August #LittleLoves

August seems to have flown by. I think because we had just under a week visiting family and then this week we've had our garden done it's broken up the month a bit. So it's made it seem to have gone faster than usual. Next week Blake will be starting school so this weekend I need to start washing and then labeling all his uniform, shoes etc.

Right lets get into what I've been loving this month.

I've just finished reading my 6th book of the month and I've had a good mix. One of my reading goals I've set recently is to read more classics so you will see one featured this month and mostly more soon too.

Something to tell you by Lucy Diamond 

An easy read which tells the story of frankie who's mother passed away.  She finds a letter that was hidden that reveals who her Dad is. So she decides to go and meet him.

I looked away by Jane Corey 

The story is about Ellie (grandmother to josh) and this tells her life story. From losing her mum as a child, her father remarrying , gaining a baby brother  and an accident that changes everything. Along with her meeting her husband and having her own family. The book also follows a homeless lady called Jo and their stories tie together. This is a book that takles both topics of homelessness and PTSD.

If you could go anywhere by Paige Toon

I picked this up as it's a summery read. Angie has always wanted to travel but at 29 she still hasn't left her small mineing town. Ready to go travelling after her mother has died Angie has a shock when finding a letter hidden addressed to the father she has never known. As Angie sets off on her journey to find the truth – about her family, her past and who she really is – will enigmatic stranger Alessandro help guide the way?

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
I've now got a list of classics I want to read and I decided to pick up Wuthering Heights  first. On reviews I've read there certainly seems to be a good mix of thoughts and I definitely feel it's a marmite of books with some loving it and others not so much. I am the former and really enjoyed this dark read.

The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright 
This is such a fun and easy read. The story tells of 3 bloggers and their fight to win a  blig award. Some of them do such crazy things to try and win. 

My last read is actually for a book tour I'm part of and isn't available until next week. All I'll reveal is that it's a great debut crime novel so if you are interested come back to my blog on wednesday to find out more on this new release.


 I've hardly watched anything on netflix this month. I'm definitely upping my game for September though.

Workin Mums season  2
The Letdown season 2 

Christopher Robin
If you love winnie the pooh than Christopher Robin is a must see. It's been out for awhile now and I've finally got around to watching it.


This month my sister had a gender reveal party and I heard that she is team blue and having her own little boy. I'm so incredibly excited for 2020 and meeting him.


The summer outfits have been out and I've had a chance to wear maxi dresses quite a bit. 

Quite a few crafts this month. We were lucky to receive the crafty little learners box at the end of July. We've been doing a lot of rainbow themed crafts as that was the theme of the month. We also made our own carnivorous garden although I'm disappointed to say nothing has grown yet.


We have had the garden done. It's mainly new concrete with a small grass area and we are going to get some planters and once we've got the garden how we want it I'll share a post but here is a sneak peek for now. 

Silk'n Infinity | An update

Over the last few months I've been giving the Silk'n Infinity laser hair removal device a go.  Having PCOS means having to shave regularly due to excess hair which was really getting annoying. 

I've tried many hair removal methods over the years shaving, waxing and hair removal cream and even threading on my chin and the hair has always grown back fast. 

So I opted to try out the Silk'n Infinity which can be used on many areas of your body to remove unwanted hair.Using world-renowned HPL technology with Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy. 

The typical treatment plan is as follows:
Treatments 1-4  plan 2 weeks apart 
Treatments 5-7  plan 4 weeks apart
Treatments  8 + treat as needed.

Currently I have completed treatment 4 and wanted to talk about how I am getting on with using the device. The main areas I've been trialling it out on are my legs, underarms and chin. 

Prior to using the Silk'n Infinity the area you are treating should be shaved, clean, dry and free of any powders, deodorants and antiperspirant. It's also important to avoid using on any areas where you have any tattoos, moles and marks on the skin that shouldn't be treated. An example of this is that I have a scar from where i cut myself shaving awhile ago so I avoid this area.

The Silk'n Infinity device is easy to use and I like that you can change the intensity from 1 to 5 so that you can work out what is comfortable for you. I advise using 1 to start with especially if you are new to laser hair removal like myself and to also test a small area. 

The device when using makes a zapping sound with each pulse and you can hear the cooling fan inside. This didn't bother me at all. I would describe it as a tingly and warm feeling which doesn't hurt. I have found in some areas such as my chin it was a little uncomfortable but definitely wouldn't say it hurts. 

So far I've seen a bit of a difference in hair growth however The typical full hair growth cycle may take 18 to 24 months. So I'm expecting that it's going to take using the device for longer than I currently have to see any major difference. I'll be sharing my results in my next post.

