Best Places To Own A Home In Wirral

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Wirral is known for its diverse landscape, beautiful beaches, industrial towns, and quaint villages hence it is natural for one to feel confused when it comes to choosing the best place to own a home.

This is the reason why the following sections in the post will enunciate some of the best places in Wirral that one can buy a home.


 This week we have spent quite a few days on the sofa. Unfortunately I had a call Thursday from school saying Blake was unwell so had to be picked up. Poor little man was not himself at all and was pale and shivering. The rest of Thursday he just stayed cuddled up with me not moving, eating or drinking. Friday he was starting to feel slightly better and was able to eat and drink again in small amounts and had much more colour back in his cheeks.

It's been nice just snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa watching some of Blake's favourite shows. Once Blake was in bed one evening I treated myself to a bath followed by some white hot chocolate which was delicious. 


 Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Last year I took part in the book tour for Sam Hurcom's debut novel A Shadow on the lens which i really enjoyed. Now Sam's back with his second book Letters From The Dead which is a standalone  but follows the same protagonist, Thomas Bexley, who is one of the world’s first forensic photographers. This is a stifling and atmospheric gothic crime novel set in the early 20th century.


 We maybe in the second lockdown but we still have managed to find little bits of joy where we can. I've almost finished with our Christmas present shopping, have a food delivery slot booked for December and am pretty much sorted for Blake's birthday next month too.

With that said let's jump in to what I have liked and loved this month.


Shagged, Married, Annoyed was recommended to me by my neighbour and her sister. It's hilarious and really cheers me up on days when I need a laugh.


I've watched a good few films and shows this month and fully recommend these ones:

- Emily in Paris (series)

- Queens Gambit (series)

-Dash and Lily (series)

- Over the moon (kids film)

- Game Night (film)

Smart Watch 
I purchased this smart watch from Amazon so I can keep an eye on my sleep and steps. It's been  eye opening and I definitely recommend this watch if you want a cheap one that is simple.


 I'm a bit early this month with my monthly reads as I'm involved in a book tour this week so had to change my schedule a bit. I've read a total of 4 books this month which isn't too bad considering I've spent quite a bit of my free time binge watching some stuff on Netflix and listening to episodes of a podcast. 

Big Sky by Kate Atkinson 

I picked this up for the prompt a book with a bird on the front cover. I'm not sure if it's because I've not read the other books in the series but I did find it hard to get into. It wasn't as gripping as I was hoping either.


  * I was sent the items featured in this gift guide in return for inclusion.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Gift Guide For Kids 4+ yesterday. Today though is for adults to give you some inspiration whether it's for those hard to buy people in your family, a gift for a secret santa or even something to add onto your own Christmas wishlist. There are also some great items featured that would be great as stocking fillers.


 * I was sent the items featured in this gift guide in return for inclusion.

It's been a pretty awful year with covid, lockdowns and social distancing. So this year I'm trying to make Christmas extra special for Blake. With lockdown 2.0 it means alot of Christmas shopping is having to be done online. If your stuck with what to buy this Christmas I'm here to give you some inspiration. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a Christmas guide for the adults but today it's all about the kids. 


I've been umming and ahhing about getting a smart watch for awhile so that I could track my steps and sleep. I caved in and purchased a cheapish one as I didn't want to spend alot on one  incase I ended up not using it. 

Since starting to use it last Sunday it has been a real eye-opener. On average I do around 7,000 steps a day. The most I've done is just over 11,000 steps and the lowest was just under 3,000 steps which was on the Sunday which in general is a lazy day for us.

 I've found it so interesting to see how much light and deep sleep I've been having and how long I've been awake each night. The watch I went for has other features such as heart rate and sports mode. The sports mode I've used for when I do the school run to track how many steps I do, how long it takes me, my heart rate etc. There are a few other features I've chosen not to use such as messaging and alarms but overall I'm happy with my purchase. The app is easy to use to and look back at my data, change settings etc.


 Ad – Review. I was sent a Sustainable Swap Box and a years membership for the purpose of this post.  

We all know that our lifestyle choices are impacting on the decline of our planet's natural resources. Overuse of plastics has an impact on our landfills and oceans. However there are sustainable swaps we can do today that can help us save money and cut carbon! 

SaveMoneyCutCarbon now have a groundbreaking home club membership which I've had a chance to find out more about and share with you. Originally SaveMoneyCutCarbon were a wholesale retailer but since they have launched the home club they have become a one place shop for individuals who are buying eco swaps.

The Sustainable Swap Box and a years membership to the home club is £49.99. The Sustainable Swap Box is a way of helping you to get started on your eco friendly journey. It gives you ideas on 10 swaps that you can make and samples of products to help you on your way. The box contains the following items: Compostable sponge cloth, beeswax wrap, bamboo toothbrush, a sample of bamboo cotton buds, compostable bin liner, a sample of bamboo plasters, waterflow bag and antibac cleaning drop. Once you have activated your membership you will then be sent the full size eco egg, detox tablet and LED light bulb.

