Large Cup Lingerie

When your busty it can be pretty hard to get a good quality bra that looks lovely
but is also comfortable for everyday. 

Large Cup Lingerie stock only the best large cup bras, swimwear and lounge wear from a range of
lingerie designers.

With brands such as Fantasie, Freya , Fauve and Miss Mandalay you are bound to find 
gorgeous lingerie that make you feel comfortable, happy and confident. 
Not only do Large Cup Lingerie provide plus size lingerie and full cup lingerie sizes
but also those harder to find sizes ( 28-40 back sizes and D-K cups).

I picked out the Fantasie Helena Under-wired Balcony Bra, £25. 
The bra is the bestseller for the Helena range, which provides sophistication with practicality.
The beautifully designed bra is adorned in french lace to add feminine touch. 
The bra gives support and control, the unpadded cups are made from three parts and the top cup features intricate floral lace.  The straps are thick and decorated with lacework to the shoulder which adjuster fits over the 
detailing so the straps are fully adjustable. This bra is ideal for everyday use as well as for special occasions hence why its so popular.

I found that the bra is true to size and fits perfectly making me feel comfortable all day. 
The straps are easy to adjust and the bra is a pretty addition to my underwear draw. 

Packing for the perfect holiday

This coming weekend for the bank holiday me and Stuart are off to North Wales for the weekend. 
We are spending our time in Wales with my Mum's friend's family as her daughter is turning 18 
and she is having a little party. 

I will be packing a burgundy skater dress which I plan to be wearing for the party in the evening. 
I also am going to pack my leggings and a couple of casual tops for during the day time as I know
a bbq is on the cards. 

Next year we are planning to hopefully go away abroad in the summer time so that we can get some much needed sun. When I have been abroad in the past my favourite outfit is a maxi skirt, a nice top, flip flops and jewellery. I also like to wear cropped trousers and casual tops too but I know that when I do go away next year that I will have to take a maxi dress and a kaftan. 

When it does come to packing I am far from organised I tend to pack last minute and end up forgetting something. This time for the coming weekend I am going to make a list and pack in advance so I know I haven't forgotten anything. 
Because the journey in the car is going to be approx 6 hours and that's not counting any stops, we are going to make sure we take loads of snacks and also a travel pillow in case I need a little nap. 

What is your favourite outfit for when you go away on holiday?

Mobile Madhouse

A couple of weeks ago I got a new mobile and decided that I needed 
a way of protecting my new phone. 
I brought a pouch case for my phone but unfortunately it didn't fit. 
So when I was contacted my Mobile Madhouse to choose one of 
their phone cases I decided this time to go for a gel case. 

The case I chose was a white gel case for the Samsung Galaxy Fame. 
My case also arrived with a screen protector which I was happy to receive
hopefully no scratches on my screen either. 
In the above photo you can see that the protector is a little bubbly but
it doesn't really bother me too much. 

As you can see my phone fits perfectly within the gel case. 
It was very simple to get my phone into the case and I  literally was able to
pop it on in seconds.

I also love that the on the side of the gel case it's got grips on the side
which is a bonus as I have found before I got the case the phone was pretty hard
to get a grip on. I think the case looks smart and definitely will protect my phone 
when I drop it. 

Takeaway with

Sometimes you just don't want to cook and last Thursday that is exactly how we felt. 
So when asked me if we would like a £10 code so we could order ourselves in a little treat I jumped at the chance. 

When you go on the website you type in your post code and up pops
a list of takeaways in your area that are currently open. 

We chose Bella Pizza as we have eaten from them quite a few times in the past.
Ordering was pretty simple and we chose to go for a deal that cost £16.99 which meant 
we only had to pay £6.99 of our own money plus £1 for delivery. Or so we thought. 
To our annoyance at the last part of the checkout process they added on a processing fee (ours was 50P) which wasn't stated beforehand. 

The deal we chose was 2 small 10 inch pizza's, a pot of coleslaw and a pot of potato salad,
4 x small chicken wings and 1.5 litre bottle of lemonade which cost £16.99. 

Delivery wise it took about 45 minutes to arrive which is a fair amount of time considering they 
would have had to make the pizza up and cook the chicken wings.

The Pizza I went for was Chicken Licken which was double chicken, mushroom, sweetcorn and onions.
As I have had pizza from them before I can tell you it was lovely as usual. 

Stuart chose to go for Pepperoni explosion which was triple pepperoni and double cheese.