* I've been gifted the Silk'n Infinity in exchange for trialling and reviewing. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Starting School Essentials

I can hardly believe how fast time has flown by and that Blake will be starting primary school next month. We are nearly all sorted with all the bits we need for him and so I am sharing with you the essentials for starting school. This post features a mixture of items we have purchased ourselves and items with a * were kindly  gifted to us for the purpose of this post.

The uniform can be expensive however we are lucky that we only needed a few items that have the school logo on (jumper, pe bag and book bag). The rest of Blake's uniform: polo shirt, trousers, plain white t-shirt, PE shorts and socks we all got from Asda. Supermarkets are great for cheap school uniform pieces and we opted with Asda on the reccomendation of a friend.

Another pricey item and definitely an item we've spent the most on. We opted to go to Clark's as we've always got Blake shoes from there. The shoes in particular we went for are funnily enough called Blake Street and look great quality so I'm really hoping they will last.

New Coat
We currently don't need a new coat for Blake. However when he does we will be popping into our local supermarket as we've never had any issues with supermarket coats before.

*Pencil case and Stationery
Smiggle are a great company that sell many back to school products. Smiggle are known for their fun and quirky stationery that are in bright and colourful designs. Smiggle have some great pencil case and stationery options for back to school. 

If you are looking for a regular water bottle with a funky design Smiggle is the place to go. Or if you are wanting a personalised design than giftpup sell a range of different designs of aluminium bottles. This moon and stars design is perfect for Blake.

Blake is only doing part time at school to begin with and when he moves on to full time school we are hoping to do school meals to get him more into trying new foods. However it's handy to have a lunch box just incase. Smiggle do a wonderful range including stacking box ones like the one below to give you an idea.

A backpack is definitely an essential for keeping all your childs school bits together. Ours is again from Smiggle and is the Royal blue design. Smiggle have so many different designs including travel bags on wheels so definitely check out their selection. 

*Name lables
Once you have all your child/rens school bits together than you must label them. To make labelling items much easier Bright Star Kids sell label packs. In the designer school labels pack you'll get a mixture of stick on labels, iron on clothing labels, subject labels and shoes labels. Bright star kids also sell handy custom bag tags  that are incredibly durable and waterproof.

*Snacks and drinks
Because children come out of school ravenous taking a snack and a drink for them when they come out is a good idea. These granola bars from MadeGood have launched in the UK recently and they are the FIRST EVER totally allergen free granola snack bar. They not just perfect snack for after school but are ideal for lunch boxes too. There are 3 different flavours: chocolate chip, chocolate banana and mixed berry which are sold in Asda.

As for drinks Get More Vits sell a range of flavoured water that have the daily dose of vitamins needed aswell as keeping your child hydrated.  Even better is that they are also sugar free.

* Kleenex pocket tissues

Popping a pack of pocket tissues in your childs bag as well as in your own is a good idea. Kids catch all sorts of bugs so you will probably find you are dealing with snotty noses often. You may also need them yourself on your childs first day of school I know I will.

* Headlice products

It’s probably inevitable that your child may catch nits at some point. So it's handy to have some emergency treatment in the cupboard just in case. Hedrin all in one shampoo and Hedrin protect and go spray have been shown to be effective at killing headlice along with their nit combs. 

Silk'n Tightra | An update

Over the past 2 weeks I've been trying out the Silk'n Tightra. A device aimed at helping to  prevent incontinence and to tighten and firm the vaginal muscles.

One of my regrets is not listening to my midwife about doing my pelvic floor exercises, after having Blake as I thought I'd be ok. Turns out I was wrong and it also seems that bladder weakness especially after having a child isn't really spoken about.

It's recommended to use the Silk'n Tightra device twice a week for 20 minutes and after 4-5 weeks you will get noticeable results.

Currently I'm 2 weeks in to trialling the Silk'n Tightra. You can use the device both internally and externally. It's non invasive and has different energy modes so that you can find what's comfortable to you. The Silk'n Tightra comes with intimate gel that you apply to the chrome electrodes before using.

When you first use the Silk'n Tightra device for the first time you will find that you will find an intense warm feeling which I was surprised about. I've got use to this after a couple of uses.

In my next post I'll be sharing my results after using the Silk'n Tightra for a few more weeks.

* I've been gifted the Silk'n Tightra  in exchange for trialling and reviewing. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own

My Little World | Encouraging Children's Creativity

When out and about especially when travelling to see family we need to find ways to distract Blake from the long journey. My Little World who we recently came across have created little imaginative sets for children that are ideal for those times. 

All you need is a pair of scissors as the set comes with everything else you need. The sets are aimed at children aged 5 years and over and as Blake is close to that age they are the right age range for him. There are 6 different sets to choose from and each set retails at £4.99.

Each of the sets come packaged in cardboard with a pack of 12 colouring pencils as well as a range of sheets with different buildings, vehicles and characters for your child to colour and cut out. The fun don't end there as once the sets are coloured in and cut out your child can have hours of fun playing.

