20 Week Scan

As I am currently sat here typing this up our little wiggle bum is being extra wiggly this morning. 
Yesterday was our 20 week scan which was really exciting time for us. But also sad
as it's most possibly the last scan we will have in this pregnancy.
Next time we will see our little one is when they are in our arms. 

Our appointment was at 2:30pm yesterday afternoon, we had decided in advance not find out
little ones gender. 
Once the scan had begun the Sonographer told us that baby wasn't really in the best position 
for getting the measurements we needed but we would try anyway.

We were told that baby has a very strong heartbeat and got to see close ups of their head, spine and feet which 
were kicking away. I had to go and empty my bladder in hope that they would move into a better position which 
they did so that they could do the rest of the checks that they needed to do. 

At one point during the scan baby decided to start moving loads which the Sonographer told 
us that baby is being a "show off" you could see babies little arms and legs really going for it. 

We were told that our little one is perfectly healthy and is at the right size for the due date given. 
All of the checks have come back normal which is such a relief. 

20 Weeks Pregnant

So today hit the half way mark and we had our 20 week scan (more about that tomorrow).
It's scary about how fast this pregnancy is flying and that we are half way to meeting our little wiggle bum. 
How far along? 20 weeks today
Total weight gain: about 10lb at this point
Symptoms: the usual 
Maternity clothes? Got some maternity leggings now and have ordered some maternity jeans. 
Sleep: I wake once or twice a night now
Miss anything?  Not really
Food cravings: sweets lol 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing I've been feeling great
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Best Moment this week: Our anomaly scan today little one is fine and has a strong heartbeat.
Baby also liked showing off by moving loads.
Looking forward to:
 - Moving not long to go now
- Going on holiday
- Buying baby bits :) 

The Bubba Haul #1

As we are moving next month, we've not really brought to much for our baby yet.
Last thing we wanted was to have more things to pack! So once we are settled in 
our new place we will start buying more bits and bobs for our little one. 
We have however got a few bits which I wanted to share with you.

First of all white 0-3 months pack of 3 sleep suits from Asda you may have read my review here.
They arrived when hubby was at work and I couldn't wait to show him them, which of course turned him to goo.

Then we have the Bright Starts Safari Gym which I also was sent from Asda. 
It's bright and colorful and am sure our little one is going to love it!

Moving on these are items that I got myself: 

- My First Tatty Teddy 
I won an unwanted prize last year so I swapped with another comper.
Although I didn't need it at the time,
 I love Tatty Teddy so couldn't resist.

- Giraffe Hooded Towel 
I brought this at work back in June, it was the last in stock and I love giraffes
so I just had to nab it. 

- Thermometer Set
I used my amazon gift voucher from my birthday recently to buy 
the thermometer set. 
The set has a room, bath and head temperature thermometer.

I also am awaiting some muslin cloths which I also brought with my voucher to arrive.

Pizza Toast with Warburtons Deli Thins

I received my first Bzz campaign in what feels like ages last week.
Which gave me the chance to try out some of  the new Warburtons Deli Thins.
I decided to share with you on how I make pizza toasts but with the Deli Thins. 
It's very simple to do.

Of course you can make this slimming world friendly by swapping the Deli Thins
for wholemeal bread for your healthy extra B and using the cheese as your healthy extra A.

Warburtons Deli Thins
Tomato puree 
Grill or use your toaster to toast the Warburtons Deli Thins
Spread the tomato puree over the Deli Thins and top with ham, mushrooms and cheese
Pop in microwave for a minute or so til the cheese has melted.
This is a fab lunch idea and you can use whatever toppings takes your fancy

ElevEase Shower Step

Whilst being pregnant I know there is going to be a point when my bump gets so 
big that it will be hard to move around as much.
When pregnant showering can be dangerous in case you slip so I am extra careful 
but when it comes to primping and making sure my legs are shaved during pregnancy 
the ElevEase Shower Step will come in handy especially in them later months.