We both fully enjoyed our treat and would definitely order through again but only 
if they dropped the processing charge. 

Clean Up with Vileda "Floor Miles"

Last year I reviewed a few products from Vileda and I am a huge fan of the brand. 

Recently I have been sent three wonderful products.
- The Active Wave Scourer 
- Microfibre kitchen cloth 
- Microfibre dust cloth 

The Active Wave sponge, £1.29 makes light work of removing dirt effectively without scratching. 
The sponge scourer is appropriate for Teflon non-stick coatings or other non-coated surfaces.

The Microfibre kitchen cloth is a perfect all in one cloth, it combines a soft microfibre with a power zone
design to create a multi-purpose cloth. The stitched microfibre surface is ideal for polishing, is very absorbent and even removes grease.

The Microfibre dust cloth has a soft fleeced effect that removes up to 40% more dust than traditional dusters.
Creating its own electrostatic charge it attracts dust, dirt and hair commonly found around the home.

The Vileda Microfibre cloth range retails at £1.99

Did you know that if you laid all of the Vileda SuperMocios produced in a year end to end you could: 

1. Go around the world 6 times
2. Cover the London to NY distance 426 times
3. Run 5,631 marathons
4. Climb Mount Everest 27 times

That is a lot of "floor miles"! with that in mind, Vileda has launched a brand new initiative "floor miles" a unique way to earn rewards on cleaning chores. 

Vileda want you to help you get miles further with a chance to win a luxurious family holiday to Tenerife.
To be entered into the competition all you have to do is send in your empty Vileda packaging along with 
a completed entry form.

Easter Treat

 I very rarely get Easter eggs any more this through choice because when it comes
to chocolate I can be a pig. Also I do slimming world and Easter eggs are high in syns. 
This year I decided to give myself a little break and have treated myself to a White Chocolate
bunny that I saw in Aldi. 
Once Easter is over I will be back to eating healthy though. 

This white chocolate bunny is 99p. 

Bookworm: When God Was A Rabbit

So my second read this month is When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman. 
I finished the book on Tuesday after taking longer than I would have hoped
to finish it, I have been so busy recently I not really had time to just sit 
back and relax and read as much as I would have liked. 

I have actually run out of books to read so I've now had to make a trip to the library and
picked out three more reads for the next month. 

I came across this book after hearing about it on another blog and decided to get a copy
after there was a pretty long waiting list at my local library to take it out. 

The book is about a brother and sister., a book about secrets, about starting over, friendship, family, tragedy and
everything in between.

A story of Elly who has lost her innocence, a magical story of growing up and the power of family ties.
When God Was A Rabbit follows the love and secrets between Elly and her brother Joe, and her increasing concern for her friend Jenny Penny who has a secret of her own. 

I wont tell you any more other than I really enjoyed the story and its such an easy read. 

Amore Bakery

I've decided that it is time to start writing more about companies in my local area. 
I am all for buying locally and promoting local businesses these days and
am planning on helping the little shops around my area this year when it comes
to buying gifts, a treat for myself or a meal out. 

The first little company I wanted to tell you about is Amour Bakery. 
I recently won a competition to win a range of bakery goodies from them
which prompted me with the idea of telling you all about more of the
wonderful businesses around Leighton Buzzard. 

Amore Bakery is a family run business that makes and sells cakes and other baking goodies
to the trade and public. 
They also run cake making and decorating classes. 

Amore bakery does deliveries not only in Leighton Buzzard
but also around Milton Keynes and Aylesbury. 
I was thrilled to win there competition last week and when my prize arrived 
I couldn't have been happier. 
As you can see my prize was a huge selection of goodies
my favourite had to be the Easter cupcakes though. 
I also gave my mum half the goodies in the box so that she could have a lovely
treat with a cup of coffee. 

Do you tend to buy local?

Asda Easter Competition

Asda have provided a prize for one lucky person to 
win a pack of 4 mini Easter crackers and a little pink
bunny bag for your little one. 

Please note that the competition ends Easter Monday so your prize
will arrive after Easter

Perfumed Jewellery

Bringing woman's favourite perfume and jewellery together in one stunning fig leaf pendant
Perfumed Jewelry allows you to choose from a wide range of scents that reflect your 
mood, personality and style. 

 I was sent the enchanted silver pendant and chose one of my favourite scents (D&G Rose The One) 
from over 100 top global fragrances. If the perfume isn't listed on their website you 
can indicate the perfume name and complete "Request a fragrance "  when ordering. 
Although for this you must allow up to a month for processing before dispatch. 