I love how detailed the illustrations are and they are such a fun way for children to create different scenarios with.  The sets are also educational so children can learn something new too. The cards have little explanations of who the characters are and what they do.

For £4.99 I definitely feel you are getting your money's worth with these sets and fully reccomend them.

We were sent 4 of the sets and have kept 2 for Blake to enjoy and I've decided to giveaway the other 2 over on Facebook and Instagram so make sure you follow me if you fancy a chance of winning.

If you plan on ordering some sets yourself you are in luck as you can get 25% off by using code " Joanna" at the checkout.

World Calligraphy Day | Giveaway

Happy World Calligraphy Day! If you missed yesterday post than please have a read on ways you can be involved with #worldcalligraphyday and #SaySomethingSpecial.

What is World Calligraphy Day?

World Calligraphy Day celebrates the art of calligraphy, hand writing, or any way or putting pen to paper and writing something special.

This is the third World Calligraphy day. It began in 2017 as a celebration set up by the Pen Museum and Manuscript Pen Company. The Pen Museum is a museum that teaches the art of calligraphy and they set up a special event for World Calligraphy day. Manuscript Pen Company specialise in calligraphy products and run competitions to mark the day.

I've been given the chance to collaborate with them and have the opportunity for someone to win a set of Aquabrush markers and a practice pad so they can enjoy learning the art of calligraphy. 

To enter complete the rafflecopter below.

Terms and conditions
-To enter you must be 16 and over
- This competition will close on 21st August 2019  at 12.00am GMT
- The winner will be chosen at random and notified via email, twitter or facebook
- If the winner doesn't reply within 30 days another winner will be drawn
- The prize will be sent from Small Man Media

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Getting involved with World Calligraphy Day

Did you know that tomorrow (Wednesday 14th August 2019) is world calligraphy day? If you follow me on facebook/Instagram than you will most likely be aware that over the past 2 months I've been getting into calligraphy.  I wanted to start learning calligraphy so added it to my 30 before 30 list and I must admit I'm finding it harder than I expected it to be.

If you love the look of beautiful writing and don't know where to begin than World Calligraphy Day is the perfect time to start. World Calligraphy Day celebrates the art of calligraphy, hand writing, or any way of putting pen to paper and writing something special.

How can I get involved?

There are a few things you can do to celebrate world calligraphy day. Why not pop to a local art store and grab some supplies? You can find some great books to help you practise lettering. There are many products you can use for lettering such as pencils,markers, dip pens and fountain pens etc. There are even some free craft project downloads available at:

Say Something Special

Why not brighten up someones day by sending someone a letter? You can for example cheer up a child in care at the Birmingham Children's Hospital by sending a letter, drawing or message. Manuscript have partnered with Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the Say Something Special campaign that allows you to do this.

Send letters to:
Say Something Special
c/o Small Man Media
2nd Floor,
6 Waterloo Road,

Take to social media

Create some wonderful calligraphy to celebrate the day and share on social media.
Simply tag @ManuscriptPenCo using the hashtags #WorldCalligraphyDay  and #SaySomethingSpecial. 

Keep an eye of these hashtags for content including top tips, video reviews, competitions and much more.

Also head back over to my blog tomorrow for a giveaway that I am running as well.

Crafty Little Learners Rainbow box

I love finding new and fun activities to do with Blake. I know some parents find it hard to come up with ideas of what to get up to especially on rainy days. This is why I love the idea of this new subscription service Crafty Little Learners. 

Two childcare professionals Nicki and Claire came up with the idea as they are passionate about children learning through play. Each box includes an original story magazine, with adorable characters created by illustrator Claire and related activities and worksheets.

We were gifted the July box which is rainbow themed. This is ideal for Blake as he absolutely loves colours.  When the box arrived we opened it up together to see what was inside. Each of the activities included are wrapped up individually so it's like opening little gifts and makes the experience more exciting. 

The first activity Blake wanted to do from the box was to do some drawing so he could use the rainbow stickers included in the box. We then moved onto having a fun game of rainbow snap. The cards are great size and I'm going to laminate them and add them to Blake's busy bag as a fun activity when we are out and about.

 There are plenty of activities included in the box to keep children busy. The rainbow mosaic magnet set was fun to do and took time as you had to peel off the back of the squares to stick them down and you then have a wonderful colourful and sparkly creation.

Some of the activities your child could do on there own. Then there are some such as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that would need an adults help. 

For £15 a month you get quite a few activities and I found that we did some of the activities over a few days which made it more exciting for Blake to choose which we would do next.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what other themes they will be doing.

