearing test in which he passed and has now been discharged from. The next step is more appointments with the speech therapist. The health visitor when we had his 27 month review is concerned with some of his other areas of development. So we are looking into potentially putting Blake into pre-school as she feels that this will benefit him. 

On the plus side Blake has started to say a few more words and is able to tell us when he needs his nappy changing. I'm putting potty training off a little longer as I feel he isn't fully ready yet however I can see it being something that we will start to introduce before the end of the year.

Mothers day yesterday was lovely and relaxed we got out doors for a walk and a trip to the park so Blake could run off some steam. I was blessed with such a lovely present and card and a glass of rose before bed was a lovely much needed treat. 

I am looking forward to what April will bring as there are some Easter events happening locally which I am planning to take Blake to.

Living Arrows 13/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  by Kahlil Gibran

This photo to me sums up what Blake has been like this week. He's been a totally whirl wind running around constantly, craving attention and being very cheeky. I've found he's been getting bored of toys this week so I think it's time to do a toy rotation and come up with some planned activities for us to do together. The weather has been a bit unpredictable this week with some days being warm, sunny with blue skys and then the next its been a bit chilly with rain and dull skys. Blake is certainly a child who loves being outdoors and so I really am looking forward to the more warmer weather so that we can get out and about more with him. 

The Ordinary Moments : Mothers Day

With today being Mothers Day I find it a great time to reflect and be thankful for my Mum. 
Even though I haven't seen her today knowing that I got her a card and a gift that I knew she wanted brings a smile to my face.

Since becoming a Mum myself I have certainly realised about how much my Mum has done over the years, not just for me but my sister too and now Blake. Blake adores his Nanny and she adores him and I so love seeing them together giggling, playing cars, drawing etc. 

From the moment back in April 2014 when I found out I was pregnant my life changed. 
It changed even more so when Blake was born, I knew it would of course and I knew that being a Mum was going to be hard work. However I never knew how hard it would be but also how much love that I could possibly feel, it really is overwhelming. 

We have good days and bad days (especially with the terrible twos), however the good days certainly out weigh the bad days. No mum is perfect and I am far from it however I do try my damn hardest to be the best Mum I can be. 

Today we have had a rather relaxed one as Blake decided to wake up at 4am (technically 3am) and it kind of threw us as he very rarely wakes in the night. He decided that it was playtime at around 6am and so we had to get him up as he decided it must have his milk and cheerios too. 

We went out for a little walk today and Stuart cooked me a lovely meal this evening. I am so thankful for the gift from Blake (and Stuart) for Mothers day a gorgeous Mum charm to add to my Chamilia bracelet. I love sentimental gifts like this which I will be able to treasure forever. 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Mothers day whatever you have got up to. 
For those who have lost a mother, for those who have lost a child and for those of you who long to be a Mum you are not forgotten. My thoughts are with you especially today. 

Kaercher SC3 Steam Cleaner #Review

Cleaning when you have a toddler making a mess in the other room can be rather tricky. Even though I have a cleaning kit and enjoy doing the spring clean in general I hate doing the chores and find them so mundane and boring. 

We have used a steam cleaner in the past and loved it, however our new steamer the Kaercher SC3 is on another level. The Kaercher SC3  is a 100% chemical free tool with no scrubbing necessary with outstanding results each time we have used it, its now an essential cleaning tool in our home. 

We first tested out the Kaercher SC3  when cleaning our kitchen and were so impressed with the results. Our stove top was looking less than satisfactory before hand but after one use it was clean and shiny like it should be. One of the reasons why I had put off cleaning it was that the products that I used in the past made the job take much longer and with a lot more effort. 

Our next job was using the steamer to clean our floors. The Kaercher SC3 can be used on nearly all hard surfaces but not carpets which is the only downside. However the only carpets in our home are in the bedrooms so definitely not too much of an issue. 

Our kitchen is the worst in our home as it gets dirty so quickly and so I was glad to find that the Kaercher SC3 removes stains quickly and effectively on all the hard floors in our home which was a relief when it comes to the kitchen. 

One of the rooms I was looking forward to testing the Kaercher SC3 was the bathroom. I hate cleaning our white bathroom tiles and I find that we get mould in there often and am constantly having to use a mould spray which I don't like as its full of chemicals. 


