What a complete change of weather we have had the past few days. It's arrived in good time ready for half term. Hopefully it's going to stay that way for awhile now. 

Yesterday Blake got to play out with his friends in the morning before we headed to the nearest park to us. I love taking Blake to parks as it gets him burning off some extra energy. Once home Blake wanted to be out in our backgarden playing with his water tray and we also got the Bubble machine for him. 


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It’s that time of the month where I share all the lovely things that we’ve been liking/loving over the month. So here’s everything we’ve loved in May.

All of the films and shows I've watched this month and have really enjoyed have been on Netflix. I've not watched as much as last month though.

The Innocent 
I do really enjoy Harlan Cobens books and series. The Innocent is about an accidental murder which leaves a man down a dark hole of intrigue and murder. Just as he finds love and freedom, one phone call brings back the nightmare. 

Shadow and Bone
I own the series of books but have yet to read them, however I had to watch the show. It's a fantasy where dark forces conspire against a orphaned MapMaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war torn home.

Woman in the window 
This is based on a book that I read a year or so ago. Confined to her home due to agoraphobia a physiatrist becomes obsessed with her new neighbours and solving a brutel crime she witnesses from her window. 

Things head and seen
A young woman discovers her husband and home harbour sinister secrets after they leave Manhattan for small town life.


Today I have the opportunity to run a giveaway with Epic Escapes.  Epic Escapes is an escape room in a box that you can set up in your own home. 

The Starter Pack includes three different escape rooms. All of the rooms have separate puzzles and are fully interactive and engaging. All games are suitable for 2-6 players (plus a host). It’s obviously harder with fewer players! Suitable for ages 16 and over.

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Terms and conditions
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-Please have a look at my privacy policy on how how I collect, store and use data and please do contact me if you have any questions.


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This month I've read some amazing books and recommend every single one of them. Five books have been read in total with four of them crime/thriller genre. 

The Choice by Alex Lake 

A kidnap, A ransome, A Choice. 

Matt Westbrook only turned his back for a minute. But when he looks around his car and three children have disappeared. Panicked he believes a car thief got more than they had bargained for. That is until he starts getting text messages. The kids are being held for ransome but not for money like you would expect. If he wants to see his kids again he has to exchange them for his wife. Matt and his wife are horrified but can't contact the police or the kids will be killed which means they have to make a choice. It was such a gripping read which really kept me guessing at who the kidnapper was. 


This past week we have had quite alot of rain and it's forecast for next week too. One of Blake's favourite things this week has been jumping in puddles on the way home from school. He may have got his school trousers drenched but it was lovely too see his face light up with excitement whilst he was jumping through the puddles.

Seeing Blake have fun took me back to the days when I was a child and life was more simple and the pure joy of jumping in puddles. I ended up having a splash in some too with him which Blake really loved to see. I think us adults need to remember the simple things like this that we loved about childhood. I'm sure you won't be able to remember the last time you enjoyed jumping in puddles. 

I've made a promise to myself to start enjoying the little moments of enjoying some of things I use to do as a child. The not caring about the rain so much, the simple things such as blowing a dandelion or bubbles and so much more. 


This week on the Tuesday I went to the hairdressers and had my hair dyed copper. It wasn't a spontaneous thing I had been wanting to have my hair colour changed for awhile now. I had a consultation the week before to dicuss the colour and what would suit me and went for it.

Why did I get my hair dyed?

I noticed a few greys but the main reason was that every time I looked in the mirror I just hated the colour of my hair. I needed a change, and in the past I've always gone lighter and had highlights put in. But after 9 years of not dyeing my hair and embracing my natural colour I wanted something different. So I went to a hairdressers and had a chat about what would suit me and opted to go with a copper tone. 

Why copper?

I had been looking on Pinterest for colour ideas and I was really loving the look of hair with red tones but was unsure about it suiting me. In the end after discussing with a hairdresser I decided that life is too short and to  just go for it. It is a bit more coppery than I expected but I actually do love how it's turned out. I'm definitely feeling much more happier and confident since getting it done. 


Ad -  I was gifted these products by Lotil for the purpose of this review. - All thoughts are my own.

Dry skin is something the three of us have been dealing with recently. I've been finding it tricky to find products that would work for us, that is until I came across Lotil. 

For 100 years LOTIL has been regarded as a super cream and given 10/10 by everyone that uses it. Lotil contains powerful emollients that repair and moisturise the most sensitive of skin types. The brand's USP is it combines a variety of properties to prevent infections and the rich, non-greasy and deeply hydrating formula penetrates quickly for practical use.


Ad -  I was gifted these products by BetterYou for the purpose of this review. - All thoughts are my own.

BetterYou are a brand known for their health products, especially their Magnesium range. I recently got sent some of their products to try out. Magnesium luckily can be applied to the skin and easily absorbs.


Last month I purchased some sunglasses for Blake from B&M. It wasn't much of a surprise when I first got them,  that he had  zero interest. Blake in general can be sensitive to how things feel. An example of this is that he doesn't like when his clothing gets wet. He also hates wearing headphones and ear defenders.

This past week though Blake has taken an interest in wearing the sunglasses. He likes to wear them before bed at the moment. They are avengers ones and Blake has been showing his friends them today. 

I'd like to hope that in the future Blake won't need actual glasses. However considering that both Stuart and I do, I have a feeling that he may do eventually. 


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Allergies can make life tricky leaving you with rashes, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, tummy troubles etc. These can vary in how severe they are and can impact daily life. Sometimes you can't even work out what you have an allergy to and have to spend time trying to find out what you had a reaction to.

Did you know that allergies run in the family? So if you know someone in your family who has an allergy such eczema, asthma or hay-fever it is likely that you may have  it as well. Also you may not even know you have an allergy until you have an allergy test done.

Hay-fever is a common allergy during the spring/summer season with the pollen count being high. I get hay-fever every year and my symptoms include itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and an itchy throat. Depending on the pollen count these symptoms vary.


 From last Saturday up until Friday we have been in Isolation. We were about to head out for the day on Saturday and a text from Blake's school came through. Blake had been in close contact with a Covid positive case and we had to isolate. 

This past week has been extremely hard having to stay home. Blake loves being outside and being around his friends so he has really struggled with the change. Every morning he has been asking "school today?" So I know he will be relieved to be back on Tuesday.