As a home club member you will get unbeatable pricing guaranteed on purchases. Everything eco is all in one place making ease for making your eco friendly purchases. Within a week of activating your membership you receive eco babble which is emails sent to you throughout the year with step by step guides, tips and practical advice to help you to learn and save. 


Ad – Review. I  was sent the Dermavive CBD moisturiser for review purposes. All thoughts are my own. 

So to begin with I must tell you about my skin in general. I've been lucky with my skin and these days only get the rare spot/blemishes. Since having Blake though there has been one major change to my skin and that is that it is incredibly dry. This has meant that over the past 5 nearly 6 years, I've been trying out different moisturisers in hopes of finding one that really works with hydrating my skin.

For the past 2 weeks I've been trying a new moisturiser out from Nutrivive. Dermavive Premium CBD moisturiser by Nutrivive is a super nourishing moisturiser that is formulated with CBD hemp that’s rich in essential omega-6 and omega-3 acids. It calms and hydrates skin and is infused with Blackberry and Yang Yang.


Ad – Review. I  was sent a copy of The Snark for review purposes

I love reading to Blake, especially when it's a new book that I know he will love. We were recently sent a copy of The Snark by Justin Davis which we absolutely love. The Snark is a light hearted story that helps your child with night-time anxieties, suitable for children aged 4-8 years.

About the Author:
This fabulous picture book aimed at young readers is the fifth publication from Justin. His previous books have attracted international praise from adults and young readers alike, and won him a rapidly growing young fan base. Justin lives in Northamptonshire, England, with his wife and three children.


"What's a Snark?" I hear you cry.

Night-time can be scary, and this delightfully illustrated story shows us how natural those fears and anxieties are. Once children can identify and understand their fears, they can begin to overcome them, and we can all have a good night's sleep! 


This story reveals that when we are brave and face our fears, they are often not as scary as we first thought!


Told in lyrical prose and with a dash of humour, this light-hearted story will help you and your child deal with night-time anxieties in a safe and reassuring way.

 Blake and I absolutely love this book.  The book is beautifully illustrated with bright and vibrant colours. We love that it's written in a rhyming style and repetitive in parts. Blake definitely is a lot more engaged when it comes to listening to books that have rhyming and/or repetitive elements. After reading a good few times I found Blake was picking up some of the wording and knew when to say certain parts of the story. 

The aim of the book is to help children who have night-time anxieties. Blake is pretty good at night but we do have the odd night here and there where he wakes up crying and we wonder if it's night terrors or maybe he has seen a shadow that has scared him. 

The Snark is about reassuring children. The child in the book thinks he can see and hear a monster but it's not a monster really. On reading the book you will find out what actually is making the child panic.

The Snark is sure to be a fun and engaging read for you and your child. With monsters to find on each page and a fun page at the back to make your own monster. 

You can purchase a copy of The Snark over on 


 A day late this week but I can't not do my Little Moment's post. Blake was playing up big time this weekend. I think he has been overtired from school and not liking that we can't really go anywhere.

We've had some cooking apples to use up so as well as batch cooking some apple sauce we made some apple crumble. It's one of my favourite desserts for this time of year especially with custard although it's also great with ice cream.  I recommend trying apple crumble with the limited edition Vientta biscuit caramel ice cream it's so good especially when the ice cream melts a bit.

I also purchased a new autumn candle which I lit for the first time this week. It's autumn glow by Yankee candle. I do love a good autumn scent and this was lovely without being overpowering. I love cosy evenings and lighting a candle really gives me them cosy vibe feelings. 


This time last week I got my covid test results saying I'm negative for the virus. This means the cough and change in my sense of taste was luckily just a cold. 

I seem to catch colds very easily this time of year which leaves me feeling run down. Luckily I've found certain things I do from home can help with easing the symptoms. There are also some great products I've come across too which really help. 

Staying hydrated
I definitely tend to drink lots more water and juice as it helps to loosen congession and  prevent dehydration. I also tend to prefer warmer drinks and soups too.

Easier said than done but when you can having a rest really helps. Of course, if you are particularly congested, getting rest might be more difficult than expected. If this proves to be the case, investing in some natural products like CBD oil from Gold Bee can help you to relax and unwind. Just remember if you are considering using any natural remedies then it is important that you do plenty of research first as not all products are suitable for everyone.

Salt water gargle 
Yep this works with easing a sore throat. It's advice  i keep putting off doing and advice I've always been given by a GP. I do find sometimes that lozenges work as well too but not ideal for children to use due to the risk of choaking.