When my pendant arrived it was packaged well so that there are no breakages. 
On opening my package it was presented in this white and black Perfumed Jewelry bag. 

Which held inside this gorgeous white box
with black ribbon I love how sleek the packaging is. 
 Inside you will find the pendant and a little jar with three scented stones inside. 

How it works is pretty simple you unclasp your pendant and then take a jewelstone out
of the pot, place it inside the pendant, close the clasp and make sure you close the jar lid 
to keep the sent last. 

The jewelstones should last 28 days if returned to the original pot when not in use.   

When ordering you are able to choose which pendant you would like from the range of 
9 different designs.
The 6 silver designs all cost $140.00, with gold ones varying in price from $210.00 to $1000.00
Each of the pendants are complete with a 30 inch silver/gold plated chain.

As you can see above the pendant is gorgeous and I've found that it looks great with whatever
I am wearing whether I am dressed up or down. 
I love the idea of jewellery and perfume going together and feel that they would also make a 
great gift. 

The refills for the perfumes retail at $50.00

Do you think this is a great idea? would you buy one?

Get a Goodnight's Sleep

Recently I have been struggling to get a good nights sleep, this is mainly due to having
things wiring around in my head and feeling stressed recently. 
Normally I will fall asleep pretty quickly before my husband but sometimes I don't which
then means his snoring bothers me as well. 

I have tried out some products recently to see if any helped me to fall asleep and get 
a good nights shut eye. 

1.Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 
 To be fair I've never really been keen on the idea of pillow sprays but I decided
to give it ago.
 I have two different pillow sprays at the moment the one pictured is by Thisworks and I have found 
the scents to be relaxing but you do need more than just a pillow spray to help you drift off. but it does help
a little. 

2. A lovely bubble bath /oil/bomb I find that having a bath before bed  does work wonders to help me drift
off and there has been more than one occasion where I have fallen asleep in the bath.

3. Breath Right nasal strips 
These are for Stuart to wear to keep snoring at bay they do work 
a little but hubby hates wearing them which is fair enough

4. Bio Ears earplugs
I hate putting these in my ears but they do mute the sound of Stuart's snoring though. 

5. A hot milky drink works wonders at making me chill out and unwind before bed 
I tend to go for a hot chocolate as it's my favourite hot drink. 
when it comes to drinks make sure they don't contain caffeine. 

What do you do to have a better nights sleep? 

The Lake District Co. Quark - Dairy's new "Guilt free" cooking ingrediant

It's no secret that I am on Slimming World, recently quite a few people at my local
Slimming World group have been mentioning using Quark as a substitute for higher calorie
dairy products in cooking and baking. 

I have wanted to see what the fuss was about for awhile now and have been 
sent a tub of each of the 3 of the quark flavours to try: 
- Original 
- Vanilla
- Lemon 

So far me the and the hubby have tried out the Original Quark to make 
a yummy low syn Quark Tikka Masala which was a really yummy treat after I had finished 
work on Saturday evening. 

With its smooth and creamy texture Quark is a spoonable soft cheese that is ideal for blending with other ingredients, as well as substituting into both sweet and savoury meals as a healthy alternative to the likes
of cream cheese, crème fraiche, mascarpone, ricotta, greek yoghurt etc.  

Quark is an award winning ingredient that is packed with nutritional credentials-
high in protein, naturally fat free, low in salt and sugar. In fact if you look on the packaging
you will notice that The Lake District Dairy Co Quark  scores "all green" on its pack GDAs.

Quark adds a smooth and creamy richness to meals without the extra calories and works well
with pasta, fish pie and curry to name a few for main meals. 
For a sweet treat you can use Quark in cheesecakes, Chocolate mouse and Eton Mess.

The Lake District Dairy Co Quark retails at £1.25 for a 250ml pot 

Have you ever tried Quark as a substitute in your meals/baking? 

A Date With A Difference

The first time I caught my husband Steve huddled over his laptop at 2am in the morning staring intently at the screen and yelling “All in! Put it all in!” I was horrified, to say the least. When he explained to me he was not on some dubious website, but was instead playing online poker, I downgraded my horror down to shock. Surely playing online is only for mugs? Surely the games are rigged so the casino comes out the winner?

