This week we've been doing dinosaur related activities. You may have seen that we joined in with Dino Escape Week with Wonder Adventures which you can read about here. The event gave us something to do after school. We loved the wide range of activities to do.

I decided to keep the theme going by getting out Blake's Galt Dino Lab kit that he got from his auntie, uncle and cousins for Christmas. So yesterday Blake put on his goggles that come in the kit and we got to work on the 3 fun but simple activities that were in the kit.

Starting off we did the Excavation which was very messy. You get the the Excavation stone and tools for digging and are advised to use newspaper as it gets very messy and dusty. We actually used our tuff tray to keep the dust and mess contained. The dinosaur fossil we got was of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The next activity we used air dry clay, vegetable oil (not included) and the plastic mould to make dinosaur tracks. It was simple to do and we have left it out overnight to dry out.

The last activity is Amber slime. The photo seems to make it look green but the slime is a lovely bright orange. Blake loves slime and he managed to get his little dinosaur figure, of a triceratops out pretty fast. The set also comes with a 16 page  book which had lots of interesting information, along with the instructions for each activity in the set. 


Reading wise this month has been a great start to the new year. I've decided to not do the Popsugar reading challenge this year as the prompts just don't interest me. I have however set myself a goal to read 75 books. I've read six books this month which I feel is a great start.

Bibliophile by Jane Mount
Stuart actually gifted me this book for my 30th last June. It's such a beautiful illustrated book with many book recommendations and information. Although I've read it all in one go it's one of them coffee table style books that is great for dipping in and out of. I'll definitely be referring back to it often.


 Ad – review. I was given the opportunity to join the event for review purposes, all thoughts are my own.

This week Blake and I have been joining in with the Dino Escape Week run by Wonder Adventures.

Wonder Adventures is run by Family Nurse; wife and husband, Helen and Brett Nurse, ably assisted and all events fully tested by George, Daisy and Charlie.

Dino Escape Week couldn't have come at a better time with lockdown and quite alot of parents having to homeschool. It can be hard coming up with fun things to do with your children whilst staying home. We maybe lucky that Blake is still in school but as he is always on the go, it was great to have something fun for him to do once home from school.


January has been a long and tough month. I've felt constantly tierd and unmotivated, lockdown 3 is much harder due to the weather amongst other things. Usually I have plans of things to look forward to for the year such as days out, meals out, a holiday etc. We don't have plans this year yet as we didn't want to end up having to cancel things as we don't know if there will be more lockdowns etc. With that said there are still things I've liked and loved this month.


The Ripper 

If you are into true life crime than The Ripper is a great one to watch. It is based on the serial killer of the late 1970's named The Yorkshire Ripper.


Keeping with the crime theme I came across Reckoning which is a crime drama. 


I'm sure quite alot of you have heard of this one due to it's popularity. During the Regency era in England, eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love. 

The Bureau of magical things

A wonderful fantasty where humans and magical creatures co-exist. Teenager Kyra accidentally discovers the magical world and gains powers.

Fate The Winx Saga

Fairies attend a magical boarding school in the Otherworld, where they must learn to master their magical powers while navigating love, rivalries and the monsters that threaten their very existence.

Surviving Death

I strongly believe that when you die that you don't just disappear. I found this documentary so interesting about life after death. 


This week I finally got out the Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff  to do with Blake. We have plenty left including blue Gelli Baff and some green Slime. I'll be leaving the slime to do in the summer as I've a feeling it's going to be even messier than the Gelli Baff is.

You can do a variety of activities with both the Gelli Baff and Slime. I found some great ideas whilst looking on Instagram. I decided that as its Blake first time with the stuff a simple activity using sand moulds to make fun shapes with the Gelli Baff was the best option to help him get use to how it feels.

I leave it out so that Blake can go to and from it as he pleases. A 50g bag along with water usually makes up 12 liters of the stuff when added to 4 liters of water. We used much less for this small tub but you can use a bigger tub and of course its a great idea for using in the bath. The stuff is biodegradable too and all you have to do when finished is add more water to turn it back to liquid to dispose of. 


This week we had snow! Unfortunately Blake isn't keen on it, so it means no making snowmen for us. Blake has only experienced snow a few times now and each time he has been very upset. 

Thursday morning it started snowing and by lunch time it was coming down a lot more so school rang us to let us know that they were shutting early. He was eager to get home in the warm by the time we was almost home he  was in floods of tears.

Once he was in the warm and changed out of his uniform he was fine and loved watching the snow come down. 


What a confusing time it is right now, especially for children. Monday lots of children went back to school for one day to be told that we are back into yet another lockdown. Only children of key workers or who are vulnerable are allowed to go in. Luckily for us specialist schools are allowed to stay open too. Blake's school did close for two days to prepare and that was enough to completely confuse Blake. 

It's especially important for children like Blake who need that routine. Children with additional needs may require 24 hour care and can't simply be left alone to watch TV, as even slight things can cause a meltdown. Even a simple change of routine can cause Blake to have an outburst where he kicks, screams, pinches  scratches and headbutts. 


Back into another lockdown and like last March schools are closed. We are lucky though as Blake attends a specialist school which is able to stay open. I thought I'd help those of you with kids at home by compling a list of some products that you can order off Amazon to keep the kids busy. Even better is that the majority of these help with learning.

Orchard Toys
Orchard toys have so many fun games that help with learning these are some of our favorites but there are tons more so definitely look them up.


First of all Happy New Year! Last year we had celebrated the New Year whilst visiting Stuart's family as usual. This year though has felt rather quiet compared. Last year we fitted in quite a bit with walks, soft play etc but covid has meant that this new year we didn't visit family and have just been at home. We've not really gone out either as it has been so cold and we've had a bit of snow too.

I usually set myself some goals for the year ahead but decided to be a bit more relaxed this year. Once places are open again there are a few things I want to do such as get my hair dyed, a new tattoo and get my nose pierced. But other than that I'm pretty relaxed as far as goals go and just going to take things as they come.