As you can see in the before photo the tiles were starting to go a little black due to mould and mildew and usually I would use a tooth brush to clean it which would take me a good while of scrubbing. As you can see in the after photo our tiles are now white and clean this is with just one use with the Kaercher SC3. 

When cleaning the bathroom I noticed that our shower head was starting to go a bit yucky. 
Now I clean it regularly by wrapping the shower head in a sandwich bag with white vinegar tied with an elastic band. This does work really well when left for a good few hours however you as you can see in the photos below the Kaercher SC3  cleans it so well without having to wait. 



Overall the Kaercher SC3 helps us to get the job done on a much more quicker level and of a more higher standard. The Kaercher SC3 is also really light weight, small in size so easy to store as well as being simple to use. 


- Childproof safety lock 
- Safety valve
- Steam flow regulation, on handle
- Integrated funnel 
- Floor cleaning kit, Comfort + 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes
- Equipment, Manual nozzle, detail nozzle, round brush
- Terry floor cloth
- Terry cloth cover for hand tool
- Descaler cartridge
- parking position
- Steam hose with gun 
- Detail nozzle
- Hand tool
- Round brush
- Integrated on/off switch 
- 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes

My Cleaning kit

With the other day being the first day of spring for me I like to start giving our home a good spring clean. I wanted to share with you today my cleaning kit of the cleaning products and tools I like to use around the home. It's also important to make sure you aren't making these 6 bad cleaning habits.

Now you may not want/need all of the items I use. You may want to or you may want to use some of them or different products altogether its really up to you. 

Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning products I am not brand loyal and tend to use whatever is on offer. I've even started to like the idea of making my own to save us even more money but I think that calls for a separate post.

Below are some of the products I use: 

Multipurpose cleaner
This is a must in my cleaning kit as you can use it on a wide range of different surfaces and doesn't have to be used in one set room like some products are. The current two I am currently using are Amway multipurpose cleaner and the Method multipurpose surface cleaner.  

Oven cleaner
Cleaning the oven is one of the jobs I hate the most.  So having a good cleaner to help me out is a must. Again the Amway one is the one I'm currently using but I have used various other brands too.  

Cleaning wipes
Cleaning wipes are so handy to have around the home but also for when you are going away they are great for packing away in your bag. Amway do a handy box of x4 packs of 24 wipes. I also like the ones from Aldi which you can get in lemon and apple scents. 

Washing up liquid and hand wash
I use the ones from Method at current. I'm really loving the brand and the fact that they have no chemical nasties and they don't test on animals. Currently they are collaborating with ink evangelist, Johanna Basford on a beautiful new limited-edition range. Designed to bring colour to your home and a smile to your nose, the new Hummingbird Garden collection is perfect. 

Toilet cleaners
The main brands I use a Harpic and most recently ACE who now do toilet cleaning gels as well as their stain removers for keeping your clothes clean and stain free.

Magic Sponge Eraser 
These are so handy to have in my cleaning kit as its great at cleaning walls especially if you have a toddler who gets crayon happy around the home. I just picked up a pack from my local Poundland however I am sure most places sell them. 

I use to store all my cleaning products randomly under the sink. However in my attempt to be more organised I picked up this cleaning caddy in Aldi for £3.99 which is what I store the majority of my cleaning products and a few tools in. This means that I have everything I need and all I have to do is grab and go. 

Having a good selection of cleaning tools is a must and I have a wide varity that I like to use. Some may not been essential as you may just need a bit elbow grease however I think they are all amazing products which I fully recommend. 

I like to have a good selection of cloths to hand. I always have a selection of Microfiber ones which I picked up from Poundland and are in lovely bright colors. I also have a selection of multipurpose cloths from both Poundland and Bizzy bee. When I am done using cloths all i have to do is throw them into the washing machine. 

Gloves when cleaning are ideal for protecting your hands and Bizzy Bee have a whole range of different ones.

Bit of a random one but I like to use an old toothbrush in my kit so that I can get into the smaller areas that are in need of a good scrub. 

I've recently started using a squeegee and use this one from OXO. It's now an essential tool for cleaning the glass door of our shower. It's great at removing excess water to prevent mold and water marks. 