The box comes with the ElevEase Shower Step, adhesive and instructions. 
It slots easily into the corner of your shower unit  and  the recommended position is knee height
 (approx 50cm from the ground).

 The ElevEase shower step comes in two colors white or chrome and I was kindly 
sent the chrome one to review. 
I am glad that I have come across this product and recommend getting one for your bathroom. 
Whether you are pregnant or not this is a handy tool to use. 

The Elevease shower step can be brought here

ElevEase have also agreed to let one person win one of their shower steps in white 
or chrome the winner gets to choose which color they would like. 

All you have to do as usual is complete the rafflecopter below closing date is 7th August

19 weeks pregnant

How far along? 19 weeks today
Total weight gain: 7lb I gained 2lb this week which I believe is down to eating way too
much junk. 
Symptoms: itchy belly, slight pelvic pain, heatburn, tiredness
Maternity clothes? Wearing bits I've borrowed still need to buy some of my own
but the bits I wanted in the next sale were gone by the time I went to order them. 
Sleep: Some nights am ok without the pillow other nights I need it.
The heat is not helping when it comes to trying to sleep either.
Miss anything?  Cocktails, if anyone knows of any mocktail recipes that are suitable
for pregnant women please share. 
Food cravings: Ice lollies
Anything making you queasy or sick:  just the usual
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy although tearful at times
Best Moment this week: enjoying a fab meal for free at pizza express I love blogging
Looking forward to:
 - Anomaly scan 1 more week to go.
- Moving as getting fed up of our current place.
- Going away next month 

Summer with Pizza Express Leighton Buzzard

Stuart and I love pizza, so when asked if we wanted to try out Pizza Express' summer menu
we jumped at the chance. 

Sunday was the perfect day for us to go as I love relaxed Sundays with the hubby and also we
had such lovely weather recently too. 

In Leighton Buzzard our local Pizza Express is located on market square at the top of the high street in a two storey building with the ground floor being split into two levels. The building used to be an old working fire station.

When we arrived we were greeted by one of the waiters and were given a choice of sitting on the lower or higher
level of the ground floor. We chose to sit on the upper level near the window. 

We were given a few minutes to decide on what we would like to drink, we had already had an idea of
what food we wanted to order as we had looked at their menu online the day before. 

Drink's wise Stuart chose to go for a regular coke and I chose to go for
some raspberry lemonade.
 Pizza express have a good range of both Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks so you 
will find something that suits your taste. 

For starter Stuart and I chose to go for the sharing portion of dough balls.
The dough balls were warm and soft and very tasty and combined with the dips
(see photo below) made a great starter. 
The dips that come with the dough balls are Pesto, Garlic Butter and N'duja.
N'duja is a type of spicy Italian softened sausage and olive oil.


For our mains we both went for some pizza and Stuart chose to go for the 
Etna pizza which is a thin based pizza with the following toppings:
Hot soft n'duja sausage, roquito peppers, speck ham and Gran Moravia cheese. 


The pizza I chose also was with a thin base and had the following toppings:
Crispy pancetta, roasted tomatoes, rocket, Gran Moravia cheese and Caesar dressing. 

The waiter gave us the chance of having some optional extras such as 
chilli oil, garlic oil, chilli flakes and parmesan and more. 
I love parmesan so I decided to sprinkle some over my pizza. 

We chose to also go for pudding and Stuart went for the Leggera Sorbet
which was raspberry sorbet with mint and a chocolate stick. 


I chose to go for the Vanilla Panna Cotta which is new to the menu.
The panna cotta comes with a strawberry and mint on the side. 

We were impressed with the service the drinks and meals arrived in good time. 
The staff were all very polite and friendly, so we overall we had a lovely experience and highly recommend this restaurant in particular. 

Asda Polaroid FM Alarm Clock

Asda always have a great range of products at great prices.
To help bring a musical start to your morning Asda 
are helping you stay tuned in to the latest news and music with 
their range of digital radio's

Asda has a range of styles and colors to choose from meaning you can have the
perfect wake up call. 
Starting from as little as £5 you will be able to find the perfect radio to suit your budget and needs.