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Yoga is a form of exercise that has many great benefits. There are many different types of yoga practices so anyone can start even if you are a beginner. 

You don't need to go to a class either as you can find videos online. With Yoga you don't need much equipment either - just something comfy to wear, space and yoga mat

Some of the physical benefits of yoga include:

-  Lessens chronic pain such as lower back pain and arthritis

- Lowers your blood pressure 

- Helps to reduce insomnia

- Increases your flexibility, muscle tone and strength

- Improves your energy levels

- Improves your athletic performance and protects you from injuries

- Maintains a balanced metabolism and weight reduction.

- Helps your posture

- Protects your spine

- Lowers your blood sugar

- Helps to improve your balance

As well as the physical benefits yoga is great for your mental health too. Yoga is a great way at relaxing your mind which can ease stress. Stress can have such a negative impact on your body both physically such as aches and pains and mentally. Yoga is also great for helping with anxiety and depression. 


 It's been no surprise that we are back into lockdown again in England.I've spent most of the week isolating due to waiting  results of a covid test which luckily has come back negative meaning I don't have the virus. 

Blake was thrilled to be able to go back to school on Thursday since he had to be kept off too. Currently schools are still allowed open and the rules are a bit more lenient than the first lockdown.

It's a bit harder to get out in the fresh air as much this time of year due to rain and cold. But I'm going to try and get out with Blake at the weekends when possible and wrap up warm.

Blake does struggle with being inside and definitely is a child that likes to be outdoors as often as he can. So one of the main things we need to do when it comes to lockdown is keep him busy with various activities, to stop him from getting bored and having a meltdown.

Luckily we have found crafts, games and activity books are a hit with him. Changing what toys he also has out every now and again seems to work too.


*In collaboration with Fine Art America

Having a range of wall art such as posters, framed prints and even tapestries can make a difference to a room. If you are wanting a change and don't want to necessarily decorate than changing your wall art is a wonderful and simple way to make a difference.

The great thing about wall art is that you can choose from so many different options and styles and find something that is personal to you. We have quite a few different styles of prints in our home from floral to geometric.


Did you know that it is Stress awareness week? and that in particular today (November 4th) is Stress awareness day?

I'm sure that alot of people right now need to destress more than ever. It's a tough year and with lockdown 2.0 happening, now it means that we need to start thinking of ways to help us as stress can have an impact on our mental health.

Here are some ideas I've compiled to give you a helping hand:

Why Should I Consider Broad Spectrum CBD?

*In collaboration with Quicksilver scientific 

For many, broad spectrum cbd is considered the better choice, because it delivers the full medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant but without the psychoactive effects of Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is one of more than 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a plant that has been used by humans dating as far back as the third millennium BC. The plant now, apart from being of value for its use in making fibre and rope, now has value as a medicine. The oil has medicinal properties that many have not explored yet, and as a result, gone on to suffer without this oil’s help. We shall explore what broad spectrum CBD is, what we can use it to treat, and where we might consider buying it from. It is an alternative treatment, a plant-based treatment, that is not widely publicised yet now widely used, and to great effect and comfort.


We've had a rather chilled out half term. We managed to get out and visit a few places and Blake got to his Granny and Jim for a few days too. Because of covid we chose not to make any definite plans as things are changing day by day and now it's been announced that all of us in England will be going back into lockdown as of Thursday. 

I'm self isolating due to a cough and am getting covid test done Monday. I'm pretty sure it's just a cold but it's best to be safe.

So here is what we have got up to the past week.

We didn't do much at all Blake had lots of free play mainly in his rocket tent which he absolutely loves. My in laws arrived around 4pm and we had a fish and chippy tea.

We headed out to Shepards Place Farm near Doncaster. We had to book in to use the soft play in advance and they had a slot available for the afternoon so we had McDonald's and then headed there. We had a great time the soft play was kept clean and they had a limit of how many children were allowed in hence why you have to book in advance. The farm was small but it was a lovely little place to look around and we definitely want to visit again.

We headed to Whisby as they had a little pumpkin patch. We had lunch in garden centre cafe first before heading to pick a pumpkin and then to soft play. As like Shepards Place Farm the soft play was kept clean and they had a limit on how many children could access the soft play. Whilst Blake was playing us adults had hot drinks and when Blake wanted a break he had ice cream.  We then headed outside to see the animals. As it was the in laws last day with us we had dinner out in the evening at a local restaurant. 

We were exhausted from 2 days of full on fun, especially Blake. So we decided to just have a day of relaxing on the sofa watching Halloween films to pass the time. 

Woke up with a sore throat and a bad cough. Decided to book for a covid test for safety and have been sent a postal test to do on Monday.
So Friday was spent with lots of free play and watching films.