Extendable tub and tile scrubber
Again from OXO this extendable tub and tile scrubber is ideal for getting into corners as well as around the toilet and areas that I find hard to reach, It extends  from 66cm to 106cm meaning if  I need to reach the ceiling I can do very simply. 

A good hoover is a must and we have the Dyson DC40 which we purchased just over a year ago now.  We have used other brands and have found them to not last long and are nowhere near as good. It's the same one Appliance Hunter talk about in his guide to upright vacuums. A good hoover is a must and we have the Dyson DC40 which we purchased just over a year ago now.

Mini Vac
The Kobold VC100 is a handheld vacuum cleaner that weighs the same as two cans of Coke. It's easy to handle and recharge, it's also compact too so you don't have to be worried about space. This vacuum has been a god send for us for cleaning up after Blake has eaten or when we just need to hoover a small area. I never thought I'd need a mini vac before but for me it really is worthwhile having. 

The Karcher SC3 Is a steamer with a refillable water tank that provides the option for non-stop steam to give you a continuous deep clean. This model also features an innovative flow heater system, meaning steam can be generated in just 30 seconds. The SC3 also features accessories such as the ergonomically designed floor nozzle and the “round brush” attachment, capable of cleaning intricate areas and perfect for the kitchen or bathroom. I am in love with this steamer although we had it very briefly it works so much better than our previous steamer as well as being easy to use. 

So there you have it my cleaning kit which features the cleaning products and tools I like to use.  Whats in your cleaning kit? Will you be doing a deep spring clean soon?

My Top Mum Moments

With Mothers Day in the UK fast approaching (26th March) I'm excited to celebrate my 3rd Mothers Day as a Mummy. I love being a Mum, although hard work and some days I want to tear my hair out being a Mum is bloody amazing. 

Truprint have asked me to put together my top Mum Moments so far. There have been so many amazing Mum Moments and it was hard to pick and asking me to put them in order would be out of the question. 

Before Blake was born

From peeing on the stick that revealed that I was pregnant to feeling kicks and movements, 
pregnancy for me was something I really enjoyed (even though there a few moments in pregnancy I didn't enjoy much). The moments during pregnancy are just as precious as the moments when your little one is in your arms as they are in your heart always.

Meeting Blake for the first time

I had a long labour which resulted in an emergency C-section, however from the moment I laid eyes on Blake for the first time I felt a wave of pure full on instant love. Meeting Blake for the first time is a memory that will never fade. I am so glad that Stuart captured photos of my first cuddles with Blake whilst I was in recovery. 

My First Mothers Day

Whilst I was pregnant I didn't get to celebrate Mothers Day as I didn't know of my pregnancy at the time. I think as a Mum your first Mothers Day is always going to be a special one. 
We mainly spent the day at home just relaxing and enjoying time together however we did pop out for a spot of lunch. 

Blake's Christening
Blake being Christened was a special day for us all. However for me I found it extra special as I had chosen the closest date that I could to my late Dad's birthday as a special memory of him. 

Our First Family Holiday 
Stuart was 30 in September 2015 and so we went on our first little holiday and spent a few days away in the Isle of Wight. 

Christmas is definitely more magical when you have children. Blake was only 9 days old when he had his first Christmas, however his second Christmas was special and we got enjoy memories of visiting Santa, opening gifts and having a fun but relaxed day together as a family. Christmas with children for me is so important to capture and we did the same exciting traditions for his 3rd Christmas and am sure the same will be for all his childhood Christmases. 

Blake's First Birthday 
Another magical memory for us was celebrating Blake turn one. I loved planning Blake's birthday and he had such a lovely day. 

In the Night Garden Live
Seeing Blake love something so much is magical and even more so when you get to see the show he loves live and meet his favourite Character Iggle Piggle. 

First Holiday Abroad 
Blake loved our holiday in Cape Verde and being able to make special memories with him was truly amazing. He was such a happy little boy and loved being able to go swimming everyday. 

Living Arrows- 12/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”  by Kahlil Gibran

With a busy week with Blake having a hearing test appointment and also his 27 month review I can safely say its nice to share some of the photos I managed to take this week. 

The first one of Blake I love as he was just relaxed and chilled out watching tv whilst sat on sofa. I love moments like these with him as he is so cuddly and affectionate. 