I was sent the Polaroid CR01 Clock radio, £10. 
Which has LCD display and is a fab FM radio Alarm clock 
perfect for waking you up in the morning to your favorite radio station.

18 Weeks Pregnant

This week we spent time with our nephews and other family members having a bbq. 
It is the first time we had seen them since we announced our pregnancy which was lovely. 

How far along? 18 weeks today
Total weight gain: 5lb
Symptoms: itchy belly, slight pelvic pain and heartburn 
Maternity clothes? I've got some lovely bits that i have borrowed from my sister-in-law. 
Sleep: Getting uncomfortable but the pregnancy pillow is helping 
Miss anything? cocktails and Mr whippy ice cream both can't be had
and i love to have these during the summer months. Looks like I need to find some mocktails.
Food cravings: Mars bars and ice cream 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  just the usual 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Best Moment this week: Spending time with my nephews on Saturday and enjoying 
a lovely bbq.  
Looking forward to:
 - Anomaly scan 2 weeks to go 
- Moving as getting fed up of our current place.

Creightons Argon Body

Pregnancy is a time in your life where you don't just think about you but also about the baby you are carrying.
It is also a time where it is a good idea to treat yourself and keep your body in tip top condition ready for when 
you gvie birth and also to make you feel great. 

Creightons Argon Body range which are sold in Poundland for you guessed it £1 each,
are a range of bargain products that smell and make you feel fab. 

I was sent three of the products from their range: 

- The Shower Cream
- The hand and nail cream
- The body cream 

All of the Argon Body range are infused with Moroccan argon oil which is rich in natural antioxidants
to deeply moisturise and nourish the skin. 

The shower cream foams up easily and only a small amount is needed so that you 
can have a pampered shower experience. 

The Body cream makes your skin feel soft, smooth and moisturised all day long. 

As for the hand and nail cream it moisturises and deep conditions your hands making them 
feel great. 

Derma V10 Body Butter

On Friday I told you about a budget stretch mark oil I have been using. 
Today I am sharing with you a body butter that I am in love with by the same 
lovely brand Derma V10. 

I first came across this body butter well over 6 years ago when I was over at my Nan's 
as it is one of her go to products for keeping your skin moisturised and smelling fab. 

When I moved to Leighton Buzzard I found that our local Wilko sold it and whenever my Nan came over she
would buy a pot or two. I also brought a pot on one occasion and loved it. 

I had actually forgotten all about this body butter as I've been trying out other brands 
for quiet awhile including The Body Shop Body Butters. 
When I was sent this item with a few other goodies I was thrilled as it will get me into using it 

The Derma V10 Body Butters are just as good as The Body Shop's ones if not better. 
The range comes in 8 wonderful different fragrances so that you can find one to suit you. 

I've found the Coconut Body Butter is thick, creamy and indulgent and glides onto your skin,
keeping you deeply moisturised, nourished and protected.

Its great applied daily after your bath or shower and smells good enough to eat.
I love that I also no longer need to wear perfume as the scent lasts all day long too. 
I am a huge fan especially as this is a great product for feeling a bit of luxury during pregnancy but saving the £s in process. 

Another great thing is the price at £1 for a 220ml pot whats not to love. 

Have you ever tried Derma V10 Body Butters? 

17 Weeks Pregnant

 We've had a phone call this week from the estate agent and have passed
referencing so we shall be moving mid/late August and need to arrange a time for sorting out
moving in date, deposit etc.

How far along? 17 weeks 1day
Total weight gain: not too sure I didn't go slimming world last week
Symptoms:  pelvic pain, itchy belly, emotional.
Maternity clothes? Not yet determined to get things sorted this month
Sleep: Been ok this week 
Miss anything? not really
Food cravings: Mars bars, Jelly sweets and Strawberry Milkshake
Anything making you queasy or sick:  not really anything particularly 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Best Moment this week: Feeling baby move.
Well I think its them i got this weird feeling in my tummy from time to time
a bit like rumbling and flutters. 
Looking forward to:
 -My anomaly scan at the end of month 
- Moving at the end of August 
- Putting a budget together to start buying baby items.