*We were gifted a crafty little learners box in exchange for this review. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Two Tone Azure Rose's with Prestige Flowers

Fresh flowers in the home especially in the summer is one of my favourite things. Flowers to me always make the home feel more friendly and welcoming. 

I've never brought flowers for myself online would you believe? I tend to buy online for family members for special occasions but they can be pricey. Prestige Flowers are a great company that sells a wide range of bouquets for a wide range of occasions that aren't too pricey. They even do a luxury range of bouquets for those occasions you want to spend a bit more.

Having a look on their website I decided to opt for the stunning Two Toned Azure Rose's bouquet as it really stood out for me. The bouquet arrived beautifully presented and in perfect condition. The flowers come in a delivery box and are in a gift bag with the stems wrapped safely and enough water for them to arrive looking fresh.

The flowers are easy to arrange and they have plenty of stems to make the bouquet look full and vibrant.  

This stunning azure blue and white bouquet is one of a kind and will make an impressive feature in your home or as a gift.  The bouquet includes Azure and White Optimus Roses, White Eustoma Lisianthus, Single Tanacentum, Ruscus, Blue Veronica and White Eryngium.

The bouquet came with it's own flower food to help keep the flowers to last as long as possible. A week later and the flowers are still looking wonderful. I am very pleased with how they have turned out and will be definitely ordering from Prestige Flowers in the future. 

*I was gifted the bouquet by Prestige  Flowers in exchange for this review. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Fixing your Pelvic Floor With the Silk'n Tightra

It seems an unspoken understanding between all women that after giving birth your vagina is never the same again. I was reminded constantly from the hospital, midwife and health visitor after having Blake that I needed to do my pelvic floor exercises regularly. I was naughty and didn't do them as often as I should have done. 

This has meant that since having Blake I struggle with bladder weakness. So I have the joy's of leakage when coughing, sneezing and laughing and going on a trampoline is a no go. 

It may have been over 4 years since I've had Blake however it's not too late to try and improve my pelvic floor muscles thanks to the Silk'n Tightra device aimed at helping to  prevent incontinence and to tighten and firm the vaginal muscles.

I'm going to be trialling the Silk'n Tightra which aims to give noticeable results in only 4 -5 weeks. It's reccomend to use the device twice a week for 20 minutes for best results and  can be used both internally and externally. There are different energy modes so that you can use what's comfortable for you. 

How does the Silk'n Tightra work?

Silk’n Tightra uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency technology to tone and tighten both the vaginal walls and the pelvic floor muscles. 

The technology works by renewing the skin inside the vagina, increasing blood flow and encouraging new Elastin and Collagen fibres to be created.

Shaped like a spatula, it contains 16 gold and chrome electrodes that have been specifically created for internal use.

Who Can Use Silk’n Tightra?

 The device is not suitable to be used if you are: 
Pregnant breastfeeding, have a metal internal birth control inserted or have any abnormal medical conditions or treated for one in the last 6 months. 

I'll  be sure to update you soon with how I get on. 

The Silk'n Tightra is available at Currentbody for £229 

* I've been gifted the Silk'n Tightra  in exchange for trialling and reviewing. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

I know! Magazine

We were recently sent a copy of a brand new and exciting magazine from Redan publishing . I know! Magazine is a 38 page magazine filled with activities, fun facts and crafts to keep children busy. Aimed for adventure seekers aged 4-6 years Blake is the ideal target age for this magazine.

The magazine supports the early years curriculum framework and STEAM subjects making it not only fun but great for help support childrens learning.

You get a free gift on the cover of the magazine although be aware that if you are subscriber you wont get this. The free gift matches a  theme on the front cover which is dinosaurs with this issue.

The magazine is bright and eye catching with both illustrations and photos included. Each double spread in the magazine contains a theme and an activity to go with it.  Examples include facts about dinosaurs, upcycling and so much more.

As you can see above there is also a section for your child to potentially have their artwork featured in the magazine.  This is a fun idea and Blake attempted a butterfly with a bit of help from myself.

The magazine has a variety of activities some of our favourites include matching stickers to the correct dinosaurs, how to upcycle a plastic drinks bottle to grow your own cress and the dinosaur themed cut out backdrop and range of dinosaurs for imaginative play. 

The magazine also has a pull out world map and stickers. The stickers are numbered and you need to find where they go on the map. The map also features interesting facts such as " The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters", " Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world" and " there are more sheep than people in New Zealand". There are also gaps left for you to add more stickers which you will get in issue 2 of the magazine. 

Overall we feel it's a fun magazine to keep children occupied. Some of the activities you can do whilst out and about and others you can do  at home such as making dinosaur sandwiches. The release of the magazine has come at a good time with children being off school for summer and we've had quite a lot of rain so it's certainly kept us busy.

The magazine can be found in leading supermarkets and all good newsagents for £4.99.