 This photo was taken of Blake whilst we were waiting for his 27 month review. Blake decided that the chair was a car,I do love how imaginative children are. 

The third photo just shows Blake's cheekiness, we were out for a drink with my mother in law and Blake sat at the table like a big boy but within seconds of this photo being taken he was running around like the wind around the place and just being so cheeky getting us to chase him and giggling away. 

Living Arrows

The Ordinary Moments - Beauty & the Beast, movie days and & appointments

This week has rather been a busy one with quite a few bits going on for us. 
The week began with Blake going for a hearing test Monday afternoon which he passed and is now discharged from. Blake at current has a bit of a speech delay and so they wanted to rule out any hearing issues especially with myself being hard of hearing and my mother being deaf too. 

Blake also had his 27 month review with our health visitor this week. He is still slightly behind on a few things but has improved too. She thinks that he will benefit with starting pre-school which we need to look more into as we believe he wont be entitled to free funding until he is 3 so need to look into it a bit more to see if it something we can afford to do ourselves. 

Pretending to drive a car

Yesterday we headed to Milton Keynes where Stuart and I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast film. I really enjoyed myself even though Stuart ate most of the popcorn. 
Blake got to spend time with his Nanny (my mum), auntie (my sister) and uncle whilst we saw the film and popped in a few shops before the film was due to start. 

This afternoon we are going to have a rather relaxed one watching films together. 
The other day I picked up both The secret life of pets and Zootropolis from the library for us to watch so that is the plan for our afternoon. 

The Ordinary Moments

Did I make the right decision? How to cope with constant decision-making as a parent

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of being a parent is the constant struggle to make good decisions, as these often affect not only yourself, but also your little one or even your family as a whole. The number of decisions I have to make on a day-to-day basis is always big, varying from small ones (e.g. should I let Blake have chocolate?), to the bigger and more difficult ones, (e.g. choosing Blake’s nursery or deciding whether we would be better off moving to a bigger house at some point). Worrying about what is the right thing to do or whether I made the right decision can be emotionally overwhelming in the life of a parent.
So this made me thinking: How can I feel confident that I'm making the right decisions? What can a parent do to cope with this kind of stress? Here are a few strategies that I came up with based on a little bit of research and my own experience

Seek support from the people that are involved with you in caring for your child

It is important to remember that you are not on your own when it comes to making important decisions that will affect you and your family. Be it for your partner, your mum or your child’s teacher, you can always give and receive support in the decision-making process, by establishing an effective partnership with the other adults that are involved.

Seek advice
There is nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know everything, especially when you have to make decisions that affect your child. We might often think that as parents our role is to ‘know everything’ or at least that’s how our kids like to think (or even what we'd like them to think!) But really, recognising our own limitations and seeking advice whenever we feel out-of-depth is conscious parenting and there are several resources we can turn to for guidance and support.
Consulting your GP, your child’s health visitor or nursery teacher might seem like an obvious option for most of us, but there are other resources available that we may not make enough use of, including consulting a counsellor (especially when it feels like the responsibility of being a parent leaves us a bit overwhelmed!). 
Sometimes, however, there are factors affecting our decisions that we can’t possibly know (like, whether this nursery will eventually turn out to be the best option for Blake). I find it useful to consult an experienced clairvoyant whenever I am faced with questions, like ‘is this the right period to make this important change to my family’s life?’ or whenever I feel that there are more things I should know before making a decision. Α clairvoyant is a sort of a spiritual professional, able to see people, objects or situations that most of us don’t. Because of these professionals' spiritual ability and their training, clairvoyant readings provide askers with information that may even transcend time, allowing you to learn about the past, present or future events in relation to your worries.
Consulting a professional gives me reassurance and an added perspective, while it also gives me this much-needed space to reflect on my life, my goals and the decisions I have already made.