Dr Browns Manual Breastpump giveaway

Later this year when our little one is born I am planning on being able to breastfeed. 
Dr Browns Manual Breastpump is a handy item to have so that you can express so that your 
partner can help with feeding times and also build up a bond with your child. 

Dr Browns Manual Breastpump features a gentle compression technology and super
soft flexible breast cups to help minimise tugging and pinching.

The Dr Browns Manual Breastpump retails at £42 and one lucky person
has a chance to win one. 
Competition ends in 2 weeks time on the 23rd July. 

Derma V10 Rescue Oil

Since finding out that I am expecting our first child in December one of the first things I started doing was apply a stretch mark cream daily.

I have faded stretch marks already thanks to weight going up and down in the past which have now faded to a light silvery color which isn't that noticeable luckily. 
Now that I am going to be gaining weight quiet rapidly I am hoping that I wont get them too bad. 

I recently came across Rescue Oil from Derma V10 which is a budget friendly oil which helps to rescue your skin from scar tissue, blemishes, signs of ageing, stretch marks or sun dehydration. 

The oil's amazing formulation of peach kernal and almond oil, sweet primrose and vitamin E has remarkable hydrating effects on your skin and leaves it looking brighter, smoother and visibly healed. 

When using to prevent stretch marks which is my main reason for using the oil. 
It can be used before, during and after pregnancy massaging into skin twice a day. 
It can also be used by being poured into your bath as a fab and luxury bath time treat.

When applying it is best used sparingly so that the oil can soak into your skin quickly and effectively. 
I have found that rescue oil is non greasy and is only lightly fragranced and suitable for sensitive skin. 

Derma Rescue Oil can be found: 

40ml for £1 in Poundland
75ml  for £1.99 in Home bargains, bodycare and savers 
150ml for £2.99 in Bodycare and Wilko

Derma Rescue Lotion ca be found: 
75ml for £1 in Poundland 

Have you ever tried rescue Oil?

Zoflora Disinfectant in Oriental Lily

When it comes to cleaning I am fan Zoflora disinfectant's.
The limited edition Oriental  Lily scent has a beautiful aroma of peach, frangipani and vanilla.
The 3 in 1 action disinfectant is a powerful concentrated liquid that not only kills 99.9% of
bacteria and virus's but also eliminates odors keeping your home smelling wonderful all day.

The bottle contains 120ml which retails at £1.33 and lasts ages as it can be diluted for most cleaning jobs. 
The disinfectant can be used in every room in your home from the bathroom to your little ones nursery. 

We are hoping to move at the end of August and if so we will be able to sort out a nursery area for our little
one for once they arrive in December. 

As well as the usual areas of a room Zoflora disinfectant can be used in the nursery to keep changing table's, potties and furniture clean. Zapping any bugs away and keeping Mums and Dads minds at rest. 

Use 2 caps of Zoflora into a clean and empty spray bottle and fill up with water.
This is ideal as you can have spray bottle for each room of your home which will last for quiet awhile.

16 Weeks Pregnant

This week has been a rather slow week, we are still waiting to hear about 
the flat we have put an application in for. 
We've been organizing the flat so it will be easier for if we do move
to start packing. 

How far along? 16 weeks 2 days 
Total weight gain: 5lb I think 
Symptoms:  pelvic pain, itchy belly, emotional, slight nausea and sickness, only a few head rushes and tiredness not so bad atm. 
Maternity clothes? Still not brought any I am trying to hold out as I am borrowing some
items and want to see what other bits I will need once that's sorted. 
Sleep: waking up for loo trips now but not too bad as of yet
Miss anything? no 
Food cravings: Ice cream and mars bars
Anything making you queasy or sick:  The heat when on the bus
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy mainly
Best Moment this week: Listening to Babys' heartbeat yesterday 
Looking forward to:
 -My anomaly scan at the end of the month 
- Feeling baby move