Steve explained to me that the games couldn't be rigged as it didn't really matter to the casino who won and who lost – they made their money by 'raking' a tiny percentage off of all the players' stake money. He also pointed out he'd been playing online for years (well before he met me) and usually made a small but significant profit every month.

I still wasn't too keen, but when he told he was thinking of going to Ireland in August to try his hand at a real poker tournament, I was a little more enthusiastic. My great-grandmother came from Dublin, and although she passed away when I was twelve, I still remember her bright good humour and tales of the 'old country'. The tournament was to take place in Galway, and Steve had entered one of the qualifying tournaments where, if he was successful, he would compete for a share of the €1M guaranteed prize pool, with a first prize around €206k!

Galway City turned out to be just as wonderful as I had imagined it would be, except that it was chillier than I had imagined. The Irish are really friendly – although I did keep it quiet that I can't stand Guinness. The streets are still lined with cobbles, and in some ways it was really like taking a step back in time to the days of my great-grandmother's youth. I was particularly impressed by the magnificent Galway Cathedral, but was annoyed that we'd arrived a couple of weeks too late to enjoy the annual Summer Concerts that take place there. The best evening we had was at the Barr An Chaladh (I think I've spelt it correctly) which is Galway City's oldest pub and all evening we were entertained by a live band.

As to the poker and Steve… unfortunately he didn't win the €206k. He didn't tell me how he did but he seemed to be seated at the table one minute than walking towards me with his hands in his pockets and a frown on his face the next. I hadn't the heart to tell him whilst he was playing I'd won €40 on a slot machine – I don't think he would have been too keen to share in my success!

* This post was contributed by Alicia Wills

Petshopbowl Competition

PetShopBowl  are offering one lucky reader a chance to win £50 of store credit 
so that you can choose what item/s you would like for your pet. 
PetShopBowl sell a range of products for a wide range of animals, not just cats and dogs
but birds, guinea pigs etc. 

Pet Shop Bowl Products for Dogs

The people at Petshopbowl asked me if I wanted to have some treats for Alfie. 
Petshopbowl are a home delivery subscription service they stock a wide range of exciting products 
for a range of pets. 

One day me and Stuart are hoping to get another budgie again or maybe a guinea pig once we get
a bigger place so I will be definitely checking out what they have in the future.

Alfie is my mum and sisters dog so technically not my dog but he is such
a loveable family pet. 

So onto the goodies I was sent for him: 

- Canangan dried dog food for small dog in chicken flavour
- Burns Kelties dog treats 
- Pack of dentastix
- Kong  Treat Toy

Here is Alfie being cute as usual he is such a good little thing. 
I know he is looking forward to his treats! 
Thank you Petshopbowl.

Save The Blow Dry

I was asked if I would like to try out Save The Blow Dry 
a  moisture eliminating Queen of the shower caps. 

Which I think is a fab idea especially if you want to shower before a night out and not have to
bother washing your hair yet again that day. 

It is a fact that us women on average spend over two hours a week blow drying and styling our hair. 
Which is why its so annoying when you emerge from your daily shower to find your hair has no 
resemblance to the hair you had a few moments ago. 

Save The Blow Dry has the solution which is a unique shower cap that does what it says
Save The Blow Dry! Its secret?  well its a combination of gorgeous waterproof design 
that has an internal layer of super absorbent micro weave towelling which zaps humidity and condensation,
leaving your hair dry and bouncy. 

So above is my cringe worthy photo of me in the brand spanking new colour turquoise! 

The hat also has dual usage benefit in the fact that you can turn it inside out so the towelling doesn't
get wet and yucky and put on your favourite hair treatment  allowing it to work more effectively. 
I will most likely be using it the most for this benefit as I do tend to wash my hair everyday. 

For best results use these all important tips: 
- Brush hair
- If hair is long clip it up with a clasp or slide
- Push any stray strands up into the hat and ensure hair line is covered
- Happily bathe or shower 
- dry off before removing the save the blow dry
- shake the Save The Blow Dry to remove excess water and ideally hang up to dry.  

London Trip Part Three: The Westbridge Food

One of the great things about our stay was that the people from Gu had prepaid for
us to have a 3 course meal in the evening and breakfast the next day. 

The Westbridge have such a lovely menu and it was hard to choose what we wanted. 
The good thing is that they have the menu up on their website so it kind 
of helped to have an idea of what we would like in advance. 