Don’t be so afraid to make mistakes (and give yourself credit for all the good decisions you make)

And last but not least, it’s important to remember that all parents make mistakes – it’s only normal to make mistakes from time to time. It’s also very normal to worry about it (in fact, the very fact that you worry and seek advice and support means that you’re probably already doing your best!). But, no matter how much you try to make all the good decisions, there is no such thing as a perfect parent! Remember that decision-making is such a big part of a parent’s daily life, that it’s impossible to avoid making some not-so-good decisions on the way. For every wrong decision that you think you have made, there are dozens of good decisions that you successfully make each day. So, do give yourself some credit!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

This year Mothers Day falls on Sunday 26th March. As that's not very long to go and because lets face it sometimes we all just need a little inspiration, I have compiled a gift guide of some items that would make some great gifts this year. Some of the items are great if you are on a budget and some are slightly higher if you are looking to spend a little more. 

Chocolate Treats

Chocolate may be seen as a bit of a fail safe gift idea but lets be honest here not many Mums will say no to chocolate. 

Introducing Posh Choc Nibbles! The best selling ‘Original Choc Nibbles’ have been all poshed up. A new classy combination of chocolate, caramel, biscuit and nuts covered in smooth milk chocolate and now available in 185g bags, exclusively at B&M Stores across the UK. They are a truly Delicious treat and very moreish in fact Blake was keen to get them open as soon as our pack arrived. 

Another chocolate treat is a personalised chocolate bar which you can purchase from born gifted. They have many different designs,this cute floral bird design chocolate bar is a fantastic way to tell that special someone that you care. You can choose a special personalised little message on the bar. The bar is milk chocolate and weighs 100g  and at £4.99 its a great price too. 

One of my favorite box of chocolates that is ideal for an occasional treat such as mothers day is Guylian. Their ironic praline seashell chocolates never fail to disappoint. They are made from only the finest Mediterranean hazelnuts which are roasted and caramelised to perfection before being blended with premium Belgian chocolate.  A 250g box retails at £5, however you can purchase a bigger 375g box for £7 as well. 

Coffee lovers

If the lady in your life is a coffee drinker and she loves stopping off into places such as Costa or Starbucks,  for flavored coffees than why not give her the gift of being able to enjoy some flavored coffee at home with MONIN premium syrups. The selection gift set contains five delicious flavours: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Caramel and Chocolate Cookie.
 as well as a recipe card full of tempting coffees and milkshakes to try at home.The MONIN gift sets are available to purchase from Amazon and Twinings for £9.49.

Bubbly Treat 

This Mother’s Day, you can show your mum how much she means to you with the gift of a whole year of sparkling wine, delivered directly to her door. The Bubble box  gives Mums the chance to enjoy a bit of fizz from small producers that you won’t find anywhere else, along with new mixers, liqueurs, chocolates, snacks and other treats in a lovely surprise box which can be delivered either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.


If the person in your life loves make up or even skincare items and you want to give them some new little treats this Mothers day than they will love the following.

Jelly Belly Lip Balms have a creamy formula which glides across your lips glazing them with a sweet and glossy finish. These balms will moisturise your lips and provide you with the taste of your favourite sweet treat, Yum!

Sleek is a brand I've not used in awhile and I have no idea why not. Sleek makeup have a selection of eyeshadow palettes that are perfect gifts. All Night Long is a neutral palette with 12 highly pigmented shades. Perfect for every day use on any skin tone and can be exaggerated for the night time.They also sell a fab range of lip glosses including matte ones which I am really into at the moment. 

Tangle Angel are a super cool and fun hairbrush brand, specialising in detangling both wet and dry hair. They come in adult size. cherub size and even a mini key ring. They have a huge range of styles and colours available, meaning there's a style to suit everyone. They've also launched a range of Shine Angels, the professional radial styling brushes, that promise to leave hair shiny, bouncy and full of volume after blow drying. These make the perfect gift for all mums in need of a little TLC! The Tangle Angle really does work wonders at getting rid of tangles so my hair feels smooth and looks good too. 

 Lacura, Aldi's beauty brand have a fab selection of items that make suitable gifts. Available from Thursday the 16th you can find a whole range of items that will make amazing budget gifts. The below is a sneak peak at some the selection on offer: 

-Caviar Illumination Super Lift Gel Set
-Lacura Caviar Illumination Eye Care Roll-On
- Little Secret Eau de Parfum

They are great products and as they are such fab prices you could even by a selection to make Mum a hamper. I've not used Aldi beauty items before but I'll definitely be using more of their products in the future. 

Give your mum a gift of relaxation this year with Malki Dead Sea aromatherapy bath salts with frankincense oil & rose petals. £6.85 from Boots. This a delightful aromatherapy treat without needing to go to a spa. Just scoop some bath salts into your running bath water and then lay down and relax enjoying the scent and pure relaxation. 

How cute are these bath fancies from Patisserie De Bain they look edible but are in fact a perfect bath treat for Mums. The set of 3 are in rose scent and are the perfect relaxing treat. 

Pretty Jewelry
Jewelry tends to be another popular item when it comes to gifts for Mothers Day.

I adore this gorgeous floral heart pendant from Silverbubble. Silver Bubble is a small, independent business run by Heidi. This heart shaped small silver flower pendant with gorgeous blue Forget-me-nots makes a mothers day gift to treasure. RRP: £10 or £21 with a chain in your choice of length. 

Little gifts

Little gifts that are given with thought can often be the gifts that mums and grandmothers love the most. 

This Thermos is an ideal gift for busy Mums on the go to keep their coffee/tea/soup warm whilst dashing around. The Thermos comes with a 50 year guarantee , BPA free and made from durable stainless steel.

Itty Bittyss (Hallmark's mini plush toys) are released under various collections, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and Snoopy, Wizard Of Oz, DC Comics, Scooby-Doo and many more. Perfect for mothers day is the super cute and totally true Wonder Woman for all the wonder women mum's out there! Most of the collection of Itty Bittys are available on Amazon, they're also available in store at Toys R Us and selected independent stockists priced at £6 each. We got some at Christmas and Blake loved them, however they also make fab little gifts for Mum's. 

Matalan is a place you need to check out, they have a whole range of items that are great prices that are suitable as Mothers Day gifts. Here is just a few items of what they have to offer. 

This floral hanging cushion is only £3. In pink with slogan that reads 'Nan brings happiness in many different ways dearly loved and admired each and every day'. Dimensions: 19cm x 14cm. It's such a sweet little gift for your Nan. I'll be giving this to my mum from Blake who i know will love it. 

Photo frames are also a great gift idea. This wooden 4 aperture rotating photo frame is only £6. Dimensions 29cm x 17cm. Holds photos: 6cm x 6cm. The frame is excellent quality and you can make the gift more personal by popping your own photos in. 

If your mum doesn't mind a glass of wine why not include this "Best Mum" wine glass for £4. I adore the floral and polka dot design and it's now my favorite glass for when I have a glass of rose. It's not dishwasher safe but as it's such a gorgeous print for me it doesn't matter to much.

Summer fun 
Thinking ahead to the summer with days out and picnics. I came across this gorgeous print 
Joules Pinic rug and lunch bag from Amara who sell a wide range of luxury gifts and home items. Both the Picnic rug and lunch bag feature an eye-catching floral print against a grey background. The picnic rugs soft surface is perfect for enjoying a delicious picnic with friends and family and is finished with a water resistant backing for any damp grounds. Completed with a carry strap to easily fold away and manoeuvre. I'm so looking forward to getting loads of use out of it.  The lunch bag is perfect for taking my lunch with me when out and about. The floral pattern adds a feminine touch and the foil lining ensures my contents remain cool. It's easy to carry to thanks to its carry handle. 

Foot Spa

Help the Mum who is always on the go with this relaxing HoMedics foldaway foot spa
Finding time to visit a spa and really relax is something you have to really plan for.
So why not gift this HoMedics foldaway foot spa meaning Mum can use her spare time to have a bit of a pamper. The great thing about the foldaway foot spa is that you no longer have to worry about it taking up space as it folds flat to store away with no fuss. 
Keeping a foot spa at home is not only a good way to unwind without having to open your purse, it's also the perfect way to alleviate built up stress and anxiety, and provides relief from common foot ailments. 

The gift of sleep

As a Mum I know perfectly well that sleep can be limited and that us Mum's really aren't getting the sleep we need. The S+ is the world’s first non-contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking system, which features patent-protected SleepSensor technology. It makes it possible to track, analyse and improve sleep at home without a wristband, electrodes or mattress strips. The S+ is available at the price of £129.95 from Amazon and John Lewis, where you can find more information. There will be a full review coming up from me shortly. 

So there you have it, a wide selection of gifts that are perfect for Mothers day. Do you have plans for Mothers Day this year?