We both chose to go with the same starter I am huge fan of salmon
 so the salmon fish cakes was definitely going to be my choice.
When it arrived I was really impressed it looks so lovely and tastes divine
hubby was also very impressed. 

We knew once we had finished the starter that the rest of the meal was going to be lovely too.  

So what did we choose for our mains? 

Well Stuart went for a 10z steak with chips which I am not surprised he chose
as he loves a good steak. 
I did get to have a little try of both the steak and chips.
Both me and Stuart like our streak well done and this was lovely very tender
and just perfect and the chips were fab too. 

I chose to go for Pan fried chicken with carrots, cauliflower, tomato's and
potato dauphinoise topped with peppercorn sauce. 

It was really good the veg was perfectly done not too hard or too soft, the potato's were just so fab
and cheesy and the chicken was very succulent and was very filling.   

Moving on Stuart went for a very refreshing lemon sorbet for dessert
which came with raspberries and wafers. 

I of course had to go for something chocolatey and I am glad I did this was
delicious it is the chocolate and praline torte with raspberries and raspberry sauce. 

For our first drink we brought we decided to just go for a regular fizzy drink. 
But then we decided to for Mocktails. 

I  can't remember the exact name of the one Stuart went for but I think it was Italian something or other lol. 

 I went for the Raspberry cooler ( I think I see a theme here) 
The mint made it very refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

After a good nights sleep as we had a really late night (see tomorrows post) 
we got up, dressed, and went down to breakfast. 

We were shown to a little room where the breakfast's were kept and there was such a wide choice. 
Cereals, fruit, yoghurt, salmon and other meat selections, toast, fry up and last of all pastry's.

There was also a selection of drinks such as teas, coffees, hot chocolate and fruit juices. 

We decided first of all that we had to have a fry up. 
This is what I chose to have: 
- Grilled tomato
- fried mushrooms
- Hash Brown
- fried egg
- chicken sausage
- turkey bacon 

We then both decided to go for pastries as well  which were really lovely.

London Trip Part Two: The Westbridge Hotel

Yesterday I told you all about our trip to the Gu Factory in Walthamstow, today I am telling
you all about the hotel we stayed in The Westbridge in Stratford. 

We were due to check into the hotel at 3pm and on arrival we were told that our room
was unfortunately delayed as it wasn't quite ready for us. 
So we were told that we were welcome to use the coffee house and that we could have
a complementary coffee on the house. 

After half an hour they came into the coffee house to let us know that our room was ready, we checked in 
and then was taken up to our room which the Gu company had booked for us.

On our way to our room we passed this beautiful lounge area where we were told 
newspapers were free and we could use the computers if we wanted to. 
We were also told about the free wifi which we didn't need a code for. 

Our room was number 8 the Montana Suite! 
Gu had booked us one of the suites which are the biggest of the rooms in the hotel. 
We also had a three course dinner and breakfast included in the deal. 

As you open the door to the Suite you have a slot to put your key card in 
so that you have air conditioning and electric in your room.
You then have a small staircase and when you get to the top its a really breathtaking room. 

On a side table in the room we found a kettle and a selection of 
water, teas, coffees and hot chocolate and two biscuits.

After looking around the room the first thing we did was have a coffee whilst relaxing before going down to dinner. 

At the top of the stairs there is a little table and chairs with a lovely vase of fresh flowers.
This is there as you are able to order room service from the dinner menu if you wish to. 
The room also has a little fridge which was good for keeping my Gu Puds in overnight
and a safe which we didn't use as we were only staying the one night. 

The room also had a large TV which Stuart used briefly for playing games on, and
a good size chest of draws and wardrobe which fitted the black and white theme of the room perfectly. 

The bed is King size with an orthopaedic mattress which was
extremely comfortable to sleep on. 
As you can see we were also given some lovely and soft robes and some small milk chocolate which was a lovely touch. 

Next to the bed was a lovely and comfy two seater sofa and a glass coffee table. 
There is also a small balcony with a little table and chairs which meant we could relaxing and get some fresh air
for a bit before we went out and we got to see a stunning sunset and views over Canary Wharf and the Olympic park.  We also chose to sit out on the balcony and have a coffee before we checked out the next day. 

Our room of course also had a bathroom but the main feature for me was the
Jacuzzi bath which was totally bliss and just so relaxing!

We certainly recommend the Westbridge  from the moment we stepped into the hotel 
to the minute we left the staff were lovely, very polite and happy to help. 
The food was also perfect which is for another post (check back later today)